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   Chapter 80 His efforts

He Only Married Me To Show Her That He Already Moved On By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 12266

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Lots of flowers.

Beautiful roses in peach, coral and white arranged beautifully and elegantly outside of my first restaurant.

"Wow! Maybe we have wedding event right now." a smile formed in my lips the moment my nostrils filled with its fragrance.

It's my favorite color, nude, peach, coral and white. And I always dream of this colors to become my motif when I get married, but sad to say it didn't happen in my fake marriage.

"Good morning Ms. Madi."

"Good morning."

I greet back with a sweet smile our guard's greeting when I stepped at the entrance. My eyes filled with envy when I saw the elegant arrangements inside, because even in the walls and in the ceiling, there were lots of hanging flowers. I wish someone could also give this flower to me every valentines day, on my birthday or in whatever occasions.

"Did Ms. Noelle accepted a wedding event today?" I asked Tony, our head waiter who has a reservation book in his hand.

He smiled sweetly before he answered. "Nope Ms. Madi. It's just a normal day." he shrugged.

My eyebrows crunched with his answer, then I looked back inside. And I noticed that there's nothing changed with the table arrangements or even store decorations...except the beautiful flowers hanging around inside and outside.

"Did she order these flowers? What's the occasion?" I asked him again.

"I don't actually know Ms Madi. I just came in my shift this morning with these flowers hanging around." he answered with a smile.

Why do I feel that he's not telling the truth? I sighed. "Okay, thank you Tony."

"Your welcome Ma'am. And by the way, good morning Ms. Madi, I forgot to greet you when you asked me first."

I chuckled as I shake my head. "Okay, good morning to you too, Tony."

And I decided to go directly inside our office, but I stopped when I saw Noelle in the counter. She smiled when she saw me walking towards her.

"Good morning, to the ever beautiful Madi of Maiden restaurant.."

"Huh?" my mouth hanged with her greeting.

She's grining widely like an idiot. And I was about to speak when I felt something cold in my left arm. When I glanced on it, I saw a peach single rose. Then my eyes followed the length of the muscular arm with a racing heartbeat inside my chest. Until it landed on Gabriel's face with the most handsome smile on his lips..

My breath hitched at the sight that came to my view. He's wearing a waiter's uniform with white rose on the front pocket. I didn't notice the smile that creeped on my lips when I noticed how devilishly handsome he is on his clothes. The waiter's uniform looks elegant on his body. Broad shoulders, muscular arms and toned chest.

He take my hand and put on it the single peach rose. And in his other hand, there's another two peach roses that he lifted in front of me.

"Good morning." I gulped when I heard his sexy and  soothing voice. "To my ever beautiful, confident and strong Madi." then he smiled. But I blinked repeatedly when I heard my tag from him.

How did he know that?

"Ahh..Uhm...g-good morning?" I bite my lower lip when it sounded like a question. Gosh! What is happening to me? I can feel those stupid butterflies inside my stomach dancing and jumping in excitement.

"For you." he also give me the other roses.

But instead of me saying thank you, I asked him a question.

"Is this all your idea? The flowers and the arrangements?"

And because Gabriel is Gabriel, he didn't answer my question directly and just asked me back.

"Do you like it? It's your favorite colors and flowers, right?"

"H-How did you know about that?" I can't remember of telling him this information bef

lled my eyes as I shake my head.

"Give him a chance, Madi. I can see his efforts just to show you now his love. That has been his greatest mistake before for not showing you. Isn't a good start for you to moved from the past?"

"But I already moved on, Noelle."

"Liar! Moved on your face, Madi! Don't you love him anymore?"

I avoided her gaze.

"Don't you dare tell me you're not, or I'll put a crown on your head for being in denial queen!"

A chuckled slipped through my lips with her line.

"I'm not yet ready, Noelle." I sighed as I admit to her the truth. "I'm afraid honestly."

"Which are you being afraid of.. to continue your love for him or for being hurt again?"

"Both." I gave her a half smile.

"Madi.. don't forget, he didn't hurt you intentionally. You're not in a real relationship before, so the mistakes that he did was for only being stupid, insensitive, jerk and numb about your feelings for him. And if we're going to look back on the happenings before, somehow you also have fault."

"And why?"

"Because you didn't tell him your feelings. You didn't open to him. And I was just thinking, what if you confessed your feelings to him before? Do you think you're now in a second or third level of your relationship? Because as he said, he learned to love you before, but he's just confused of his plans and feelings for you."

I was left deep in thought with what she said as I am now starting to question myself and my actions before. And starting again to ask my what ifs and what ifs.. what if I confessed my feelings to him instead of running away? What if I waited for him to realized what was his real feelings for me by that time? Maybe Noelle is right.. maybe we're now in a second level or more than of our relationship.. but...what about Stacey?

I sighed as I just smiled at her. Whatever happened in the past, it's in the past. We're now in the present, so better to start all over again, right?

After our little talk in the office, I decided to go out and check the dining area.. or maybe to check for him also. And another smile formed in my lips as I watch him from the counter. Some customers were taking pictures of him while he's assisting them, while some were literally ask him to take pictures with him. And he granted all their wishes.. selfies, groupies.. and he even pose like a model for them.

And for the first time, a contented and happy sigh break through my lips.

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