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Dear cupcakes, This chapter has a huge timelapse. Comment me if you have any confusions!

Kavi's POV

Do you have any guess where we are?

A salon! The same one Logan got an appointment to dye my hair colour in fluorescence green!

But the fact is, Logan was crying on looking at the outcome. His hair was now in fluorescent PINK. I decide to get some blue streak for a change.

Last week has been hectic! As I expected I scored good marks and got the state rank #2. The Were's education department from Supernaturals council called me for an explanation because my school records shown average marks. So they wanted to check whether my marks were real or I had done some cheating. Initially, I was called there for general inquiry but there was one nutcase who gave a set of questions from the random subject and asked me to write the answers. But it helped me to prove my knowledge as I could manage to get 97%. They sent me home after congratulating my mark and agreed to pay for my college fee in top college in human world. I was surprised when that nutcase smiled at me genuinely and wished me good luck for my future.

My mom was very happy and hugged me to congratulate me and even apologised for judging my abilities. I knew her brother had a great influence on this change for which I am very grateful for him. Sezhiyan decided to throw a party for my success but I passed it by staying at home. But my lil cousin decided to give company to me. So we watched the Iron-man movie series all night.

I could watch Tony all day and his attitude is cherry on top!

The wounds from the rogue attack healed without a trace in two days. I removed the cast as everyone knew I could heal quickly from the first-day fight. I didn't speak to my mom after that incident, I only went to inject her when she wakes up from the nightmare. My training with Mithun was progressing well.

I have decided to join in the college along with Logan. He was going to take architecture and I have decided to do some easy course which would help me concentrate on my other tasks in hand but I need a little value addition too. So I choose a bachelor degree in hons(Computer science). There will always something new to learn. The council paid the fees for me. I wanted to move away from my mom's shelter but her health was which holding me back. I can't leave her to suffer and I am not using her money anymore. I started doing some online ads designing for social media and it was paying me more than I expected.


Today was the first day of my college. It's been three months since we changed to Green ocean pack. The people from our neighbour pack, Blood warriors pack and our pack will go to this human college as it was situated in between the two territory borders. We have our set of rules to conceal our identity.

Logan joined the same college but he has his classes were in the opposite campus. Dhaya was in final year and he was doing a bachelor degree in business administration. He accompanied me to the office room to get the schedule. He left after an 'all the best' as I insisted on finding the route myself and also not wanting to go with the Alpha on the first day. I will not easily let go my opportunity of speaking with humans. I envy humans for living without their soul bounding them to a person. They would go as per their heart wants unlike us who have lots of restrictions.

Even though Dhaya clearly told me the route, I asked a human girl about the direction which she helped with a smile. I smiled genuinely and thanked her and walked according to her directions. While I was looking at the room numbers, I bumped into someone. Thankfully I am not carrying anything in hand but his note went flying in the air. But he skillfully caught the note in one hand and gave me an apologetical smile reflecting mine. He has brown eyes and was well built for a human. We exchanged our apologies and went inside the same room.

The class was mixed in 80% of humans and 20% of weres. At lunch break, Logan came to our campus to eat his food with us. I brought my homemade food as I hate standing in queues and I am very impatient type. Weres knew to eat less in front of humans, So Dhaya and Logan bought the regular meal and we shared our experiences so far.

When I was on my way back to the classroom, I found some wolves teasing the human I bumped into earlier this morning. The human was in good shape but he can't stand up to many wolves. I felt a wave of dominance engulfing me as I made my way to those wolves. They don't seem to be the members of our pack. So they might be from Blood warriors pack. Their pack was famous for ruthless battle strategies. I can't involve myself getting in trouble with neighbour pack. Already I was hanging at a thin thread with lots of my stupid activities.

"Hey what are you doing here? Come! Let's go

leaving this she-wolf to live. I should have killed her on day-one. But now she had the audacity to touch what is mine.

I was controlling so hard as my wolf was so sensitive and the bond was making me suffer on seeing his hand over other she-wolf's shoulder. He finally noticed me and my face was blank like an empty paper.


He said my name but that bitch started tracing her filthy paw on my mate's tattoo. I have to cover the first growl escaped my lips in years with a cough. My wolf hates to see him with another female. I hummed in response and looked at Mukilan asking him to continue the training.

"Don't you remember who she is? She is the reason for your brother's..."

Mithun came out of nowhere and ordered Pooja to stop. My eyes widened at her words and memories flooded my mind. He was the other pup who fought for me. I never had a chance to thank him. Now I knew he would never accept me as his mate. I can't look at his face. How did I forget this and how stupid I am to think about claiming him? I ignored my wolf's sad howl. I let out a sigh and turned around. I peaked a glance at Akhilan one last time and found him with pursed lips and having a distanced look. I moved back to my circle and let out my anger on that poor Mukilan. After my training, Aryan uncle told me that there was a little dinner arrangement tonight to welcome Akhilan back to pack and he wanted me to come as he was expecting some announcements.

Logan picked me up in his car to the college and the classes were the same as always. After college, I called Logan many times, but he wasn't picking up. I politely decline Surya's offer to drop me at home. I started walking toward the woods. It was just 20 miles and I could burn some energy. Spending time in woods would never be boring. Mingling with nature would always leave me in peace.

"Hey Wolfie! Wait!"

My knees froze on hearing his voice. What the hell was Akhilan doing here?

"Hey sorry! We couldn't talk properly in the morning. How are you? Why are you walking alone in the woods?"

He finished them in a breath and waited for me to reply.

My mind was racing with lots of thoughts. Why was he talking to me? Wasn't he disgusted to see me? He didn't say anything this morning. So why was he trying to speak with me now? Did he sense something? But I still do have the moonstone pendant.

I looked up at his waiting face. His aura showing happiness. Maybe his wolf was pushing him because of the bond. I can't let him get close to me. It would ruin everything.

"Listen. It doesn't matter to me who you are. Don't interfere unnecessarily in my business. What I am doing is none of your concern. Just leave me alone."

I spoke harshly and he looked shocked at my outburst. Who wouldn't be? He might think of me as an arrogant bitchy she-wolf. Let him think. It was good if he keeps his distance.

I walked my way without even turning back. But I could feel his sad aura and his boring stare on my head. I went to my home and freshened up and made my way to pack house. The preparations going on for dinner. I offered my help to Luna Mithra in preparing the place.

I am wondering what was the announcement that my uncle Aryan mentioned earlier this morning could be.

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