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Kavi's POV

If you remember, I have mentioned that I met a 'nutcase' on my visit to the Were's education department. He was here and he has brought three bulk warriors with him. I entered the room and looked at Alpha Sezhiyan questioningly. He showed the seat beside that nutcase and signalled me to sit. That nutcase has silver hairs near his ears but his stong built and the dominating stance displayed his power in his look and aura.

"Meet Manohar. He is one of the heads of our Supernatural council. And sir, this is Kavi you asked to meet."

Sezhiyan introduced us. My eyes widened as I didn't know earlier he was one of the heads of the council. The council has two of the strongest members from the supernaturals like Werewolves, Vampires and Witches/Wizards. And he was one among the mighty six. I slightly bowed my head in respect and he smiled at me with a nod.

"I want to take her for a mission, Sezhiyan. Maybe for the next week, she might be needed with me. I will ensure her safety and I knew your concern for her. If you want, you can send someone with her. This is a highly confidential mission and council feel that we need to keep the matter within fewer people. So I can't tell you the details. I will be staying here tonight. I want to see your training methods tomorrow. Then I will take leave with her for the mission. Do you have anything to say?"

He spoke to Sezhiyan.

I was more confused as I didn't know why he had chosen me. Because there are many warriors with their wolf out there. Then why me?

"You know Manohar, I respect you and I won't ask for any details. I am proud that you have chosen one of my pack member for your mission. We can decide who would be accompanying her after tomorrow's training. I will make sure you get everything you wanted. It's an honour that you decided to stay at our pack house."

Sezhiyan spoke with genuine expressions. That Manohar smiled at him and looked at me.

"Shall we go dear. I need to talk to you alone."

Manohar asked me. I nodded and stood up.

Logan came inside and bowed his head slightly at him and lead us to the second floor where already Mukilan and other three warriors have been guarding. I smiled at Mukilan while passing them and found the whole floor has been vacated for their use. He entered a room and his bulk warriors stood outside. It was creepy to be with a completely strange old man.

"As I already told you, this is a highly confidential mission. I want you to make a blood oath for non-disclosure of any details of this mission."

He asked me.

I nodded and took the knife kept with the fruits and cut my palm to pronounce 'I will never disclose any details of the mission to anyone in my lifetime'.

He had a satisfied look and sat on the sofa and asked me to bring the laptop bag that was placed on the bedside table. I obliged. He opened the bag and placed the laptop out and took a big envelope. He gave the envelope to me. It has pictures of several screenshots of similar web pages but I noticed it has different URL in each image. But the content was what shocked me the most. The page was 'an invite to welcome the Darkness into the world again'. And to show the support for 'his' return.

Oh Moon! I looked up at him with wide eyes. He was looking at me calculatively.

"What does it mean, sir?"

I asked him calming my nerves.

"Someone has been doing this and there was one thing that the council feels threatened. Which is..."

"The increasing number of supporters!"

I finished for him as I saw the supporters count increased with each URL. He nodded his head.

"I think you are blocking the URLs but they are starting the page in different URL. You might have tried tracking the device from where it was operating but the location might be changing within seconds. Am I right, Sir?"

He looked impressed and nodded his head.

"Can I use this laptop?"

I asked him.

"Yes, dear. The hackers in the council office couldn't crack this. I knew you are an expert in online hacking. So go ahead. I trust you."

I looked at him for a few seconds wondering how much he knows about me. I shrugged it off and I switched on the laptop and connected it with my pack's WiFi and plugged in the USB drive that I always carry with me which would look like a charm in my bracelet but it was a micro USB which has all the .xap(app) files I might need.

I tried using the normal tracking method but it seems the firewalls were designed well. I installed a few firewalls in that laptop to avoid any virus. I tried reverse hacking and failed with that too. I asked him to give me time till night to try a few methods. I got into the next room thinking my ways to crack this problem. I knew he has given me a week time but solving this sooner is better for everyone. We need to know the power of the opponent to defeat them. Searching for the unknown opponent is always a headache.

That thought boosted my rage as I too have such enemy and struggling for years to find him. I was deep in thoughts as many high hacking programs were failing to crack the firewall. I recently studied something about this in the book Mukilan gifted me for last birthday. The thing is sometimes we would try highly technical things to hack it but we might be missing small thing which was the real loophole.

So I tried cracking it with a combination of the old method and to my surprise the firewall allowed me to get inside. But the main problem is it may take some time to load the details as it needs to break multiple firewalls. I went to Manohar's room and told him about my progress. Logan came in to call us for dinner. I asked Manohar to go as I need to be here as soon as the loading completed. He agreed and went to have his dinner after leaving two of his warriors for guarding the room. On returning, Manohar brought me food. I thanked

. Standing against him for this long shows your efficiency. You didn't submit on his look, you stood on your grounds and fought the challenge well. Don't take her words to your heart. We have all our life to get better. Cheer up. Go for a run and let the frustration out and come back in your real self."

He nodded his big head with his eyes twinkling with determination. I wanted to run my hand across his golden fur and hug him to make him feel better. But the time hasn't come. And I have my mission to accomplish. I smiled at him and decided to go back inside. I freshened up and went to the second floor and knocked at Manohar's door.

"Come in, Kavi."

I looked at him curiously for the details he found.

"The old man's name is Sreedharan. His parents were also rogues and he was born as a rogue, He lived all his life in that hut and only came out to hunt and to learn computer. He has craze over computer and internet. The rogue circle confirmed that he was deranged after his parents' death. He did his degree in computer. He will always speak about the darkness to all the passersby. Soon the rogues avoided going there. Even though they were criminals, all weres were loyal to Moon God. So they stopped passing through the place and it was like his territory for the past few years.

Sometimes he would go to the human city to sell the things he gathered from hunting and would always buy notes on the computer. Like that he used the money to buy those computers. There seems no threat with him. He is just one insane wolf. So let it go and continue your life peacefully like it never happened. Okay?"

I nodded my head as only I knew that it was related to my dream.

"Do you want to tell me anything? I could help!"

He stated on seeing me thinking. I gave him a small smile and thanked him for telling the details to me. He might have just left after his work had done but he told me these details to give some peace to me. But I wanted to ask him something.

"I want to ask you one thing. It's nothing about this mission though. Can I ask?"

I asked politely. He smiled and nodded.

"You might have known about my birth. And no one knew about him. You are well experienced and you might have come across lots of people. Do you remember seeing someone similar to me? It need not be him. Maybe his relatives and from them, I could find who he is. I have been searching for him for the past six years..."

I breathed out deeply not wanting to show my rage to him.

"Why are you searching for him?"

He asked in a blank tone.

"To avenge my mother and for my life!"

I told him in a calm tone hiding the amount of desire I have for doing the same. He gave me a calm smile.

"You are young. Life has so much for you. Leave this vengeance and concentrate on finding your mate and start a life with him. And I can't tell anything now. Destiny will soon put him in front of you."

My eyes lit up as soon as he said the last sentence. A wave of determination engulfed my form. As if I sucked the energy of a bunch of peoples, my body was so filled with power. I heard his sigh.

"We can't stop something destined. Be ready for whatever the future brings. We will meet soon! Take care, dear."

He took his briefcase and went out.

I followed him and went home to get ready for my college. While I came out to go to the college, I found a bouquet of my favourite red roses with a note in front of the door stating

'Thank you very much, Wolfie! We are always on the wrong foot but your words helped me to get a grip on the situation. As you said, I will work on getting better. Thanks once again for helping me in my low time.'

Wow! I got a romantic mate! So chweet!

A big smile made its way to my face. I kept the flowers in a vase and his note inside my special box which has my special things. I dreamily did my chores and went college resuming my regular life.

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