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He Only Married Me To Show Her That He Already Moved On By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 15367

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Madi's POV:

"Tony, have you seen Ms. Noelle around the restaurant? I can't find her."

I asked our head waiter when I didn't find Noelle inside our office. It's already ten in the morning but I still can't see her. I've already checked the whole dining area, the kitchen and even outside restaurant, but there's no face of my best friend. I even tried to call her but her phone was out of coverage.

"Actually Ms. Madi, she informed us yesterday that she will not go to work today."

"What?" I furrowed my eyebrows. "She informed you but she didn't even send me a quick message just to inform me? Oh goodness!"

He shrugged.

"Anyway, thank you, Tony." I smiled at him.

"You're welcome, Ma'am."

When I headed back inside the office, I tried to dial her phone again. But I've already spent five minutes on dialling her number, but still, l it has the same answer.. out of coverage.

"What happened to her? This was her first time of not informing me about her absence."

I sighed and just focused myself back on the computer screen. But I am in the middle of reading the last week sales reports, when my phone vibrates on top of my desk. I take it immediately in hoping it's Noelle but I was wrong, because it's Sandy.

"Hi Sandy----"

"Oh my God, Madi! You need to come fast here! It's Mr. Wilsons!"

"What? What happened to him?" I stand quickly when I heard the panic in her voice.

"He suddenly fainted in the middle of our board meeting! And oh God, he looked so pale!"

"W-Why? W-What happened Sandy?" I asked not knowing what to do or what to get first of all my things as I felt the panic arises inside my chest.

"I don't know, Madi. I just heard the news when Mica called me from the intercom to call the ambulance!"

"Ohh my God!" Goosebumps were now starting to creep all over my body, as the nervousness and panic mixed together that made my both knees to buckle.

"The nurse from the clinic were now doing a CPR---"

"CPR? Forgodsake, Sandy! What is happening to him and why are the nurse performing a fucking CPR?"  I shouted and take my bag from the swivel chair and rushed towards the door.

"Because he looked pale and the nurse said he doesn't breath anymore, so they need to perform a CPR."

"Goddamned it! Why don't you bring him now in the hospital?"

"Madielyn, I already called the ambulance and we're  just waiting for them to arrive so we can now bring Mr. Wilsons to the hospital!"

"Oh fuck!" Tears were now blurring my vision as I felt my hands and both knees were shaking.

"Just come fast Madi, please!" panic and frustrations were also laced in her voice.

"Yes, I'm now running! Oh my God!" I ended the call and run fast as I could to the parking lot.

But I was stopped in my trance when I saw the three men in black, leaning on my car door. I gulped the additional nervousness that wrapped around my body as I walked closer to them.

"Excuse me, that's my car and I need to use it now. I have an emergency----" I stopped when one of them smirked and walked behind me. My eyes followed their every move.

And the next thing I know.. I was pulled and dragged towards the black van. I can't scream because of the cloth that they put on my mouth that preventing me to talk. They pushed me inside the van and tied my both hands with a peach scarf. They also tied my feet so I can no longer move my body. I was seated in the middle of the two huge men that almost double of size.

"Put this to her!"

My eyes widened when I recognized the voice of the fourth men in the passenger seat. He tossed a peach sleeping mask to the man on my left side. I straddled in my seat when I saw his face. It's Enzo, one of my brother's men. The question is, what is doing here and why is he doing this?

"Fuck you! Let me go! My husband needs me now!"

I tried to shout but my voice came muffled because of the cloth.

"Madi, Madi, Madi. The precious Madi of the Davis clan and the sole heir of Petterson empire. Oops! Don't forget, you're now the wife of the famous Gabriel Wilsons, the Chicago's top billionaire! Tsk.Tsk.Tsk. I'm so excited about how much they're willing to give just to get you." and he laughed in his most disgusting and demonic laugh.

"Fuck you! I swear to God, if I removed this fucking tie, I'm gonna fucking kill you!"

But they just laughed at me. I know they didn't understand it. And because of frustrations, anger and nervousness I felt with Gabriel's condition, and being trapped with these evil creatures, tears started to roll down my cheeks as I narrowed my eyes to each one of them.


d the last two words with a wink. And that make all our audience to shout and cheers. He wiped my tears of love and joy before he continued.

"Love, I can't promise you to always smile because I know somehow, I can make you cry for joy. I can't also promise you to be a perfect man or to have a perfect relationship. But what I can promise you, is to be on your side in every step of your way, to hold your hand and kiss you in your every waking hour and before you go to sleep. I promise to give you all of me, all my time and to be my number one priority."

I gulped when he slowly bend down in one knee, and from the back of his pants, he gets a small peach box. I smiled when I saw the color of it. He really wanted to give this day to me. From the ties and sleeping mask that Enzo and the three men used to me, from the flowers and motifs of the venue, and now the color of the small box he's holding.. they were all peach, my favorite color.

"Mrs. Madielyn Davis-Wilsons, I know I have many flaws and I try my best to improve and to be better every day, to fill your heart with love and happiness. When you left me, you also take my life away from me. And I don't know how to spend my life without you. I love you, and this time it's true."

He opened the peach box and the white gold diamond ring shines in my both eyes. It has round medium diamond, with a shimmer of diamonds on the shoulders.

"Would you give me this second chance to marry you again, and becoming my wife and my partner for the rest of our lives?"

I took a deep breath and looked around to see all of the happy faces of the important people in our lives. When I glanced back at him, I bite my lips before I nod slowly.

By then, he stands immediately with the widest grin on his lips. We heard the cheers around us as he slid the ring on my finger. He cupped both cheeks and kissed me softly in front of everyone.

"Thank you. I love you so much, Madi!"

"I love you, too." we both smiled and hugged each other.

And when I thought the scene is over, well I was wrong. Because the band from the corner started to play the song...'You and Me'

"May I dance with the most beautiful woman in my life" I nodded as I take his hand with a smile and we started to dance. I closed my eyes and leaned my head on his chest.

**I never knew, I could feel like this. It's like anything is possible, it's something more than physical. I never thought I'll never get to this, you swept me off my feet, now my life is complete. I'll take your imperfections, the crazy indecisions. I'll fight for the right to love you, I'm whole again because of you..**

Finally, the man I cried so much before for not loving me back, is the same man who's holding me right now and promising the love and life together with him, but now in one real deal, a deal of forever with him.

**You and me together, I'll keep the love alive. You and me together, I know we can survive. There's nothing we can't do, we're stronger when we're two. Let's stay together, and I'll dream that's me and you.**

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