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   Chapter 103 CHAPTER 3

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Kavi's POV

My claws and canines retreated on the sight of my handsome mate. He had calm and mesmerising grey eyes with black hair. His sharp nose and chiselled jawline look so sexy. He is deliciously well built like every werewolf but not big as a hulk; he is wearing a blue half hand t-shirt and black jean which shows some tattoo on his left hand that probably continue inside his sleeve. He looked oddly familiar but I couldn't remember whether we have met before or not. The wind changed its direction and it carried the mouthwatering rain and pineapple scent of my mate.

Wait! No! We don't want a mate. Remember, Kavi?

My fingers traced the moonstone pendant inside my t-shirt. I sighed in relief on feeling the pendant's presence. This moonstone pendant will help me to cover myself from my mate. His wolf would feel curious about me but he can't recognize the bond. But my pendant has one disadvantage. If my mate physically touches me, he will feel sparks and his wolf would recognize me instantly. So I need to maintain my distance with him. My wolf howled inside my head sadly knowing I won't go to him. We took the decision mutually, but she has more effects from the mate bond than me. I shook my head and looked at him curiously.

"You don't have to do this, Logan."

My wolf peaked on hearing our mate's voice.

"Akhilan bro! She accepted a friendly challenge. Don't worry. I can do this."

Akhilan! My wolf repeated his name in ecstasy!

He let him step in the circle and shouted 'all the best'. My wolf whined that our mate wants our opponent to win. But I composed myself and stood in fighting stance. He came to me and extended his hand.

"All the best, Black Mask!"

The nerve of this pup! He smiled genuinely and it created a warm feeling in my heart. I stood straight and thought whether it is a trap or not for a few seconds and extended my hand

"Thanks. And all the best, Logan"

The pup's smile grew when I said his name and he backed away tossing his t-shirt in the direction of my mate. I was so tempted to watch him catching it effortlessly yet I don't want to give an advantage to this pup for striking at my unfocused self. He is not well built like my mate but he has lean and healthy muscles.

Unlike everyone who threw punches at the beginning, he threw kicks in the air while I kept on dodging. Though his aura has a hint of fear, he is brave enough to fight and I could tell he is well trained from his skilful moves. He aimed a punch for my face but while I bent to dodge it, he used his speed to swipe my feet. Thankfully, I managed to not fall down. My smile was hidden under my mask. He looked amused as his swipe is a little harder. But I have seen more.

So you want to play tricky uh! No problem! I raised my right hand to punch but landed a medium punch on his stomach with my left hand. He yelped and took a few steps.

"Logan! Are you okay?"

My mate wants to jump into the circle to help his brother but held by other rogues as this is strictly one on one battle and the rogues surprisingly made it clear to follow rules.

"Hey Akhilan bro, it's not that bad. I could manage. No worries!"

Logan's yelling calmed my mate yet he glared at me making my wolf whimper and I too felt my heart clenching. Stupid bond!

People around us are getting bored with this friendly challenge as they want to see blood and they want to experience the w


This would be the headline in 'The Wolf World' news website. And I am so eager to find whether they will give me equal rights and privileges like the other two.

After satisfyingly completing my exams, I started packing. My mom still works a full day in the hospital as she wants to cherish the last moments there. I didn't complain because Kalai and her daughter came to my rescue. We completed packing in three days. Movers arrived and took the things earlier this morning. And we have our flight by the evening. Only our luggage was here and I went to Kalai's shop and copied all the details I required. We agreed to continue our partnership through online and she agreed to visit there as I told her that I didn't want to visit here again. I am loyal to this pack so far. But my mind still thinks the Alphas were doing unjust to my mom.

My mom called me exactly three hours before the flight and asked me to come to the airport directly. I loaded the things in our car and asked Kalai to drive as I didn't get my driving licence yet though I know driving. My mom came within a few minutes after we reached there. Kalai hugged me tightly and cried while bidding bye making my heart clench as I am leaving only one who showed her care for me in this whole pack. Her daughter consoled and took Kalai with her. My mom too had tears on leaving them. Surprisingly, the Alpha couple came. But I learnt that they came here to break the bond between the Mountain Shadow pack and us. As soon as he uttered that he release us from the pack, I felt a string leaving from me. Pack bond broke! We are practically rogues now. I hope the Green Ocean pack would accept us soon because I hate to smell like rotten meat.

We seated comfortably and did as the air hostess guided. I never left this pack after my grand parent's death, that happened before almost five years. They would take me to different places in every vacation. My mom sighed and gave me a small smile before leaning on the headrest and closed her eye. I took my laptop to continue my coding as it was long due to complete my app. I hope everything will be alright there. The memories of Green Ocean pack flashed before my eyes. I calmed myself with a few deep breaths and concentrated on my work.

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