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   Chapter 83 His big heart problem

He Only Married Me To Show Her That He Already Moved On By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 8050

Updated: 2019-08-09 00:47

Madi's POV:

Eleven o'clock in the evening.

I heard the ring of my phone. I opened my sleepy eyes and tried to hear again if it's really my phone rings or I am just dreaming.

But it ring again.

"Gosh! It's really my phone! Who is this angel from heaven who would love to call from this hour?" I asked myself feeling annoyed.

I opened my bedside lamp and get my phone but the name that's flashing on the screen is none other than Gabriel's name.

"Hello?" I greet in a sleepy voice.

"Hi love, good evening."

When I heard the word love, I suddenly remembered what Stacey told me earlier in the hospital, about Gabriel's feelings towards me before.

"Hi, what time is it there?" I asked not knowing what to say. Stacey's words were now dancing behind my mind.

"It's five in the morning here, so I called before you go to sleep."

"Hmm.. actually, I was already asleep before you call."

"Oh..I'm sorry. It's only ten pm in Chicago right?"

"I'm not in Chigaco. I am in Florida. It's already eleven pm here."

"Oh love, I'm sorry. W-When did you go there?" I can hear the disappointment from his voice.

"Yesterday morning."

"Hmm.. so how's your Mom?"

"She's okay. Ahm.. do you have something to tell me, so you decided to wake up early at five just to call me, Gabriel?"

I heard him sighed.

"Actually, I just want to hear your voice. I haven't heard your voice for almost two days. And of course to say I missed you and I love you."


"I know. I understand, but please just let me do and say this things to you. I just want you to know that I love you, Madi."

"You already told me that." I smiled, biting my lips.


"Yeah." my smile widened more when I heard him chuckled on the other line. But when I remembered about Stacey's child, I sighed loudly.

"Why? Is there something happened?"

"Why didn't you tell me that Stacey's child was not yours?"

"Ohh... I - I was planning to tell you that actually. But I just don't know how to start. I dont want you to think anything from the past, especially when Stacey's involved because she was the reason why you left me."

"I saw her earlier."

"In Florida?"

"Yeah, in the hospital."

"What is she doing in the hospital?"

"She's taking care of her father who was diagnosed with a third stage lung cancer. And at the same time she's also busy attending the needs of her s

hear a small chuckle from the other line but I ignored it.

"What? But how long will she give you the result or the answer?"

"I actually don't know."

"Then why don't you consult for another doctor?"

"Oh, I can't do that! Now not and not ever!"

"And why? I'm sure she's not just the best doctor in town, you can find someone better than her!" I couldn't help not to raised my voice again. This man is really stubborn.

"Yes, but she's the only one I know that can cure to my heart's problem. And do you know what's her name?"

"Do I still need to know what's her name?"

"Of course! She's my heart's doctor and her name is Madielyn Davis- Wilsons. She's the best doctor I've ever known in town. And until now I'm still waiting for her answer." and he chuckled after that.

"Argh! Gabriel Wilsons! I swear, I'm gonna kill you!" I said through gritted teeth.

But he just continued laughing.

"It's okay. Don't worry, I'm just going to love you."

"Good night, Mr. Wilsons!" I acted annoyed but the truth is I can't control the stupid smile that creeped on my lips.

"Wait.. when are you going back to Chicago?"


"Hmm.. see you in Chicago?"

I nodded but I remember he can't see me. "Yeah.. see you in Chicago." and I smiled.

"Okay, good night to you there in Florida."

I chuckled. "And good morning to you there in Paris."

"I love you, Mrs. Wilsons."

I just closed my eyes.

"Bye." then I ended the call.

I fall back in bed with a smile on my lips.

-'I love you too, Mr. Wilsons.'- I muttered to myself before I closed my eyes again.

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