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   Chapter 85 Jealousy

He Only Married Me To Show Her That He Already Moved On By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 12066

Updated: 2019-08-10 23:56

Three months later...

Gabriel and I came to our normal conversation again. I still haven't tell him those three words.. but I know my actions were loud and clear to him that I also feel the same. He always calls me, sending sweet text messages and he never fails to send me flowers everyday.

Sometimes he put some quotes, love messages with always I love you in the cards. He proved to me that he's a sweet and caring man. And some of our customers were asking if he's really one of the waiter in the restaurant, which he always answered with a smile.

And about Martin, I already explain to him that he's just my friend and the truth is... he has a thing for his sister. Which he can't believe at first and didn't accept immediately. But eventually Nancy and I explained to him how a good man is Martin.

But if you think that three months were going to go smoothly and Gabriel will continue to show me how much he loves me... yes he does, but there's something changed in his behavior. He became over protective and possessive towards me, and suddenly became jealous even in just a small thing. And do you know who suffered the most of his possessiveness and jealousy towards me? Greg and my brother, Bryan.


It's friday afternoon when I also wear a waiter's uniform to help our crew in serving our customers. Actually, since Gabriel started his flower gimmick in the restaurant, it doubled the number of customers who came to us. Some were intrigue because of the arrangements, taking selfies and groupies inside and outside of the store. And take note, many of them were bloggers, and Noelle was the one I always pushed to answer their freaking questions.

I am serving the last table near at the entrance when someone stand a few steps away from of me. I ignored it first because I'm still facing my customers. When I'm done talking to them, I glanced to the figure who never moved in its post. And a wide smile instantly creeped on my lips when I recognized the man standing proudly in front of me... Greg.

"Greg!" I can't help not to raised my voice when I saw him.

"Madi." he gave me his cutest smile and we hugged each other tightly.

"I missed you, Gregy!" I said giving him all my weights.

"You missed me?" he asked when I'm already on my feet. I pulled him towards the office.

"Of course!" I said turning to him.

"Liar! Then where did you go those past years and why didn't you even call me?"

I stopped and pouted at him.

"Greg, you know what I've been through, three years ago. And I'm sorry for not informing you. But I am here now, right?"

"Yeah, I understand... as if I have another choice

"Hmp.. you want to eat?"

"Your treat?"

I chuckled. "Sure."

He was the one who opened the door and the moment we entered, we saw Noelle coming from the mini-kitchen.

"Ohh..." her mouth formed an 'O'.

"Hi Elle." Greg walked towards her and kissed her cheek, which caused me to raised an eyebrow. That's his nickname for her.

-'Since when did he forget to kiss me on my forehead? Hmm...'-

"H-Hi Greg." Noelle smiled shyly.

And they exchanged strange stares towards each other. But I just stand there and watch their staring competition.

"Hi.. to the both of you. I'm still here, kicking and alive." I smirked when Noelle suddenly blushed and glared at me.

"Excuse me guys, I have to check the meat stocks." she said blushing and walked towards the door.

"Okayyy.. can you also check the stocks of the 'red tomatoes' in the kitchen?" she narrowed her eyes on me and I just chuckled.

-'Sorry.. payb

t mistaken, I should be the one who supposed to ask you that, right?" I asked him back with the same expression. "What's your problem with Greg? Why did you punch him?"

"Because he was kissing you, and you just let him do that!"

"Gabriel, Greg is my friend!"

"A friend Madi? You let your friend kiss you and touch you every time they see you? Is that what you call a friend?" his voice raised a bit as he brushed his hair.

"It's just his gesture from college, and it's just a kiss on my forehead, not in my lips! Forgodsake!"

"Yeah, he's your friend from college, but you never once mentioned that he's also your suitor!"

"What is your problem with that? I also let you kiss me before even we're not friends! And I let you kiss me now and then although I haven't accepted your offer! So, what's the difference of that with Greg's gesture?"

"Because you're my wife! I can kiss you whenever I want to, because that's my rights!"

"Rights! Rights Gabriel? Well let me remind you my 'dear husband'.. yes, our marriage was legal but that's because of your deal before and nothing more! We didn't have any relationship, except for being friends! And until now, we don't have anything that we can call relationship! So, don't you ever...ever...push your rights towards me!" my voice raised in a higher octave which caused him to stop in his trance.

"Madi..." he looked at me with a shock expression on his face.

"Let's talk some other time, Gabriel." I said lowering my voice and massaged my temple.

"Love, I'm sorry. I-I didn't mean to----"

"No, Gabriel! Stop calling me that! You meant every words you said! I've known you for so long, and I know you would never say such things without any meaning, or if it's just nothing to you."

"Madi...." he tried to touch me but I stepped back.

"Let's talk some other time and let me just process all of this." I put my palm in the air to stop him from trying to touch me. "Please?"

He stopped and looked at me with sadness and hurt written in his both eyes. But I looked away from him and walked towards my desk.

"Can I call you later?" he asked and I nodded without looking a him.

I heard him sighed before he walked towards the door. I glanced at him through my eyelashes and I immediately looked away when he stopped at the door and turned to me.

"I love you." the last word he said before he finally exited the door.

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