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Kavi's POV

Surya's training in his wolf form was going great. But for some unknown reasons, Akhilan didn't like Surya. I highly believe it has something to do with me. And escaping Akhilan during the training was a big task. If only he asked me to fight against him, all my plans would ruin in a second. Because my wolf would just jump on him. She was getting so worked up lately on seeing our mate with another she-wolf. So I would always maintain a certain distance with him.

Life has its own ways to surprise us. Last week while I was returning from the tournament, I found a kid trying to escape from a few wolves. I was in my human form then. I felt a sudden urge of dominance just like the way I felt with blood warriors. The wolves looked at me calculatively and barred their teeth. I realized the kid having a faint smell of wolf which puzzled me yet I felt protective of him. My wolf took over and ordered them to leave and to my surprise, they whimpered a little but left nonetheless.

I brought him into the pack as he didn't smell like a rogue he seems to be like just six years old. I called Sezhiyan and told him that I have found a kid being chased by three wolves. When he saw him, he instantly recognised him and told me that he was the second son of Blood Warriors Pack's Alpha. And he said those rogues might have targetted him because he didn't shift yet. My tongue was tied as we both were wolfless and I can't convey that they didn't smell like rogues. The kid was asleep in my shoulder when I entered the pack so I took him to my home and put him to sleep in a spare room.

The next morning he woke up and descended the stairs with confusion written over his face. On seeing me, he stood still as if remembering the things happened earlier. I fed him breakfast which he ate eagerly as if he wasn't fed for a week. It was making me concern and I learnt his name is Iniyan and he was seven years old. He looks like a malnutritioned kid. But I can't comment on that on other pack's Alpha's son. His brother came to pick him up who was none other than the bully, Ilamaran I clashed with, on the first day of the college to save Surya.

I offered him to visit me often if he wants. He looked up at his smirking brother and sadly nodded his head. I don't know why he was sad to go home. His aura showed fear and sadness. I felt like something snapping inside me. But I have no power to do anything. I asked about the same with Sezhiyan. He told that everyone in his pack treats him differently and the kid was going through a tough life.


There was a bonfire tonight. Surya insisted me to come as this was his first Bonfire and for the first time, he was going to listen to our history. His pack lessons were arranged to commence from next month as he needs to first get used to being a wolf. He started hunting and he was behaving like a newborn wolf. His wolf was stable despite Veena's demise. It's like she wasn't his mate. It gives me hope that he would get a second chance.

I am getting close to Surya. I know I shouldn't. I have a mate who has been waiting for me for a long time. But I was getting my Teddy's vibes from him... not completely but I could find the same concern and sparks on Surya's eyes like I seen in Teddy. My wolf feels comfortable with him but I know our relationship can't go past friendship.

I got ready in a green t-shirt and blue jean and started walking towards the pack house. There were few groups and I located Logan, Mukilan and Surya in a group and went there. Dhaya and his sister Tamizh were also there. I sat in between Logan and Mukilan. Mukilan was already narrating our history. After some time, we spoke about random things and Luna came to give every group with food. She denied my offer to help and asked me to enjoy the company of each other. Logan stood up to give the food to everyone. The cinnamon smell increased and I found Surya has now occupied Logan's place next to me. I looked up at Logan who was smirking at me. He thinks we look cute together when I was closer to Surya. There is also another reason for Surya seeking my presence; his wolf feel so protective of me even though I wasn't his mate and he said that his wolf was calm with me. And I experienced the same even on the day he shifted. His wolf listens to me.

I noticed my mate sitting with his family and Pooja was all over him. His silence for her actions was what hurting me the most. I sighed and stood up as the time was near midnight. I bid bye to everyone and told them that I am going home. Surya stood up and offered to walk me back home. I don't find any harm in it.

aran and Iniyan, also Luna of Blood warriors Pack. I think she is the only one treating Iniyan better. Because she took him here to play with him on the beach to fulfil his birthday wish.

She had a calm aura but there was a deep sadness outlining her calmness. I chose to not dig into her sadness and tried to lighten the mood by playing with Iniyan. She was surprised at first when he ran to me happily and hugged my legs. Luna said that I am the second person she saw him reacting happily. My wolf loves this kid and she would be in full entertaining mood with him. We played with waves for quite a time. I invited them to my house with the permission of Alpha Sezhiyan and we had our lunch there. She told me about how everyone in her pack cares for Iniyan and how his brother loves to train him. Iniyan's aura turned into sadness but Luna seems oblivious of that.

She was living with the lies. I think she didn't even know how they were really treating him. Because he denied changing his wet clothes in front of Luna. But after reaching home, I helped him to change where he had lots of bruises and a fresh cut wound across his chest. It made my blood boil but he asked me to not tell his mother about the scars and bruises. Because somebody had blackmailed him that if his mother gets to know any of his torture, they would kill Luna. So I asked him to promise me that he won't tell anyone about what I am going to do. He agreed and I healed his wounds. He hugged me and cried on my shoulder telling that he was going to sleep tonight without any pain. It broke my heart to know his state.

Just because he didn't shift, his pack was abusing him. I promised him to visit him often so I could help him in healing. After a few hours, Ilamaran came to pick up his mother and brother. He happily came and took Iniyan's hand. Instantly Iniyan let out a small hiss but covered it before his mother notices. I found his hand was gripped tight which causing him pain but his big brother was masking with caring expression towards Iniyan. I stood there helplessly seeing him getting abused in front of me. I mentally noted to warn Ilamaran at college. I can't do something in front of his mother because Iniyan would get afraid of something gonna happen to his mother.

I went to Alpha office and told him everything except the healing part and asked whether we could do anything to rescue him. But he said that we can't do anything without exact proofs for the abuse. And it might lead to war between two packs. Though they had signed the agreement for peace, Alpha of the Blood warriors is not a kind person. He was the one who changed the pack name to Blood warriors and started to train his warriors into ruthless killers. Sezhiyan didn't tell much but I could tell he doesn't like that Alpha from his aura.

The next day, I got a call from Sezhiyan during college and asked me to come to his office immediately. Surya offered to take me there as I freaked out because he never called me with such urgency. We made there in twenty minutes and I was surprised to see the person in his office.

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