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Kavi's POV

I am wearing a plain half white short kurti and blue jean. Yeah, girly right? My wardrobe had upgraded with constant advises and shopping sagas with Luna Mithra and Inba aunt. The pack dinner was the most important thing because any gathering would improve the relationship between the pack members.

Pooja was roaming in a shining bright red coloured knee length dress. She sure has a variety of flashy dresses and she never missed an opportunity to wear them. She was happily roaming like this gathering is for her and giving me the same dirty smirk whenever she saw me. I ignored her and helping the mothers to take care of the pups. Just like everyone I miss my carefree pup life.

Mukilan was with me. Dhaya and Logan were with their fathers as they are learning things before taking the charge. Mukilan was like a brother to me. Just like Logan, he cares for me more and he shows his care expressively unlike my mother. Dhaya's flirting never ceased and he would love to tease me whenever he gets a chance. Mukilan stepped up earlier because he lost both of his parents in a car accident a few years back. And that maturity will be reflected in his every act. In the past year, I have tried in many ways to bring any clues about the monster but I failed in every step of my efforts.

While I was chasing a pup on the backyard, who has a very playful mood, the pup bumped into someone. The heavenly scent of rain and pineapple with his fresh body wash scent filled my nose. I looked up at him. He was smiling at the pup and lifted her in his hand and checked for any wounds.

'He would make a great father.'

My wolf piped in with a purr. I ignored her as he was so handsome in his white shirt and blue jean. Wait! We are wearing the same coloured clothes. My wolf jumped like an excited kid on that realisation.

He looked up at me and smiled. His vibrant grey eyes made my breath hitch. He was so handsome and hot. I kept my face blank and turned around to go inside. I felt his aura turning into disappointment which was actually scaring me.

Why was he getting disappointed?

I touched my moonstone pendant and sent a quick prayer to Moon God and went inside to join with Mukilan. I noticed Dhaya coming in my direction. He was wearing a black shirt and blue jean and looking handsome as always. His playfulness in his eyes and the smirk on his lips warned me that he was planning something. I raised my eyebrow at him and nudged my elbow at Mukilan's back for backup.

"Hey gorgeous, would you do the honour of staying my side in this beautiful evening?"

I would always tease him for all these antiques. At the same time, I saw my mate entering the house with the pup in one hand and that Pooja was clinging on his other hand.

I wanted to say 'yes' and put a show to see my mate's reaction but the idea was like a double-edged knife. I can't give wrong signals to Dhaya. So as always I smacked his arm playfully and shrugged the matter off. I saw Akhilan joining his parents in my peripheral vision.

I focused my wolf hearing on their conversation but regretted as soon as I heard what they were talking. Rakshana was telling how excited she was to announce that Akhilan and Pooja were going to get married in a few months. My wolf howled inside me in pain. I too was shocked to hear that.

Above all, his silence to his mother's statement was scaring me. So it was true. And this is what the announcement my uncle said. Yeah! He would be happy for the wedding of his friend's son. Suddenly I felt my wolf getting aggressive. I instantly left the place and started running after a few meters after checking no one was there. It pains to me too but I need to calm her down. When I came to the border of the territory, I struggled to gain my control back and yelled at one of the patrols to inform Sezhiyan that I would be back soon. And I ran past the territory ignoring his protest. He can't leave his place and follow me as the patrol need to be very cautious at the time of social events because it would be an easy catch for enemies.

As soon as I realised I was at the safe distance, I stripped quickly and shifted and let her have control. She started letting out her rage on the trees on our way. It was so painful and she was blindly hitting herself on the branches and falling down without focusing on the way. The new moon day made me not to see the moon but something inside me was awake wide and it was in full rage increasing my wolf's rage. I smelled the rai

nket in bed while I leaned on the headboard and he sat near the corner of the bed.

"So, what happened yesterday after I left?"

I asked him even though I know it would break my heart. I just want to know! I need to know how my mate has been dealing with marrying another she-wolf who wasn't his mate.

"Nothing interesting. Everyone knew Akhilan bro is back. So that's it"

I frowned on hearing that.

"Aryan uncle told that he was expecting some announcement and he looked pretty excited?"

I asked him with my new curiosity.

"Oh, did he mentioned anything about arranging mate for Akhilan bro?"

My heart constricted on hearing that but I kept my fake confused look and shook my head 'no'. My wolf lowered her walls down to listen about our mate.

"Hey, there was the latest gossip about last night. How did you miss that part? Akhilan bro's mother wants to set him up with her tail, that Pooja. Akhilan and Pooja were friends forever and Pooja seems to have feelings for him. But he doesn't have any feeling except friendship for her. He has been escaping his mother for the past three years. But she was so adamant to fix the marriage for them. He had finally agreed before coming here. But yesterday, suddenly he told her that he needs some more time. His mom would have created a tornado if he hasn't agreed for going on for a few dates with Pooja. Some people were happy for them getting together but some people were thinking they should wait for their mates."

He told me the story in a hushed tone. My wolf grinned and I could hear her thinking that 'See bitch! He is waiting for us'. But I underlined his statement 'He finally agreed before coming here'. She snorted but her mood became chirpy. I won't lie that I was washed over a great wave of relief too.

"So they are dating for some time before their marriage!"

I stated in his same hushed tone.

He nodded his head. I nodded and let out a yawn and it made me realise how exhausted I was? He stood up and ordered me to take rest and said that he will be downstairs and I knew he was going to stay to look after me.

The next morning I woke up to the amazing smell of coffee and oranges. Within seconds the door to my room opened, and my dear cousin entered and handed me a cup of hot coffee with a big grin.

"Good morning, sleepy head. You are sleeping straight for thirteen hours. Get ready. Let's go to Training ground before one of the hulks come here."

I laughed at him for calling Sezhiyan, Aryan uncle and Mithun as hulks.

"Good morning and thank you very much.. for being there for me."

He just raised an eyebrow for being so formal even after all these days.

"Did my mom wake up in the night? I didn't remember waking up in the middle of the night!"

I asked in confusion.

"No. One of the warrior's mate gave birth to a baby boy last night and your mother was there all night."

I nodded in understanding and hopped off the bed to get ready for the training.

I have a long way to go!

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