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   Chapter 104 CHAPTER 4

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Kavi's POV

The four hours flight helped me a lot to finish my work. I closed it before an hour and been enjoying the view from the window. My mom didn't wake during the flight. I woke her up when we were about to land. I could see the beach before landing. It has been a while since I went to the beach. First I need to find a secret spot for my training. My instinct tells that I need to face that monster really soon as I am back to the Pack where all horrible things happened

We finished the formalities and fetched our luggage and proceeded out. I didn't pay attention to who was there to pick us up. But my mom noticed them and dragged me to the direction where her brother was waiting. Her light grey 'bored' aura turned into bright yellow 'happy' aura on seeing them. Even though I felt a pang of hurt on realising that I could never bring out this happiness to her, I am very happy for her.

I quickly masked my aura to a normal calm one. My mom's brother scooped her up like a small girl and swirled saying he missed her so much. The woman I remembered to be her mate was smiling so happily with tears on seeing her mate's happiness and also she was my mom's bestie.

As soon as Aryan uncle put her down, Inba aunt pulled mom into a hug. I stood a good few feets away and watched their reunion. I found my uncle coming towards me with his hands open. No way! I took a few steps back and he halted on his steps as if he remembered something and gave me a warm smile. He was well built obviously being the first son of Alpha and currently Beta of this pack. I gave him a small smile and pretended to look around to avoid the awkwardness that I intentionally created. Inba aunt irrespective of me backing away, gave me a bone crushing hug. I just patted her shoulder awkwardly. I remember both of them from my grandparents funeral. That's when I met them last. They have a son, but I don't remember his name nor his look.

"How are you, honey? Do you remember us? I am your mom's best friend and sister in law, Inba. This big man is your uncle and my mate, Aryan."

Inba aunt spoke excitedly.

"I do remember you guys"

I said with a small smile.

Aryan softly stroked my hair as if any more pressure would break me. The sincerity, love and adoration in his eyes hit my mental barriers like a strong wind. I clearly remember my childhood when he spent more time with me. I subconsciously raised my fist to him. It's our routine to fist-bump for every small thing. His eyes welled up on knowing I remember our best time in childhood and he slowly touched his fist with mine softly. I gave him a quick hug and pulled away. My mom looked happy on seeing me opening up to them. Both of them were so talkative and my mom too surprisingly talked equally and teased them while we drove to the pack house.

They gave us masking scent to get rid of our awful scent. I silently watched them with a smile. I never have seen my mom so enthusiastic like this. I knew she loved her brother and missed her home. But I didn't expect them to bring this drastic change to her. I love them so much but I only use less filter with them. Because their true love and care would easily break my walls which should never happen and my filters and walls are the only protective bubble of me.

Tonight there is a welcoming ceremony for us. Some pack has this tradition to throw a party to welcome and send off pack members. It would keep the relationship between the pack members close. We need to stay at the pack house until we join the pack. And we have to do some paperwork for joining the pack which were almost completed by Aryan. Suddenly I felt the field of strong vibes and recognised that we entered the pack territory. The pack house was the same cream coloured three storey building but had the renovated look. And small to big houses were situated all around the pack house. I could see the Green hills from here which made my mind unwantedly flash the hazel green eyes before me. Aryan uncle walked us inside and stopped before a big brown wooden door which had the golden name board with black letters stating 'Alpha Sezhiyan'.

A smile crept on my face as I remember him very well. He used to play with me in our wolf form. He was the one I was with when I first shifted as a pup. He helped me and taught me to walk in my pup form. He was the first person I mind linked and taught me how to contact and block a person. His mate, Luna Mithra was like the epitome of patience, smartness and love. They had a son and I think his name is Dhayalan and their daughter, Tamizhini. I am embarrassed to meet him now as I remember a particular situation where I attacked a she-wolf who was flirting with him. I was so protective and possessive of him. I could even tell he was my first crush. Any she-wolf other than Luna had faced my atrocity for invading his personal space. Luna appreciated me and also made me her signature chocolate cupcakes as a reward for me.

Actually, he had just finished one meeting and four years old me went to meet him as usual. I saw him awkwardly trying to get away from a woman but she was almost drooling at his sight. I politely asked her to go away but she pushed me and started touching his arms. His face turned into a scowl and I knew he wouldn't use his alpha tone on his pack members for unwanted issues. But that angered me more as I shifted and dug my canines into her leg biting a good part of flesh from her ankle. She howled in pain and when she tried to shift and attack me, Luna stepped in and forced her to go out. Later I got a big lecture from Alpha but Luna rewarded me for protecting her mate from that woman.

A deep voice of 'Come in' broke my thoughts as I realized that I have to face the man I was once obsessed with

y with a smile.

"Why are you wearing contacts? As a werewolf, it is impossible for getting eye defects. Also, you have a rare and attractive colour of the pupil."

"I am comfortable to wear them. And I don't want to attract unwanted attention."

I replied slowly. He just nodded in response.

He leads me to the clearing that I clearly remembered from my childhood. The whole pack was present there. Food and drinks were stacked in one corner and people are socializing. I thanked Mukilan for helping me and walked near the stage where my mom should be. I was shocked to see my mom wearing a cute blue coloured gown. Her face turned red on seeing me. Her red and violet aura showed her rage and embarrassment.

"Are you intentionally wore this to embarrass me in front of everyone? I have given you enough money. Why can't you wear some dress? At least you should have asked me?"

She whisper-yelled at me and walked in a different direction. Yes! She gives enough money. But I never bought dresses. She didn't even know about my wardrobe.

I was trying everything to get her affection. But why she only notices my imperfections? Tears welled up and my wolf was shaking her head as I was stupid in her view to get affected my mom and she was used to her behaviour in all these eleven years. I took a few deep breaths and noticed Aryan uncle's concerned stare. I gave him a small smile and looked away. Luna found me and told I look cute in my outfit. My eyes automatically searched my mom who was busily talking to a lady. I thanked her for the compliment. She introduced me to her ten-year-old daughter, Tamizhini who is such a sweetheart. I loved to spend time with her.

The ceremony started and first, my mom was accepted into the pack. I was called upon the stage. Alpha Sezhiyan gave me a warm smile.

"I, Alpha Seziyan of the Green Ocean Pack accepts Kavithanjali into my pack. I will be responsible for your safety and welfare in this pack and I demand your loyalty to this pack. Do you Agree, Kavithanjali?"

He asked in his alpha tone and his wolf was in the surface making his eyes shine in gold.

"Yes, Alpha. I pledge my loyalty to the Green Ocean pack and I will protect this pack with all my might."

He smiled at my last part as just an 'I do' is enough but my wolf wanted me to tell this. So did I. He slashed his palm and I did the same and we joined our palm to seal the deal by joining our blood. I felt a wave of electricity travel from my palm to heart. Soon I could feel the bond to the pack and I already had my mind link blocked. My old chocolate smell returned back. Alpha Sezhiyan circled his arm protectively over my shoulder.

"My dear family, I wanted you guys to know that Kavi's wolf hasn't shown up in the last five years. I want all of you to accept her and protect her like we always protect our family."

The crowd turned silent as I knew all of them will turn me down just like Mountain Shadow pack. Because wolfless werewolf is just a burden. I looked up at everyone and shocked to see them cheering and vowing to protect me. I looked at the pack with gratitude. This is what a real family. My mind quickly alarmed that I had got a lot of attention. I need to keep my distance. I thanked my new family and went to Luna Mithra who was in a phone call.

"I was talking to Dhayalan. He will come tomorrow with your cousin."

She said with a glint of excitement.

Dhayalan being next in line to be Alpha and my cousin whose name was never mentioned, being next in line to be Beta has gone to the Blood Warriors pack, our neighbour pack to some ceremony happening there as Alpha and Luna were needed here to welcome us into the pack.

I genuinely smiled in response but her next sentence wiped my smile clean off my face.

"I highly hope him to be your mate as you both were unmated."

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