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   Chapter 77 He Finally Admitted

He Only Married Me To Show Her That He Already Moved On By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 12789

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Madi's POV:

"Oh God! Love?" he immediately kneeled in front of me and help me to stand. But I winced with the sudden pain I felt when he touched my elbow. "Fuck! You're bleeding!"

That's when I noticed the small cuts from both of my elbows. Maybe I got it from my epic entrance, I landed on the carpeted floor with my elbows first.

"It's okay it's just a small-----"

"Ms. Madielyn Davis?"


My eyes widened a bit when I was recognized by one of the board members of the company. When I turned around, they all seems to remember me, and because most of them were men, they all give me a warm smile. And in one of the corner, I saw Sandy grinning widely at me.

"Mr.Wilsons, isn't she your former assistant?" asked by one of the men inside.

The jerk turned to them with the widest smile but what surprises me the most is when he give me a quick kiss on my lips while saying...

"Yes, and she's wife."

And we heard the gasped from all of them as they looked at the both of us with widened eyes. Oh..awkward. But I didn't missed the loud gasped of his assistant who stands three feet away from me. She was the one who let out the loudest gasp but immediately covered her mouth.

But I ignored them all, because of the sudden irritation and awkwardness I felt after he kissed me. How dare him kissed me?

"I'll wait for you in your office!" I simply told him through gritted teeth but I didn't forget to matched it with a smile so it won't look obvious that deep inside, I really wanted to choke their boss.

"Sure love." he smirked and turned to his PA with a different expression. "Mica, would you please accompany 'my wife' to my office? And we're going to talk after this!"

Mica the assistant just nodded to him as an answer, or maybe because of the nervousness she felt after knowing what I said were true. Of course I don't have a ring because I gave it back to her boss three years ago.

I ignored Gabriel's stare as I walked immediately towards the elevator with his assistant following me. When we are inside the lift, I heard her sniffing.

"I'm sorry Mrs. Wilsons for my rude attitude earlier."

She said as she bring out her handkerchief to wipe her face. But I remained quiet.

"Actually Ma'am, he had an instructions to call him immediately when someone wants to talk him in person, but he didn't instruct that it's you, his wife. So, I assumed earlier that you're just bluffing because-----"

"It's okay. But I want to clear what you said. He instructed you to call him immediately when someone wants to talk to him in person?" I am now facing her.

"Yes, Ma'am. Actually he keep on telling me that since yesterday morning, but I-----"

"Since yesterday morning?" I snapped as my eyes narrowed with what I heard.

"Yes Ma'am, I'm sorry----"

"No, it's not that! If he keep on telling you that since yesterday, meaning he's really waiting and anticipating my arrival!" I formed my fists.

"Y-Yes Ma'am." she said with nervousness was clearly heard from her voice.

I hardly closed my eyes before I stepped out of the lift just to calm my raging nerves, because everything that happened yesterday is slowly getting clear to me. Why was he waiting for me? The jerk himself changed my status in the City Hall.

We reached his office and my eyes widened in awe. The wall paints were changed from black and dark gray to now white, beige and light gray. I gulped when I saw almost everything inside were changed in colors and style.

"Ma'am, let me clean your cuts." I heard Mica's voice and that's when I noticed I am still standing right in the closed door.

"How long have you been working with him?" I asked her when I seated on the couch.

"Two weeks Ma'am, and I'm just still under of Sandy's training."

"Hmm.. let me do it, you can go back to your w

olorado again.

I followed him when he walked towards his desk. I can feel the hot liquid formed in my both eyes because of frustrations and irritations to the man I used to love before but I didn't know he already turned into a demonic creature.

"No! You're not going back there anymore!"

"Gabriel please-----"

And a pair of lips captured mine into a hungry and possessive kiss. I was taken a back by his sudden action. He pulled my waist closer to him and cupped my jaw to get a better angle of his stolen kiss. I felt my world swirled around me with this very familiar feelings that formed inside me. It's a toe curling kiss that instantly melt my system. He bite my lower lip which caused me to gasped and he entered his tongue and invade my mouth.

But then I suddenly remembered what happened before, the pain, tears, sacrifices and the promise I made myself.. that I will no longer get involve with him in any way. I pushed him as a lone tear rolled down my cheeck.

He gasped when he noticed it but I ignored his reaction, I slapped him hard on his face that I also felt the sting on my palm.


"I didn't know that after these years, you're going to turn into more jerk and a devil! You're still the selfish Gabriel I've met!"

"No----Madi, wait!" I rushed towards the door but he followed me. " Madi, please... I'm sorry."

I turned around and faced him. "Your sorry is too late, Mr. Wilsons."

"You stated in your note, we're going to be friends when we meet again. But why you can't mention even just my name?" I saw the hurt that flashed in his eyes.

"Because if you just filed the divorce papers and didn't change my personal information, maybe I can find myself be friends again with you, but no.. you did the opposite!"


I opened the door and about to exit when he speak again.

"I'm going with you to the City hall tomorrow." and after that I finally exited the door and walked away from his office. I didn't find Sandy outside and in her office so headed towards the elevator.

I just let my tears flow when I am inside the taxi going back to the hotel. Why does it have to be so complicated like this? He suddenly barged in, in my life before but I learned to walk out before I find myself completely torn apart. And now, he's here again.. telling me he loves me? Admitting that he loved me before.. huh! God knows how much I waited for that words come out from him before, but it didn't happen. And now that I've moved myself forward, he's now pulling me again backward? Why?

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