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   Chapter 82 Pure Heart

He Only Married Me To Show Her That He Already Moved On By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 12540

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Madi's POV:

"Good morning. I am Madielyn Davis, I just want to visit your patient named, Richard Miller. May I know which room he was admitted? Thank you."

I asked the nurse at the reception area, and she gaved me the room number of the person I wanted to visit. There's also a nurse who accompanied me to his room.

I am now ni Florida, I came here yesterday when I was sure that Gabriel already flew in Paris. I just don't want him to follow me here, if ever. And the reason why I am in a hospital today, it's because of my Mom's request to visit and to know her former executive officer's condition. Mr. Richard Miller.

He was admitted here three months ago when he was diagnosed for having a third stage lung cancer. My Mom is the one who's paying his hospital bills.

"Ma'am, here is Mr. Miller's room."

Thank you." I smiled to the nurse before I pushed the door.

A surprised smile was the first thing I've received from the company's former officer.

"Princess Madielyn. You surprised me." said the man in bed with an IV tube connected on his right arm and a nasal oxygen on his nose.

"Mr. Miller, how are you?" I asked him smiling while walking to the chair beside his bed.

"Well, I can say I'm good, even I have this kind of disease." ....('Cancer' is a disease in which cells in the body grow out of control)

I smiled and put the fruits on top of his bedside table. "Mom's wants you to have this. It will help your immune system for you to stay strong."

"Thank you Madi, and please say my regards to your mother. I really don't know how would I pay our depts to your mother."

"Mr. Miller, we don't consider it a dept, because it's a help." I take his hand which rested on his side.

"But I'm no longer working in your company since I was admitted here."

"Yes, but you worked so hard before, and you're one of the great employee who had a huge contribution for the success of our company. And we would just like to return the favor to you. And if there's no Richard Miller before, the company will never get the succes it is having right now."

"Thank you. Thank you to you and to your mother, I'll never forget this, I owe you my life." he also hold my hand. And I am about to speak, when I heard the door opened.


My head snapped at the direction of the person he called Stacey.


And her words died in mid-air when her eyes landed on me. We were both shocked and stacked in our trance. I can't believe my eyes that I am looking back at the face of the same Stacey I've known before. But there's a lot of difference when you're going to compare the Stacey before and the woman staring back at me right now.

When I first saw her inside the boutique, she was wearing a sophisticated red designer dress, which was perfectly fitted in all her curves, she's also wearing some accessories and a designer bag on her arm. But the Stacey who's standing in front of me was the total opposite of that sophisticated woman. She's just now wearing a pale peach blouse, a super faded blue jeans and a black shoulder bag which is far from what she had before.

She walked closer to us and I stand immediately to give her my chair, which is the only one chair you can sit inside the room."

"Stacey." I said giving her a knowing smile.

"Madi." she also smiled, but she immediately avoided my gaze.

"You two know each other?" I glanced back at Mr. Miller.

The new information I heard, still couldn't register yet in my head. So, Stacey's last name is Miller, and she's the daughter of Mr. Richard Miller who happened to be our former company officer. I can't also help not to ask myself. What happened to her? Why she's not wearing those class items like before? And her baby? W

young to suffered all this things. I know I did a lot of mistakes before, but why did my son needs to suffer for that?"

I immediately wiped the tears that rolled down my face. That bastard Ray! He just put his sperms inside of her, but he doesn't know how to be a fucking father and his responsibilities? All he knows was to fuck!

I sighed and put my hand on her shoulder.

"Everything will be okay, Stacey. Just pray and be strong." I give her a sincere smile which she also gave me back.

"I'm sorry, I already shared to you my life story." she lowered her head.

"It's okay, maybe you just need to release all the stress inside you."

"Yeah, thank you. By the way. I have to go back with Dad."

"Oh.. okay. Uhm.. what's your child's name again?"

"Jared Miller."

"You gave your last name?"

"Yes, I don't want to put Ray's name so I chose to give mine. He doesn't deserve to put as Jared's father in his birth certificate."

"Yeah..." I said nodding.

"I have to go, Madi. Thank you and please tell your mother, our thanks."

"Don't worry about it."

She smiled before she turned back to her father's room.

And I walked directly to the pedia's station and settled some things before I decided to go home.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

After she feed her father and fixed the fruits that Madi brought earlier, Stacey go immediately to the pedia's billing station. She's planning to give a partial payments for her son's hospital bill.

"It's okay Ma'am, your son's hospital bills' has already been paid."

Her eyes widened with shocked. Paid?

"What? But I didn't deposit any amount since----"

"Someone has paid the bill Ma'am, including the upcoming operations of your son. And also all professional fees of the doctors who will perform the surgery has already taken care of by this someone."

Tears welled up in her both eyes after hearing the good news.

"Miss, may I know who's this someone who paid my son's bill? I just want to thank him or her personally."

"I'm sorry, Ma'am. But this person doesn't want to annouce any information about her. She just want to help you and your baby." the nurse said and smiled at her.

But just by just mentioning the word 'her' and 'she'.. she already knows who was that 'she' that paid all her son's bills. And she now believe in what her father's told her, they owe their lives to this mother and daughter who were both sent from above and both having a heart which is wrapped in pure gold.

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