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Kavi's POV

I was four years back then. That morning, my mom shouted at me for the first time because I spilt a bottle of tomato sauce on the new dining table cloth. Alpha and Beta family went to an important meeting held at the neighbouring pack where all six pack's Alpha and Beta family would have a get together to speak about common issues along with council members. The Beta family was there to maintain the calm of their Alpha as it would always be hectic to have more than one alpha at the place due to the authority and dominance of the wolf-side.

I want to go away from her and also I was angry on my grandparents for not rescuing me from her scoldings. I sneaked out and shifted to my pup form and ran. Within a few minutes, I found the secret route to the mountain top which was covered by creepers and eagerly ran in that direction like little Sherlock Holmes:P

I was surprised to not find any patrol there but anyway my anger soon came back and I chased after a rabbit for quite some time but failed miserably due to my inexperience. I was so exhausted and sad that I couldn't do any good thing that day. I drifted off to sleep under a tree and when I woke up, I found the sun setting, my mind warned me to go back but still, I was mesmerised by nature.

"So beautiful!"

I jumped at the sudden voice and growled at the intruder. I quickly studied his features. He looked around ten to eleven years old. His hair was nicely groomed and he was shirtless but had good muscles with a big belly. His eyes were hazel green and it shone brightly in the sunshine.

"Don't worry! I am not here to hurt you. This was my secret spot. I will come here daily to watch the sunset. But I found you today."

I was afraid that he was going to scold me for invading his place. He smelled nice. Sezhiyan told that any wolf that stinks with rotten meat should be informed to him through pack link as they were dangerous. So I came to the conclusion that he was not a threat and sat down and let my tongue out breathing and waited for his reaction.

He knelt next to me and picked me up like a dog pup and made me lie on my back on his lap and rubbed my belly with a smirk. I purred at the sensation and opened my hind legs and forelegs wide and closed my eyes to enjoy his rubbing. After that, he told me to join him watching the sunset. He shifted into his golden yellow coloured wolf which made his fur shine in the sunlight and he was glowing. I watched his medium sized wolf in awe. I felt a nudge at my mind so I allowed it inside as I was taught.

"Why are you staring at me like that?"

He mindlinked me.

"You are glowing!"

I said in awe. I heard him chuckle.

"Why are you here... alone?"

He linked me after a minute. I thought for a minute then decided to tell him the incident happened in the morning. And how I was here all day. He tensed upon hearing that and asked me to go home immediately as my parents must be worried. I agreed as I didn't want to get another round of scolding and made my way to my home. He came along with me. When I was about to go my way, he stopped me by softly biting into my tail.

"Ouch! What was that for?"

I yelped in mind link. He whimpered on knowing he hurt me and softly nipped my tail. It healed quickly as I started to giggle at the tickling sensation.

"What is your name, beautiful?"

I gave him a big wolfish grin for calling me beautiful.


I said proudly.

"Anjali! That name suits you."

He linked me. Before I could protest he was only saying half of my name, he ran and disappeared in woods.

Later that night, my grandpa scolded me and punished me by not speaking to me the whole next day for leaving the house like that and keeping him worried. I told Sezhiyan about my new friend. He got so protective over me and scolded softly to not go there. But I was on the top of that mountain exactly at the same time in my human form the next day. And he came while the sun was about to go down. He didn't mention his name so I used to call him, 'Teddy bear' which suited his big belly. The name eventually shortened to Teddy. Initially he would get angry for that nickname but eventually, he got used to it.

We would meet there daily exactly at the same time. And we will steal food from home to share with each other. I lied Sezhiyan for the first time about not met him ever again. I am a free spirit and being raised by Alpha became an advantage for me to escape patrols. Also, I knew minimal self-defence even if I need to face a matured wolf.

Our friendship has grown eventually strong and our wolf was bonded so close. We would meet without anyone's knowledge on the top of the mountain regularly and will spend our time together happily. He was the one, both my wolf and human side felt so comfortable and happy with.

Our one-year friendship faced its first fight when I asked his real name. For some unknown reason, he never told me his name. He would joke some movie character name whenever I asked his name and I got angry. Childish reason! But I never went to meet him thereafter.

Days rolled into months. It's been four months since I met him. I never happened to meet him at any of the pack ceremonies. Eventually, I learnt that he might belong to the neighbouring pack as the mountain was spread over three t

l smile. Soon everyone hugged me and conveyed their wishes. Mukilan decently shook my hand and wished me. And I quickly side hugged Dhaya ignoring his stupid smirk.

I was asked to make a wish before blowing the candle.

'My dear Moon God! Please bring that monster in front of me and help me to take my revenge!'

I blew the candles contented and cut the cake. I fed the cute little princess next to me ignoring all big wolves' open mouth. Tamizh was so happy that she got the first bite. Before I could cut the next piece, Logan shoved my head onto the cake. There starts the war. I wiped the frosting from the remaining cake and pinned Logan to the staircase and rubbed it all over his face.

I teased that he looked much better with chocolate frosting. The couples made us cringe by rubbing the cake on each other sensually. We groaned and asked them to find a room. Oh, Moon! Why elders are behaving like teens and we teenagers shooing them like old people!

Tamizh threw cake on her brother who cutely chased her playfully and tickled her. Her sweet giggles made us all laugh. I wiped the cream and threw it over Mukilan who was looking at another side. He looked at me shocked and he used his wolf speed to pick the remaining cake and pinned me next to Logan and hit the cake on the top of my head. I gulped dramatically. Oh my hair!

Youngsters started chasing one another with snow spray and we played 'chase' for the next thirty minutes. We cleaned up ourselves in backyard tap and Luna and Inba aunt provided tissues to wipe the cream and soap to clean up. Mukilan offered to wipe the cake from my hair and he wiped the remaining cake from my face. I muttered a thank you to him and went inside the home. So the dinner was a start to celebrate my birthday but ended up horribly. I wonder how would my mom react if I get good marks in my Final exams. I knew she would tell that it was luck or wrong calculation. Enough about her bi-polar behaviours!

I grinned big when I saw everyone was now looking at me with excitement with a gift in their hand. The beauty is they didn't give me something to show off their money power. Tamizh was already asleep in the guest room. Alpha couple gifted me a laptop with all the latest features included. I love my laptop but this one will make my work much easier. And My uncle and aunt gifted me Amazon cash voucher, so I could get whatever I like.

The surprising part was Mukilan gifted me the limited edition of the book which contains new techniques in web and super short cut ways to roam on the internet. I tried purchasing it but failed thrice. I wondered how he got that. I hugged him to thank as this was going to make me much smarter and I could send some useful tips from the book to Kalai to fasten the work there. I looked at Logan and Dhaya who had their hands in pocket at looking at me with a smile.

"Where are your gifts?"

I asked with a smirk knowing the reply very well.

"Stop the nonsense! You are the one who should give us treat!"

That was Logan.

"We don't want to give a gift because our love for you can't be compiled in any of the gifts, you know."

Dhaya said with a wink making us laugh.

They made it a memorable birthday. I can't ask for anything better. They left after promising me to prepare a great food tomorrow and Logan, Dhaya and Mukilan told me to take me to the town tomorrow. I agreed to make them happy. And a little distraction won't hurt right. But I should make sure to not make this a routine. I drifted off to sleep with that promise.

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