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Kavi's POV

"Hey Kavi, there is one new restaurant opened in the town. And our people are telling that the place was good and the food tastes amazing. Can you accompany me to taste the dishes? And the owner is a werewolf, so we could eat without any limits. What do you say?"

Surya asked me over the phone in an extra sweet voice very curiously.

I could understand he was tired of asking me for dates and now he stepped down to trickily ask me for dinner. But I owe him for always helping me and working like a carrier to pick up and drop me back at home. I am too lazy to use my bike and he never said no to take me out. So what is a big deal? I have control over myself. Why not? And I won't let him pay, I knew his struggles. I could feast some delicious chicken there. Logan bragged about how tasty was chicken fry there. That stupid has gone there with his college friends.

"Are you there, Kavi? Please say okay!"

He almost begged. I laughed internally at his desperateness.

"Okay. But don't ask me to dress up. I will be ready in my black t-shirt and blue jeans. Come quickly."

He was silent for a few seconds.


I checked my phone whether the line is still connected.

"Did you just say yes?"

His voice came out in disbelief.

"I can change my answer if you don't like..."

I teased him.

"NO! Will be there in fifteen. Bye, my dear tomato!"

Before I could protest for my nickname he hung up. It's been a week since the mission happened and I am trying to forget the incident.

I took a quick shower and got ready as I said. His bike horn sound reached me exactly in fifteen minutes.


I greeted him with a smile.

"Hi! Shall we go?"

He said raising the accelerator of his bike letting it roar.

"Yeah. Let's go."

I said holding the grab handle behind me as always.

The restaurant looked so fancy and I felt under-dressed. But he is too wearing a plain red t-shirt with black jean. So I feel even with him. If you have the company of your friend, you could overcome these complexes easily.

We walked in and the place didn't seem crowded. Maybe it's because the restaurant was new. We walked to a table and sat opposite to each other. We ordered a big meal which is especially for werewolves with a big quantity which would be delivered at certain intervals of time. I admired the surrounding in the meantime the first plate was served. The food was tasting heavenly as everyone said.

He was telling me about his childhood mischiefs and also about hardship. He visits his mother every weekend. But he misses her so much. The way he speaks about his mother with such love and admiration, showed he would take care of his mate very well.

Halfway during my meal, I smelled my mate. But my expression turned sour to see that leech. They have dressed fancy and appropriate for the place. Who cares?

My wolf was scratching inside me and she suggested me a wicked idea on seeing Pooja's white dress. I excused myself telling I need some more sauce in the new plate of food and took it with me to the kitchen. And I might have accidentally skitted and dropped the plate on Pooja's lap.

Surya came to my side instantly and I extra sweetly apologised for not watching my steps. She started cursing like a sailor without bothering about the surrounding. Akhilan was looking at me with hidden smile which made my heart flutter. I shrugged it off and went back to my place.

While she cleaned up and came back, a human lady who had just arrived here asked where she bought the dress as it has good design. I can't help my burst of laughter. Pooja sent me death glares. Surya was laughing too. I saw them leaving the place. My wolf appreciated for my wonderful handwork.

I felt so contented even though what I did was wrong. That bitch has been behaving over her limits. I didn't realise that I seated next to Surya in the satisfaction of ruining my mate's date.

When I turned around and saw Surya's admiring look, my laughter dies down as I felt his aura radiating waves of love. I knew he was confusing his feelings. Once he finds his mate, he would give all his undivided love to his mate.

I have frozen for a few seconds when I find him leaning forward. But my wolf was barking at me to react which helped on time as I turned my head but he cupped my cheek from moving away any further and pressed his lips on my cheek. It wasn't a friendly kiss as I felt his aura radiating lust and his lips lingered there for a few seconds.

I don't know what came over me, but I stood up abruptly and my palm kissed his cheek. I'm fuming with anger. I have explained him a lot about mates. He looked shocked holding his cheek.

"We both knew we aren't mates. I have told you a thousand times that I have been waiting for my mate. But you can't accept it, right? Fine. Never come before my face. I shouldn't have agreed to go out with you. It's my mistake."

I turned around and froze for the second time to see Akhilan there. His eyes were travelling between us. His face was blank

He said in a whisper. I let out a sigh as the painful past flashed before me. A sad smile made its way to my face.

"Life has the tendency to make changes in people."

I stated calmly. I heard staircase creaking; people starting to come down.

"But why are you distancing yourself from me?"

Oh Moon God! He had noticed.

I am so sorry, darling. But it was for your good. If Manohar's words were true, I would meet that monster soon. I might even die But I don't want you to get punished by the bond. I touched my moonstone pendant and looked at his eyes. It may hurt you but I think this is for the best.

"That's true. I don't like someone mating a person other than his or her mate. In my opinion, it's an act of disrespect to Moon God. That's why I am avoiding you. You don't have the patience to wait for your mate and also marrying a mate of someone. Those two souls were so poor to get destined to both of you..."

"Don't speak anything without knowing the truth. Who told you I didn't wait for my mate. I have been waiting for her for the past ten years. And I am still waiting! Every day I am praying to Moon God to show her to me. But I can't keep on hurting my mother. She wants to see me happy and she thinks that the only way for me to be happy is to get married. That's why she kept on insisting me. I know about myself. I never wanted to marry someone else."

He started furiously but finished sadly. My heart pained for him. For the first time, I regret my decision as I can't even touch my mate to even console him. But the screeching sound of Pooja's voice instantly made my regret vanish.

"Why are you talking to her? Let's go. I have been searching for you all around."

She hugged him and held his bicep and leaned on him. I let out a deep breath to calm myself. One day she was going to face the wrath of my wolf!

"Even if she finds you, I could tell that she would never come to you on seeing this!"

I signalled their closeness. I smirked ignoring his painful and shocked look and walked back into the pack house.

I found Dhaya descending in his formal wear. He smiled at me and put his hand over my shoulder and turned me and bringing me to the kitchen along with him.

"Whoa! It's miracle that you got ready so early that too on Sunday!"

I teased him to distract myself from the sour mood.

"Hmm. Actually, I don't want to but father godzilla strictly told me to go to Blood warriors to speak about the renewal of the peace treaty. So here I am, as handsome as always. Right?"

He asked me. I smiled at his bragging and nodded my head and bowed dramatically.

"Whatever makes you happy, your highness!"

I heard him chuckle and suddenly Iniyan flashed before my eyes.

"Hey, by any chance can you bring Iniyan here. I want to meet him. He loves to be here with me."

I asked hesitantly.

"Are you really asking for a favour from me? How can I deny your wish, gorgeous? Will surely bring him! Hope you would treat me for that favour."

He asked playfully but the edginess in his tone made me blush but I quickly covered it.

"Sure, I would make some sweets for everyone. What do you say?"

He shook his head while we sat down to feast our breakfast. He left with a bye.I asked him to inform me after his arrival and went to see Luna to offer some help without knowing the tornado awaiting for us.

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