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   Chapter 87 Time to think

He Only Married Me To Show Her That He Already Moved On By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 8430

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The next morning, it feels like a little bit different than usual. I came to the restaurant and the first thing I noticed was the empty space outside, which supposed to be where the flowers' stands. When I walked inside, I can no longer smell the fragrance of my favorite flower. The setting and arrangements were now back into normal. A sad smile formed in my lips, because I admit, my eyes were already used to its new setting and also my nose from its fragrance.

"So, what happened between you two, last night?"

Noelle followed me inside the office.

"What did he say?"

"He didn't notice my last text about my brother." I said while taking my seat.

"Hmm..okay. So, what did you tell him?"

I sighed. "That I want to breathe for a while. I want us to to continue the divorce."

"What the fuck, Madielyn! Are you insane?" she snapped at me. "He waited for you for three years, just to show you how much he loves you!"

"I know. I-I just want to breathe, you know. I want to think for a while!"

"By filling a divorce?" she asked me looking disappointed. "What's happening to you, Madi? Three years ago, you came here crying because he can't see you, he can't see your efforts and he can't love you back. And then now that he's making all his efforts, and showing you how much he loves you, you suddenly wants to breathe? And you want to file a divorce 'again?"

She emphasized the last word.

"Don't you think you're being unfair and being selfish? Why don't you tell him everything you want and everything you feel about your relationship and your situation? Try to understand him and not just yourself. He's also a human, Madi."

"Hey, why don't you listen to me first?"

"I know all your side Madi, and I totally understand you. If you want to do this, because you feel like you can't breathe and being suffocated, then go on. But don't you ever cry to me again."

"Where are you going?" I asked wheh she stand and walked towards the door.

"I'm just going outside and give you also time to think. I don't want to add your suffocation and cause you not to breathe anymore." she said smiling but you can notice the sarcasm from her voice.


"He can also feels pain, Madi." she gave me a half smile before he open and exited the door.

I wasl left speechless and dumbfounded.


When I tried to call him the next day, it always goes to voicemail, so I just tried to dial Sandy's number.

"Hello Mrs. Wilsons, how are you?" I rolled my eye

e country meeting."

But before I could answer, I was interrupted by the familiar female voice on the other line.

"Sandy, can I borrow the copy of reports from the financing department."

"Sure. Just take it from the shelves, it's in yellow folder." Sandy's answered. "Hello, Madi. I'm sorry it's Mica."

I crunched my eyebrows. "Mica? You mean, Gabriel's PA?"

"Yes. The one who lunged at your back the last time you came here." she chuckled but that's not the one which catched my attention.

"Sandy, you said Gabriel is in out of town meeting?"

"Yes, he is."

"Then why Mica is also there with you? Isn't it atleast one of you were supposed to be with him in this meeting? It's out of town, he should bring one of you with him."

"Actually, we already talked about that since this morning. We're both wondering why Mr. Wilsons didn't bring anyone with him? Well, except his driver. But anyway what can we do, we're just following orders here. Or maybe he just want to be alone."

"Maybe." I shrugged even though she can't see me. "Anyway, thank you Sandy. I have to go."

"Hey! You haven't answered my question yet!"

"I'll just explain it to you the next time. I really have to go. Bye Sandy." I didn't wait for her to speak again. I ended the call immediately.

I fall myself back on the bed with lots of question swirling inside my head. Sandy was right, this is the first time he didn't inform me about his out of town meeting. I know he's giving me time to think but I can't help not feel worried about this meeting. He didn't bring his PA and secretary or even another representative of the company.

I need to contact him as soon as possible.

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