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   Chapter 79 He's changed

He Only Married Me To Show Her That He Already Moved On By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 13989

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Gabriel became my tail this past few days that I've been staying in Chicago. He's everywhere I go, to all my restaurants, to the mall and every place I've been with... I can see his annoying face.

And in my five days in the hotel, I was so shocked in the morning when I opened my door.. and he came out from the door which is exactly in front of my room.

"Why are you here?" the first question that came out from my mouth. I've been waiting for Sandy that morning as she said she's already in the lobby.

"Hi love, good morning." he smiled at me. "I've been staying here temporarily. 'Our house' is under renovation so.. I decided to stay here temporarily."

"Ohh.. really?" I asked nodding and completely ignored the word he used.. 'our house'. As if I didn't know his real purpose.

"Really." he said while grinning widely.

"Hmm.. okay. Well, I'm gonna check out this afternoon." I said with a shrug which caused his mouth to dropped.

"What?" his eyes widened and I bite my lips to suppress my smile.

I totally ignored him when Sandy came out from the elevator. She's smiling widely while walking towards me.



We hugged each other tight and she gave me a brown paper bag.

"What's this?" I asked confused.

"Open it."

I opened the paper bag and my smile widened when I saw the mini-cup cakes inside.

"Remember the old times?" she asked and I nodded.

"Thank you." I hugged her again. I remember she's always giving me this almost every morning at work, because she knew I always escaped from eating my breakfast.

"Mr. Wilsons? You're here, Sir?" she finally noticed Gabriel.

"Yup. I'm currently checking in here. Our house is under renovation."

Sandy crunched her eyebrows. "Under renovation? Since when, Sir? I just came to your house yesterday and-----"

"Sandy Aguilar!" he cut her with his hard tone.


"My house is under renovation!"

"Huh? Ahh... y-yeah! Your house is under renovation! I got it!" she just nodded with confusion.

I laughed at them and just shook my head. Boss and his secretary...tsk.tsk.tsk.

"Let's go inside." I actually invited Sandy, but Gabriel brushed past her and walked inside my room.

"Thank you for inviting." he said and walked directly inside my kitchen.

Me and Sandy were left speechless right in front of the door.

"Wow! Together again?"

I glared at her and let her enter the door. "What are you talking about?"

"You and him. Together again." she whispered while connecting her two forefingers together.

"Stop it! He just loved to annoy me!" I huffed as I lowered my voice.

"Really? He just loved to annoy you or he just loved to get you back? Tsk.Tsk.Tsk.. that's different."

I turned to her with my hands on my both hips. "Sandy, can you see that wide window?" I asked pointing the huge glass window. "I swear if you don't stop, I'm gonna push you out of that window!" I said narrowing my eyes on her.

"Fine! I'm gonna go to Mr. Greek God!"

She winked at me and walked her way towards the kitchen. I followed her and my mouth dropped with the scene I wasn't expecting to see.. I found Gabriel laughing together with Sandy and they seemed close now to each other. He's inside my kitchen counter with my uncooked bacon, eggs and toast in front of him. He's also wearing my apron. While Sandy is putting the mini-cakes in a large plate.

I walked closer to them and take a seat beside Sandy. I just silently watched them in awe. I don't know but somehow I felt happy knowing he's now open with her and Sandy can now throw some jokes with him. Unlike before, she can't even look into his eyes because of nervousness. Well, time's changed. And this is one of the best thing that happened for that past years.

"Love, you want coffee?" I was pulled out from my thought when I heard Gabriel's voice.

"Huh?" I looked at the both them.

"He's asking you if you like some coffee." Sandy's grinning widely and she nudged my elbow.

"Ahm.. yeah. Thanks." I answered still in dazed.

"Love, I'm gonna cook bacon and and scrambled eggs. Is it okay with you?" Gabriel asked me with a wooden spatula in his hand.

"Huh! You're really askin

ication, respect, efforts, love and care for your suppose to be wife. Happy?" I rolled my eyes on her.

"Very much happy! How about you, Sir? Are you also happy?"

-'God, can somebody tell me how to kill a woman with a pink shawl?'-

"Well, not-so-happy. Not unless my wife give me another chance." he answered not looking at her but to me. I can see him from the corner of my eyes.

"Wow! Another chance! Love is in the air!" she squealed while clapping her hands. "I have a song for that!" and she started singing using her spoon. "Just give me one more chance for one last time.. just one more kiss to last a lifetime.. One more chance, for one last time-----"

"Sandy, can you please stop that?" I said glaring at her. "You're not a good singer!" I added as I don't know what to say next.

"Huh! And you are?"

"Yes, I am!" I proudly answered.

"How can you say that?"

"Ask him!" I suddenly pointed Gabriel. "Just ask him if I am a good singer before."

But I hitched my breath and my eyes widened when I realized what I said. And it's too late to take it back anymore.

-'Stupid! Stupid! Stupid Madi!'- I mentally slapped myself because of my stupidity. I just lowered my eyes to the food on my plate.

She chuckled. "Sir, is it true that 'your wife' is a good singer?"

"Yes, she is. And that's one of the reason why I loved her. And there are so many reasons why I am trying my best to get her back in my arms again. And if she's going to give me a second chance. this time I'll hold her and I promise not to let her go again."

"Ahh.. how sweet.."

"Huh! Corny!" I huffed and they just laughed at me.

But deep down inside, my heart is jumping and squealing after she heard what Gabriel said. Although it's been years that she waited for that words and somehow learned to move on, she still can't help herself not to get affected by his presence. But she's still holding back, and I completely understand her.

"And because of that, I have another song!"

-'Oh God! Here we go again!'-

"A second once in a lifetime... maybe too much to ask but I swear from now on... if ever your in my arms again, this time I'll love you much better... if ever your in my arms again, this time I hold you forever.. this time will never end.."

"You know what, Sandy.. I'll give you a bonus for this month because of your performance."

My head snapped immediately at him. He's going to give her a bonus just for that?

"Really Sir?"

"Yes! Can you sing us another song, again?"

-'Dear all Saints and God from heaven.'-

"Of course! Just double the amount of my bonus Sir, ahh?"


I really don't know how the two became 'click' like this. The only thing I know is the fact, that I am going to get old faster when they're always around me.

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