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Kavi's POV


I was standing on the seventeenth stair of a dark place. I can't see anything except the seventeen stairs that I ascended with minimal light from what seems like a door. I was smiling at something above the stairs. I could feel my lips moving but I can't hear anything.

It was like my soul was pushed out of my body and I was seeing me in the dream from some other person's point of view. Suddenly I felt my hair on the back of neck raising and a cold shiver ran down my spine. I felt a dark shadow engulfing my physical form and I felt something soft and wet on my forehead. My physical form was being kissed by that dark shadow! But what was that surrounding me?

Then I heard a faint whisper of 'I have been waiting for you, Cupcake' from the one who was hugging me.

The other me who was watching the scene want to get out of the place as I was struggling to breathe.


I sat up with drenched clothing from my sweat. Same dream! I was having this same dream on my every birthday nights as long as I could remember. The difference is I would be in my own appearance of that age and I would be standing on the stair which was equal to my age. My Grandpa told it might be some deep illusion embedded in my heart during my childhood. But it was haunting me exactly on my birthdays?

I shrugged it off and noticed the time blinking 04.45 AM. I freshened up and went to my mini gym room to spend the remaining time until hitting the training ground. I reached the training ground and everyone wished me. I felt overwhelmed with their showing of love. I felt very guilty to see Mithun as I learnt that I was the reason his son wasn't in this world anymore. I killed someone's mate. I hesitantly went to him.

"Mithun, can I talk to you alone for a minute?"

He looked in confusion but agreed anyway. I took a few deep breaths to calm myself.

"I want to apologise to you, Mithun."

I looked up at his face and his face was in a deep frown.

"I.. I was the reason.. for.. for your son's..."

I bowed my head down as tears stared flow as I couldn't bear the weight of his loss and it was as if I was experiencing the whole thing. I felt his hand on my shoulder giving a slight pressure.

"I know. My son told me that he was visiting a beautiful pup daily at the top of the mountain. Never blame yourself for what happened that day. Nobody knows that rogues were gonna attack that day. You were injected with silver and you were so young. It's his fate. Don't feel guilty about it. He used to stay at my sister's home at our neighbouring pack without transfer. And brothers tend to help each other. No one is to blame on that incident. So leave the past and concentrate on your future. Don't spoil your day, dear."

He spoke softly and lightly stroked my hair affectionately. And I understand why I could mind link him as he was part of this pack but stayed at another place.

"Why aren't you angry with me? I don't deserve your kindness, Mithun. I kil.."

I broke down but he shut me off with his hand before I could complete the sentence. I composed myself and looked up at him.

"What's his full name? He has sacrificed his life for me but I didn't even know his name."

I muttered the last part.


He said with a sad smile. I internally muttered his name again and again much to my wolf's dismay as she knew even though he was not alive I have my feelings for him.

I washed my face and went back to the training ground. Mithun asked me to teach the younger teens some defending moves in human form. After an hour of teaching them, I wanted to run and got permission from Mithun and went for a run in human form. A black wolf, a red wolf and a dark brown wolf joined me. I smelled exactly who they are. The black one is Dhaya, the red wolf is Logan and the dark brown one is Mukilan. They were playing with each other and I wish I was in wolf form now. Wow, I got the company of future Alpha, future Beta and third in command. We ran a few rounds and I need to stop soon as I was supposed to act like a human. I registered the faces in patrol and also the space between each wolf as I have to sneak this weekend for my fighting tournament. How can I reveal myself as 'Black mask' without revealing my wolf? So I need to lie to Sezhiyan.

When I come back, I saw Mithun embracing a she-wolf. She might be his mate which also means she is my teddy's mom. I walked up to them and I learnt her name is Rakshana. On learning who I am, her smile faded away and I knew I deserve that reaction. I excused myself and went to see Sezhiyan. I smelled him in his office and knocked there. His 'come in' was so angered. I slowly entered the room and found him behind his computer CPU and groaning at it.

"Are you okay, Alpha?"

I asked precautiously to not trigger his wolf just in case. He swiftly turned at my side and his features softened.

"Ah yes, dear. Suddenly this computer stopped working and I need an important file from this stupid box."

He hit it annoyingly. I smiled at his impatient behaviour and went near the CPU

the direction of the wind and that's why I couldn't smell him. It wasn't a big deal how he found me here but what I had to know is how long he was stalking me?

"How long you are following me?"

I whispered not wanna risk mind linking and revealing myself.

"I am not following you. I was in patrol and find you sneakily walking this way. Now come with me before anyone sees you. But you need to give me an explanation."

I rolled my eyes and followed him. I internally sighed as he didn't know anything. And I could come up with some excuse before we could reach for the place. He took me to the spot where he was supposed to be there to guard the territory. His eyes glazed and I knew he was mind linking someone. Soon a boy came to our place and with a nod, Logan took off and lead me to my home.

"So, care to explain what you were doing outside the territory?"

He asked with a stern voice which I never knew he could be capable of. I smiled as I knew he could be a great Beta.

"I was just roaming around. I would always like to do that alone. You know... like to escape the fact I was different. It's not easy."

His eyes showed pity for a moment but soon he was angry.

"I didn't know what your old pack did to you. But this pack would never think you differently. You are part of the family, Kavi"

His voice is full of desperation to make me believe the statement he said.

"No, Logan. Maybe that's what you think. But on the very first day, I was challenged by a pack member just because she think me as a burden to pack and she wanted to eliminate me. And the sad truth is she is right about it. Don't try to convince me. I used to the way I am and I don't need any kind of help from anyone. Just leave me alone."

I knew my words would hurt him but I had to do this for his own good. I heard his dress tearing and bone snapping sound. I ran to my home ignoring his sad howl.

The next day morning, Logan asked me to fight with him teasing that he would consider going easy on me. I knew he was purposely telling that for yesterday night. I agreed but I didn't know it would be a big mistake until I felt a dejavu moment when he aimed a punch for my face but while I bent to dodge it, he used his speed to swipe my feet. I managed to not fall down. His swipe was a strong one. I raised my right hand to punch but landed a punch on his stomach with my left hand. He yelped and took a few steps.

He shook his head and raised his hand to pause for a moment. I knew he too had the dejavu feeling. Thankfully, Mithun came to us and teased Logan.

"What future Beta, can't keep up with a strong she-wolf?"

Logan smirked and looked at my direction.

"Oh, head warrior! We didn't even start yet. Wait and watch."

He said and raised an eyebrow at me. I smiled, agreed to him. But our moment interrupted when a woman came and informed that I was called by Sezhiyan. I excused myself from Mithun and Logan and went into pack house. Logan was behind my trail. I looked at him confused but he didn't respond. I knocked on the door and got a stern 'come in' as a reply, I let myself inside the Alpha's office.


I slightly bowed as I saw a gold circle in his pupil.


His deep voice and my full name showed that it was his wolf talking to me.

"Yes, Alpha. You wanted to meet me?"

I asked him.

"Where were you last night?"

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