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   Chapter 89 Because I want you to be happy

He Only Married Me To Show Her That He Already Moved On By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 13082

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"Ma'am Madi, you're back?

I smiled to the maids who opened the front door.

"Where is your Sir Gabr-----"


My words were cut by Nancy's voice coming from the wide staircase. She's running her way towards me.

"Thank God, you're here!" she hugged me tightly and pulled me to the couch. "Madi, you know I like you, right?"

I gulped with her words.

"And I seriously want you to be my sister in law. I want you to know this. I've never seen Gab cried to any woman before, not even with Stacey when she left him. I've never seen him so devastated, Madi. And this is my second time I saw him in this situation." she hold my both hands. "He loves you, Madi. He loves you so much, and I saw how he became lifeless when you're gone. He doesn't want to go out, he doesn't want to socialize and talk to anyone. He always locked himself in your room."

"In my room?"

"Yes, in your old room, that he started to occupy the day you left him. He became an empty soul Madi, not knowing what to do and completely lost his direction in life. He searched almost every country in America just to find you. And when he saw you in Colorado, he never wasted any second to fly back and to see you again."

She looked at me with half-smile and tears were started to flow in her cheeks. I bite my lips to control my own tears, but I failed when I saw her eyes with a silent pleas.

"I love my brother, Madi. And it hurts me to see him like that. That's exactly what he did three years ago. He was so excited to see you and to share to you the news, that Stacey's child was not his. But when he realized that you already left him, his world suddenly crushed down on his feet, Madi. He always came home drunk, he always slept drunk. And alcohol became his bestfriend and companion by that time."

She paused as she wiped her face.

"I'm sorry for telling you this, but I can't see him anymore in this situation Madi. Please, if you still love my brother, forgive him Madi. I know-----"

She stopped and we immediately stand when we heard the sounds of glass being shattered. We both shared a panic look and about to run when we heard someone's voice from the kitchen.

"What happened?"

My eyes snapped from the owner of it. "Martin?"

"Babe?" but when he looked at Nancy, "Ohh.. Madi?"

If we're just in a different situation, I'm sure I am now rolling on the floor and laughing so much on Martin's horrified face. But instead, I run immediately upstairs and the two followed behind me. I saw Elsa in the hallway and her eyes widened in realization, but I don't have enough time to greet her.

"Gabriel? What happened to you there? Opened this door!" Nancy tried to bang and turn the knob, but it's being locked inside.

"Elsa, please get the spare key----" I didn't finish my request when she takes my arm and put the three keys in my hand. "Thank you." I said giving her a smile.

I unlocked the door with the key on my hand but before I could push it, Nancy tapped my shoulder and gave me a pleading smile. I nodded and took a deep breath, before I finally twist the doorknob

I gasped and my hand automatically lifted to my mouth to control the heavy sobs that wanted to come out from my lips. It's too painful and it almost choking me. Hysterical tears blurred my vision immediately as I closed the door behind me.

I wasn't ready for this. The room was a total mess and completely ruined that you can't be able to call it a room anymore. Clothes, pillows, empty bottles of wine and beers were all scattered on the floor. And there were also broken glasses and bottles shattered everywhere. The whole room smelt strongly of alcohol and tobacco. Since when did he learn to smoke?

I can no longer see the image of my old room in my head. I slowly walked in tiptoed to avoid the shattered glasses. The flat screen tv was no longer hang on the wall but one of the things that you can now pu

ulled back.

"Say that you love me." he said cupping my both cheeks with a smug smile playing on his lips.

"I love you."

"Say it again!"

I crunched my eyebrows but I say it again in a loud one.

"I love you, Mr. Wilsons!"

And he pulled me into a warm and bone-crushing embrace.

"I love you too, Mrs. Wilsons." he kissed me on my forehead and I looked up at him.

He gives me a sweet smile before his eyes darted on my parted lips. He brushed it with his thumb. And my eyes automatically closed when he lowered his head and his smooth lips finally captured mine. He kissed me in a passionate way that made all my insides melt.

He pulled me closer to him and I put my arms around his neck as I kissed him back with the same passion he's giving into that kiss. Then it goes deeper. He pulled me more to him. His lips were seeking hungrily and searching for more response, as his hands started to roam over my back and down to my spine.

And I felt his warm lips kissed their way to my jaw, down to my neck and across my shoulder. He groaned when a small moan escaped through my lips and he immediately pulled back. We're both catching our breaths as he connect his forehead with mine. And a blush instantly crept my face when I realized what was supposed to happen. But he just chuckled and cupped my cheeks when he noticed it.

"Marry me."

I blinked my eyes repeatedly as my mouth hanged with what he said.

He smiled, the one that showing his cute dimple.

"I don't have a ring right now, but I promise to give you one later."

"But we're already married." I said not looking away from his eyes.

"I know, but this time I want it for real. No deal, no negotiations, no plans and no ex-fiancee involved. This time I want it to be you and me alone. Would you give the honor to be your husband and to be the only man who could able to kiss you.." I chuckled. "..for the rest of our lives?"

I take a deep breath and cupped his left cheek.

"Yes. I want to marry you without anything and anyone involved. It's just you and me. And I also want to be your wife, the one and only woman you would kiss until you get old." I paused and changed my facial expression into a serious one. "And the woman that would chop your precious jewels when you tried to cheat on me!" I playfully narrowed my eyes on him.

"I would never do that and I love my precious jewels." he pulled me into a hug as he laughed so hard that echoed inside the whole bathroom.

After that bathroom confession and proposal, I let him take a bath and clean himself as I also cleaned the whole room outside.

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