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Kavi's POV

"Where were you last night?"

Alpha Sezhiyan's voice boomed across the room.

I kept my calm composure and maintained my aura at the same pace but slightly showing regret. I knew this would come as Logan was future beta and he could not keep secrets to his Alpha.

"I went outside the territory. I just like to spend some nights alone outside the pack. Sorry for stepping outside the territory without your permission, Alpha."

I knew my apology would reduce his anger. I knew it's about the safety of pack and Alphas were so protective of their packs.

"I knew Logan helped you to get back. How did you go out unnoticed? It shows how inefficient my border patrols were. I demand you to answer me honestly."

His wolf ordered me. My wolf was getting annoyed as she feels he was expressing his dominance but I knew he was doing exactly what he has to do.

"The trees near the mountain was so close to each other. I crossed the territory there as it was easy to walk on the thick branches from one tree to other and I used wind direction to walk to avoid noises."

I told him the truth. His look was so sharp and his eyes returned back to normal.

"We have a set of rules, Kavi. You can't just break them. Run ten rounds across the territory without any break and meet me here. Mukilan was waiting outside the door and he will run with you."

He ordered and mindlinked Mukilan. I nodded.

"Alpha, she can't..."

Logan started but I cut him off.

"I can. I am not human. My wolf is not surfacing but I have wolf blood. Keep that in your mind."

I spoke with fake annoyance to Logan. He nodded grimly.

With a nod to both, I walked out.

"What did you do to get this punishment?"

Mukilan asked.

"For a werewolf, ten rounds across the pack territory is nothing! Doesn't it?"

I counter questioned him. He nodded slowly and we made our way to the pack territory.

I finished the rounds and the worst part was I had to act like I was panting at the last round. When I entered the pack house, I saw Pooja with a happy smirk.

Word gets out so fast!

But I actually felt so good with that exercise. I ignored her and went inside to meet Alpha Sezhiyan. Mukilan asked me to meet him later as he was in the middle of some important discussion with patrols team. Oops!

I walked to the back door as it would be short to go through the woods to reach my home. I noticed Dhaya and Logan standing there. I walked to them to give a good punch to my little cousin.

"He is showing soft blue. I think that means he is calm. And she is showing deep purple. She is sad...."

Dhaya was pointing at people and telling Logan what he was seeing. I couldn't help but laugh as Dhaya was two years elder to me yet he didn't learn which colour means what. They two looked at me weirdly.

"Dhaya, don't get so worked up. Don't use your logical human side to guess. It's our wolf power. Let your wolf guide you. He would tell you accurately what their aura means."

He looked at me wide-eyed. I realised my mistake but I knew better to keep my aura calm. He opened his mouth to speak. But Alpha Sezhiyan's voice boomed across the place.

"Kavi, Dhaya and Logan come to my office now"

I turned back and walked back confidently. There was complete silence. Aryan uncle was looking at me keenly just like Sezhiyan.

"How do you know about auras?"

Sezhiyan asked with a tired look.

"I have read it in a book from the library in my previous pack. It said that Alpha wolves would have the exclusive power to see the aura of people and it also had the meaning of every colour. It was fascinating. So I read them. And when I heard Dhaya telling about colours and his guessings for its meaning, I thought it was about auras and shared him my book knowledge, Alpha."

I lied fluently.

What's wrong with me? I am acting stupidly and risking my secrets. I should keep my mouth shut. This is why I hate socialising. Letting anyone inside my mental walls would lead me to the place like this. I should keep my distance away from everyone.

He nodded his head but I could sense his suspicion clearly. Way to ruin a great relationship, Kavi! He would never trust you completely anymore. I heard him sighing.

"I trust you, Kavi. You can tell me anything. I am... I am just trying to help you. You are like a daugh..."

"Please don't complete that, Alpha. You are a great man that I love from since I could remember. I don't want you to keep you in the place of someone whom I hate the most. And I knew you had some information about that incident. Even if you didn't earlier, I knew you have found something now. Please tell me who it is?"

I gritted out cutt

eft hand was so deep and it will take time till tomorrow. I picked the masking spray and used it till the woods to clear the remaining evidence that could lead to my home and burnt the shirt I picked up.

After an hour I got a call from Aryan uncle to check my whereabouts. My home was near the southern border so I acted like I was at home all the time oblivious of the attack. I asked about the damage and how everyone was. I avoided meeting him till tomorrow as my wounds would make them suspicious. I let my left hand heal by giving not many movements to the tissue. The tingling feeling in my back tells that cells are regenerating. I walked down to the hall and decided to watch television for some time. I took my gun in hand just in case and also I can't keep them in my back.

The front door literally burst open and I reflexively jumped up and pointed my gun towards the door suppressing the yelp from the sudden move. I sighed and put the gun on the table. I maintained a concerned aura and looked at the man standing in the middle of the room.

"How are you, Sezhiyan? Aryan uncle called me and told about the attack."

I used his name to calm him in my way.

"I'm fine, Kavi. But what the hell happened to you? Why there are scratches on your face and what happened to your left hand?"

He asked me and came near me to examine the scratches in my face.

"It's so embarrassing. I am getting so clumsy..."

I paused dramatically and masked my aura accordingly.

"I was descending the stairs to refill my juice but slipped a stair and fell all the way down and the glass broke and a piece pierced my arm."

He looked unsure but nodded anyway.

"Be careful. But I wanted to ask you something. Our warriors found a spot to the northeast of our territory near the waterfall. They found a few dead wolves and the dead body of human females. And Mukilan is the best tracker in our pack and he caught the faint smell of cocoa and he highly suspects that it was close to your scent. Do you have anything to do with that?"

I stared at him curiously then shocked. I smiled and made a sad face.

"I wish I could do something like that. But I was oblivious to the attack and I don't know whether I could stand to kill few wolves without my wolf. I was training myself to be strong but do you think I am strong enough to kill those wolves?"

I told him and noticed his eyes glazed. I quickly started planning what I should tell when he brought the encounter with Pooja but his eyes turned back to normal and he smiled at me after his short mindlink.

"My girl is stronger than she thinks. But they examined the body and found claw marks and canine marks. So..."

I smirked internally but the little suspicion in his eyes didn't go unnoticed.

"Take care dear. You can skip tomorrow's training. I will come and see you tomorrow. I have a lot to do now."

He kissed my forehead and patted my head before making his way out. He stopped at the door and said that he would send someone to fix that broken door.

I sat down and let out a sigh of relief. I don't know how long this drama is gonna prolong!

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