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   Chapter 105 CHAPTER 5

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Kavi's POV

After hearing Luna Mithra's statement. My wolf started howling inside me in anger and sadness as she couldn't even want to think about another man as our mate and she misses him already. I spent a few more minutes there and made my way back to pack house telling that I was feeling tired from the journey. I denied Mukilan to accompany me as I don't want to make him miss things because of me. I can't be invisible here as already Alpha Sezhiyan made it clear to everyone to protect me. I locked myself in the room. I need to find a way to learn about that monster. I can't move forward in my life until I take revenge.

Next morning, I woke up startled to the banging at my door. I quickly fixed myself and wore my contacts as I didn't want to make my mom feel bad at this early morning. But I smelled roasted almonds with a slight hint of caramel which was Alpha Sezhiyan's scent. Sezhiyan's scent is actually roasted almonds and caramel is Luna's scent. I sleepily welcomed him inside. He was just wearing his shorts and sweating. I looked at him questioningly.

"What are you doing here at this early morning, Sezhiyan?"

I asked in my sleepy voice and sat down on my bed hugging the pillow. I heard him chuckling and he threw my pillow aside and pulled me up.

"The time is six thirty, sleepy head. Go and freshen up. You start your training today. That's a rule for everyone. You can't escape."

He said as a matter of fact. I forgot that this pack let females train and also they would even get rank if they proved their power.

"But I don't have my wolf. I never trained in my old pack. Mom too said that's better."

I got alerted as my fighting would be much harsh. I never trained with anyone. I only fought with rogues and I never have gone easy on them except that boy, Logan. But still, he too ended up with dislocated ankle.

"You can't use that card here missy. I could smell your wolf. So let's train you in human form. Also, you are champion in karate and kickboxing, right? I want to see my girl kicking some asses of few egoistic teens. Come on. I know you can do it, Kavi. If you didn't come to the backyard within five minutes, I will carry you there."

He said in strict tone but didn't use his authority which I liked in him. He left the room to give space for me to get ready. I sighed and quickly freshened up and threw some black sports bra and knee-length shorts before making my way down.

When I walked into the back yard everyone paused and stared at me. But their faces showed a warm and encouraging smile. I saw Aryan uncle and Mukilan were fighting in human form. Few wolves were training in their wolf form. A huge black wolf quickly ran behind a tree and Alpha Sezhiyan came out. He had a big grin and he introduced me to Mithun, the Pack's Head warrior. He looked like a man in his mid-thirties with brown hair and grey eyes which reminded me of my mate. I should stop leading all my thinking towards him.

Mithun will be training me today and Sezhiyan chose to watch. He asked me to fight him so he could judge my skills and he could help me to improve my skills. I don't know whether I should show my fighting skill here but I vowed to protect this pack. So I need to improve myself which would be an advantage when I come face to face with that monster.

It was weird to fight without a mask. I stood there still while Mithun too stood patiently waiting for me to make the first move. After a whole minute, he let out a sigh.

"You don't have to be afraid and hesitate. Okay, let us see your defence reflexes. I am going to throw some punches and kicks. Let us see how you defend yourself okay?"

I internally rolled my eyes for his quick judgement but I can't blame him as he was informed that I never trained before. Also, he couldn't recognize my calm aura. So I simply nodded.

He got closer to me and started with few strikes which I easily dodged. My wolf was attentive and helping me to focus. All of sudden, he tried to swipe my feet but I jumped and I knew what comes next and bent backwards dodging his punch. We went on for the next fifteen m

anged there. Few boxes with your personal things were kept in your room and you can arrange it after the classes."

He replied.

"Classes? Oh, Okay."

I totally forgot that I need to attend the school as I need to learn this pack rules. As I already completed my schooling, I would be only attending selective classes like Pack laws and Pack history and wars. I have to attend the private classes at school for a week and have to take a test on it.

I showered and walked up to Alpha's office as I need to get a joining letter with his sign to join the classes. Actually, I would have to listen to the lecture of the teachers at the library as junior exams were going on.

I knocked and opened the door without waiting for his reply but regretted instantly on seeing Sezhiyan mounting his mate on his table and they both were naked. Horny mates! They were too busy to notice the door got opened and I slammed it shut.

Oh, Moon! Please erase that horrible memory from my mind.

I shook my head and walked towards the back yard looking for my uncle. I wasn't paying attention and walked into someone. A small yelp escaped my mouth as I found myself falling, but a strong arm circled my waist and helped me to gain balance. I looked at a beautiful pair of brown eyes. I distanced myself after realising I was still in the embrace of that buddy.

I studied his face and let out a groan on recognizing the idiot in front of me. A young version of Sezhiyan! This is Dhayalan.

"Thank you!"

I muttered to break that awkward silence.

"You are so gorgeous!"

He blurted out looking between my lips and eyes. I panicked and took a few steps back when I find him leaning forward. I turned around and tried to walk away. But he caught my wrist and stopped me. I suppressed my urge to groan and turned around to look at him. His face looks flustered as if realising something.

"Hey, Kavi. I didn't mean to..."

Ha! So the young Alpha doesn't know to apologise! Wait! He does remember me!

"It's okay, Dhaya. But never try something like that again. We have mates out there waiting for us."

I said to him and watched regret crossing his feature and also his aura is full of hormones and embarrassment. Sure Dhaya's Alpha features were so attractive and he looks so good. But the only person who would get my attention is my handsome mate. I wonder what he was doing? My wolf was purring and flashed his image in front of my vision.

Suddenly I was knocked down with a big squeal from someone trying to hug me and my wolf reminded that I recently smelt this person.

"Long time no see, sis. How are you?"

I got up and faced the personal tackled me.

My heart raced and my mouth muttered his name automatically.


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