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Kavi's POV

I was helping Luna in cooking. All of sudden the pack house had turned into panic mode and I noticed Luna was getting a message from mind link who was now weeping at the kitchen floor. I heard the loudest growl from Alpha's office. Mukilan was there who was also fuming in rage.

"What happened, Mukilan?"

I asked nervously.

"Dhayalan was attacked by Blood warriors and they have injected silver in his system."

My eyes widened as it was a sign of war. And I was so worried about Dhaya's state.

"Is he..."

I couldn't finish the sentence as the wave of pain blocked my throat.

"He has a very faint heartbeat. He would be here within a few seconds. Your mother was ordered to come here as well. Be with Luna and tell her he would be okay."

Mukilan advised me.

I can't!

I have important work than that. Fuck my cause! My friend and the future Alpha's life is much more important than anything. I didn't say it aloud but nodded my head and waited for the warriors to return with Dhaya. Aryan Uncle came in his wolf form carrying Dhaya on his back and howled to get him inside. His dress was fully soaked in blood. Rakshana instantly took Luna to another room telling some lie. I followed them and I connected with his heartbeat which was very low and the pain in his body was making my head dizzy. I noticed Sezhiyan shouting orders to get my mother immediately here. I hopped on the bed and held his hand. I called Alpha as Dhaya was having more silver than I expected. I could feel them in my nerves.

"Alpha, I need your help. I could heal him. But I need to take some of our pack member's energy to purify his system first. Then his healing would kick in and I could speed up healing."

His wolf was in surface and he looked at me like I have grown horns. My mom came in and gasped and rushed to the other side to check his pulse. It was getting low. My wolf was getting anxious. My mom gave Sezhiyan a sorry look.

"SEZHIYAN! His heartbeat was reducing quicker than I expected. No! No! No! Sorry, Sezhiyan. Will explain to you everything later."

I ran out of patience and absorbed in Sezhiyan's energy as he was too stunned to do anything. Everyone started getting panic when he fainted.

"Don't worry! He has just fainted. He would wake up within an hour or so. Now ask some warriors to come in quickly."

My wolf ordered them and she started to concentrate on purifying his system while healing the critical wounds with the energy I gained from Alpha Sezhiyan. His heartbeat started to rise to my relief. My mother fainted on seeing me healing him. I sucked some of her energy too. Luna came in and started crying but sat at the place where my mom was at first and held his hand in a light grip.

My eyes welled up on seeing her love for him. I quickly absorbed almost ten of the healthy warriors and asked Aryan uncle to let them rest and asked to send some nurses. I asked them to clean his dried blood off his body and they gasped on seeing his skin colour returning back alive. No one speaks anything to me. I knew I had lots of explanations to do. I never left Dhaya's hand. Physical touch has more effective for healing. And my wolf concentrated on absorbing the silver from his system.

I saw Mukilan at doorsteps and asked him to call Manohar from my phone and to inform everything. By attacking the future Alpha, the Blood Warriors' Alpha has risked his whole pack's future. It is a big breach. We have all right to request the council for removal of the Alpha and if the crime has been proved the person would be sentenced to life. But if it was started as a challenge, only the deed of inflicting silver would be the crime. Yet I could tell they have done it in the idea of killing him, but his Alpha blood and his will power kept him alive. We don't know what exactly happened there yet. Mukilan told that Manohar was in the nearby distance and he had promised to pay a visit.

I slightly stroked Dhaya's hair. There were many cuts on his body yet he was laying like he was in deep sleep. I realised I am getting dizzy as his Alpha blood need more of my energy to purify him and it is getting hard for me to keep myself awake. I can't drain all of the pack members. Already there was a threat of war. And in the urgency to save Dhaya, I absorbed Alpha's energy. So without Alpha, we would at least need other top-ranking wolves to defend ourself. Also, Sezhiyan had mentioned that blood warriors were hard trained ruthless killers.

My stomach growled when I smelled food. To my surprise, I saw Surya and Akhilan bringing the food inside the room. Surya brought my favourite Egg crepe with garlic chutney with pineapple juice. Akhilan had brought a heavenly smelling soup and from the look, I could tell he made it healthy. And he brought orange juice with him. They were fighting with their eyes challenging each other silently.

"Surya. I can't leave Dhaya's hand. Can you please feed me?"

He smiled and pulled a chair to sit. Akhilan had a defeated look and turned around to leave.

"I thought that soup was also f

d start within a few hours and we need to see the possible strategies to win it. I can't bear the thought of losing even a single life when I could have saved that life. At least let me participate in the war. I would take a few wolves in my human form. I won't be a burden for anyone. But I can't sit idly when my family is fighting for their life. Please, Sezhiyan."

I pleaded to him.

"Kavithanjali! I am the Alpha of this Pack. And I knew what to do. You don't have to dictate me anything. You are helping your mom. Am I clear?"

I felt sad and disappointed; not for his words but he used his Alpha tone on me even though his wolf wasn't in the surface. Everyone around me cowered their head. But I looked at his eyes even though it is a sign of challenge and disrespect.

"Crystal clear, Alpha!"

He looked shocked at me for being unaffected at his Alpha tone. Before he could speak anything, I slammed the door open and went out running to my home. Surya came running next to me asking what was wrong with me. But I shouted at him to leave me alone and locked myself in my home.


I broke a few punching bags and slept for a few hours. The sunrise is the mark for the beginning of the war. The neighbouring pack, Crimson Moon pack was ready to give us hand anytime. But Sezhiyan was too stubborn to eliminate that Alpha by himself. I knew going against Alpha's word was a big disrespect and its a question of loyalty. But I need my pack first to show my loyalty. So I went to the border where both of the pack was meeting. If only the opponents also want to put a fair fight, I won't doubt my Pack's bravery. Also, my wolf was on edge and pushing me to go there. So I can't obey Alpha's word in this matter.

The warriors were there in their stance. I wanted to go unnoticed and mingled within the crowd. But someone might have noticed me and mindlinked Sezhiyan because one of the warriors informed that Alpha wants to speak with me. I let out a defeated sigh and went forward slowly as I noticed the brightening sky on the east. Aryan uncle had a disappointed look on seeing me. Other looked amused and Dhaya even mouthed 'congrats' for the scolding I gonna receive.

"You are not supposed to be here"

Sezhiyan growled. I looked at him silently. Women weren't here yet. Only after the twenty-five per cent of male gets injured, women would come for back up.

"Why are you disrespecting me? I am your Alpha!"

He growled again. I smelled people behind me. Sezhiyan stiffened and looked behind me.

"Oh poor Sezhiyan. Even his pack member knew he is not worth to respect. See, one bitch had some guts to show up here."

My pack members growled at the mocking tone of Alpha Krishnan. I was furious as he disrespected my Alpha. I turned around but they were still behind the shadow.

"A worthless man like you don't have any quality to even pronounce my Alpha's name. He is the greatest man I ever met in my life. I don't care who you are. But you will face my wrath if you speak ill about my Alpha"

I said in a booming tone. My desire to kill that man getting increased every second. He laughed like a manic man and stepped forward letting the first ray of Sun lighten his face. I froze on recognising the features of the person before me.

Manohar's word ringed in my ears

'Destiny will soon put him in front of you.'

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