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   Chapter 3 Character Sketch

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Updated: 2019-07-05 11:12

Hi my dear cupcakes!

I understand the story line has similar names which might create ambiguity in the plot. So here I have given the CHARACTER SKETCH of this story for your reference.

Feel free to write your opinion to me.

Thank you all in advance.

Loving you all so much!!!!!!

Female lead: Kavithanjali |Chocolate scent – Silver white wolfHer destined mate: Akhilan | Rain and Pinapple scent – Golden yellow wolf

Kavi's  mother: Anu Radha | She is Pack doctor  – Vanilla scent – Dull grey wolf

Akhilan's Parent: Mithun and Rakshana [Mithun is the head warrior of Green Ocean Pack]

Alpha and Luna of Mountain Shadow[1st] Pack: Vinodhan and Laya

One of Mountain Shadow Pack member: Kalaiarasi - She is New-teck park Owner and partner to Kavi. Best friend of Anu

Alpha and Luna of Green Ocean [2nd]Pack : Sezhiyan (Black wolf –Roasted almond with slight caramel) and Mithra (Brown wolf - Caramel with slight almond)

Alpha children: Dhayalan [Black wolf] and Tamizhini

Dhaya's mate: Nila

Beta and Beta female of Green Ocean Pack: Aryan and Inba | Aryan is Anu's brother/ female lead Kavi's uncle

Beta's Son: Logan | Red wolf - Orange scent


an's Mate: Madhu

Third in command of Green Ocean Pack: Mukilan  |  Jackfruit scent - Deep brown wolf

Human Friend from her College: Surya - Shifted to Werewolf - Light brown wolf

Surya's second mate: Vibha

Surya's Ex Mate: Veena [Gone insane and got killed by Alpha Sezhiyan]

Alpha and Luna of Blood Warriors Pack: Krishnan & Shrini

Alpha's first son of Blood Warriors Pack: Ilamaran

Alpha's second son of Blood Warriors Pack: Iniyan [He didn't shift yet]

Beta of Blood Warriors Pack: Vijayan

Beta's Son: Ashwin

Third in command of Blood Warriors Pack: Nakul

Blood wariors's head warrior: BharathiBlood warriors's Trackers: Hari and Paari

Dark Vipers [Rogue gang]:

Top Three:  Guru, Shyam and Karan

Other rogue: Lee

The Council Heads:

Manohar - Werewolf, Poorna - Werewolf;

Zarina - Witch, Vasigaran - Wizard;

Rio - Vampire;  Yamuna - Vampire.

Layla's Beloved: Maayan

Kavithanjali is the reincarnation of Goddess of Darkness, Layla

Sun God: Aadhavan

Moon God: Chandran

The two top commanders in the Realm of darkness: Aadhira & Kathir.

I will upload the new characters when I introduce them.

Enjoy reading!

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