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Kavi's POV


His deep brown eyes and diamond jawline resembled the face cut of my Uncle and Grandpa. Moon! How did I miss this important thing on that night?

Is that means Akhilan belongs to this pack too?

Oh Moon God! Why are you testing my will power? What am I going to do now?

I was engulfed in a bear hug and I looked at him. I awkwardly patted his shoulder and pulled away.

"Oh, my Moon! Do you remember me? How did you find I am Logan?"

"You have our family eyes and face cut!"

I stated and he grinned big.

We both startled by a loud horrified voice and found Dhaya shutting Alpha's office and muttering curses under his breath. I burst into laughter as unfortunately he just had witnessed his parent's mating. Dhaya's head snapped at my direction and looked at me in confusion.

"You are not the first person to see that horrific scene."

His cheeks flushed as he looked away. The door to Alpha's office opened and the Alpha couple came out adjusting their dresses. But they both had the heavy scent of arousal and their dishevelled hair and hickeys showed their rough play. Sezhiyan had a smug look and smirking at his mate but poor Luna looking down in shy.

"For the moon sake, please keep that in your room, dad. Or at least lock the door. We don't want to display live porn to all the passer-by wolves."

Dhaya spoke annoyance dripping in his words. Before they could reply I interjected with

"Yeah. I agree with him."

Now Sezhiyan eyes widened on knowing they put a spectacular for two children. He nervously scratched the back of his hair and smiled sheepishly and scooped his flushed mate in bridal style and flew from the crime scene. Even though they are just in their mid-thirties, it was awkward to see their intimacy as they are most likely parent figures. I called my uncle over the phone to come and give me the order letter to the school.

I got the letter and made my way to school. I went to the office and gave the letter to the receptionist who gave me a welcoming smile. She typed something into her computer and asked me to go to the library and told me the direction. She called someone to inform about my arrival. I was greeted by an old man whom I assume to my Pack history and wars professor.

"Welcome, dear. I'm Govind. I will be teaching you Pack laws, pack wars and history as pack law teacher was on a vacation. I knew you would have known about our origin. But it's the tradition to start the lesson with the Origin of our kind in the gratitude towards the Mighty Moon God. I heard that you are the one created the 'Moon Pup' application. The animation of our origin story was so good. I have seen my daughter showing it to her son, dear. So for a change, I am going to listen and you have to narrate the story. Is that okay with you?"

Wow! That man could speak. And it would be boring to listen. And there is no one here. Why can't I narrate as every wolf love our origin story?

"Thank you, sir. I guess I am okay with narrating the story. Shall I start?"

He grinned big and nodded his head.

"I start the story with great gratitude to the Moon God for being the reason for the rise of the beautiful blessed creatures in the name of werewolves. About seven thousand years back, the world was in peace. The Moon and Sun were doing their jobs of guiding the planets. But the darkest creature in human history was unleashed from the bottom of the universe by the evil traitors who followed 'him'. 'He' was released and 'he' wanted to kill the Moon God to start 'his' revenge over them as Moon and Sun were the reason for 'his' suffering all these millienum. Eventually, 'he' planned to kill Sun God after gaining the power from the Moon God. So 'he' could make every living creature 'his' slaves to feed his power hunger. 'He' was said to be born from the friction from the creation of our Solar system. And 'he' has the power to destroy any planets but nature had restricted 'his' power to keep balance among the planets by creating Several moons to get rid of the darkness in the night as the darkness was 'his' power. The Moon God was the in-charge for those moons among the planets. Being the central source of the solar system, Sun God has more power than Moon God.

'He' created the chaos among the realm of the Moon and trapped Moon God at the verge of death by the betrayal from within. The Moon God was bound in dark magic and he got beaten very bad to gain any energy to break the dark magic. 'He' planned to bargain with Sun God to surrender everything to spare Moon God, which would make the darkness consume the solar system. But before that could happen Moon God used his divine powers to escape from there and took refuge among humans on earth who were living as a small village. The uniqueness among the village was they were befriended with the pack of the wolves from the nearby forest who hel

we reached his home, I was greeted with the heavenly smell of roasted chicken and Ghee rice. I smiled at the loud growl from my stomach and walked inside. I found Inba aunt and my mom setting table. Wow! It was very rare to see my mom before midnight. I greeted them and found Aryan uncle in his office. I walked inside and offered him my assistance which he agreed happily as he asked me to feed a few details in a spreadsheet. Logan huffed at us and went out. We finished our work and he thanked me for my help and appreciated my speed on the computer. My wolf howled inside in the pride of getting appreciation from her beta uncle.

I choose to sit far away from my mother to avoid upsetting her. The dinner served and elders engaged in their conversation. Logan sat next to me and helped me with my plate. I thanked him and the conversation soon diverted to our studies. Logan wanted to do Architecture as he wanted to upgrade the houses in pack land. And he bragged about his High marks in last exams and how sure he would get the state rank in the final exams. I was happy about his interest in studies as not many male wolves will concentrate on studies. I was interested in the computer but never said that aloud. Even though I mastered in programming and hardware arranging, there was a lot to learn new. And I don't have any interest to go to college. I want to train more and I have a great mystery to solve and close. When Aryan uncle asked me about my higher studies. I took a minute to think.

"She was average in her studies. So probably she will only get a seat in some arts and science college."

My mom answered in boring tone and I glanced up to see her glare. She sighed and looked at her brother

"I have provided her with everything. But what can I do? Getting intelligent and strong child is a blessing. I didn't get one."

I choked on my food as I never expected her to state her hatred so expressively over the family dinner.

The outsider thinking bad about wou't affect as much as your loved one thinking low about you; because you care about them and it would pain to the maximum extent. My last thread of hope for her love lost its strength and my wolf started shaking inside me. She had enough of her mother's hatred and disrespect. I closed my eyes and instantly diverted my thought towards how much pain she would have endured but it didn't help. So I imagined my mate holding us and looking at us with love. It calmed her instantly. I opened my eyes when Logan shook me. There was complete silence but my mom continued her food as if she didn't drop big dynamite over my head. I placed the spoon next to the plate and stood up.

"Excuse me, guys. Thank you for the dinner. I have to go."

I ignored the protest of Inba aunt and walked out.

Logan followed me but I asked him to leave me alone. I walked aimlessly but ended up at the mountain top where I found love and peace once. He came to give me that love and peace. But I knew he would never come back to console me. And the worst thing was I am the reason for his death. I wish you were here, Teddy. If you were here, my life would have been totally different. I hate you for leaving me all alone in this cruel world. My mind took me to the time when we met first.

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