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   Chapter 74 And they meet again

He Only Married Me To Show Her That He Already Moved On By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 11252

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Gabriel's POV:

The moment I arrived to the hotel I am currently checking in, I received a call from one of my new hired men to search for my wife in all the corners of Denver, Colorado. I answered his call and a huge smile creeped on my lips.

I was right. She was the woman I saw from the second floor of Am-Phil building last week. I can't even formed a single word because of the so much excitement that filled inside me. And there were so many things and plans that danced excitedly in my mind when I heard the positive news. Finally after three years of searching and waiting, I will be able to see her again.

But the time I ended the call and checked the pictures he sent to my inbox, my both knees buckled and I suddenly sat myself down on the bed. I felt the mixed feelings of jealousy, regrets for everything I did before and anger to myself right at that moment.

It's her pictures.. three of them were taken while she's walking and laughing together with a man beside her. They looked so happy in the pictures. And the rest were taken while they were kissing in the middle of the streets.

A pained and bitter laugh escaped from my throat as I brushed my hair up. I screamed on top of my lungs as the evidence of her happiness with someone else almost break my heart. I called my man again with rage surging through my veins.

-'She can't be with another man. I'll do everything in my power to get her back! Even if I need to pull some strings and play dirty, I won't hesitate to do it just to make her mine, again!"

"Mr. Wilsons-----"

"Did you get her address, and did you get any information about her? Her job, the name of this fucking man? How dare of him kissed what's mine?" I asked him through gritted teeth and clenched jaws.

"I'm sorry, Sir. But I think they saw me because they ran after they kissed each oth-------"

"What the fuck! Are you a fucking idiot? It's just a simple job and you can make it in a right way? You showed yourself?"

"No, Sir. I'm sorry. I did my------"

"I don't fucking care what you did! Your fired!" I ended the call and didn't wait for him to respond.

"Fuck! I hired a fucking idiot!" I throw my phone on top of the bed and massaged my throbbing temples. If there's none of them can give me a positive answer, I'll do it myself.


It's already eleven pm. but I'm still driving at the busy and non-sleeping city of Denver. I can't feel any exhaustion right even in this late of hour, knowing she can be in any street or any corner of this City. I can't give up not on this time, because I've been waiting for this moment for the past three years of my life.

"Sir, I think it's getting late. Maybe we should go back to the hotel and continue our searching tomorrow. We can search again all the avenues. You still don't have any rest since this morning, Sir."

I glanced at Jhon in the rear view mirror. He's currently sitting on the back seat.

"No. I can't stop right now Jhon. What if she's just in one of the streets walking, and I didn't notice earlier?"

"But Sir, it's already eleven-thirty in the evening. I don't think Ms. Madi is still up at this late of hour. As I remember, she hates morning but getting late in bed was also not her habbit. Well, maybe if she changed that after these past three years, but old habbits are hard to die."

Okay. Just give me your best seller!" he said without taking away his eyes on me. He didn't even glance at the menu.

"Okay Sir. You may find your table, and we will deliver your coffee in a minute. Any add ons Sir? Cake.. sandwich? We have avocado toast with poached eggs, it's our best seller-----"

"Just give me whatever you think is the best for my coffee, 'Ms.Davis'." he cut me off and emphasized my last name.

"Okay Sir, in a minute----" he didn't let me finish. He turned his back on me.

-'Huh! Fucking rude! So you still haven't changed! Rude and arrogant!'-

I silently muttered and glared on his back.

I prepared his coffee with the best seller avocado toast in grain bread with poached egg on top. I don't know how many times I took a long inhale and exhale just to calm my nerves. The fast pounding of my heart earlier were now placed with a slight irritation.

The customers are now starts to enter the shop, and our three morning employees were all busy attending their own customers, so I don't have any choice but to give the rude Greek God his order.

I am about to carry the food tray when I suddenly heard the loud and jolly voice of my partner, Martin... from the shop's entrance.

"Babe! I'm back!"

And suddenly all eyes were turned to him, including the glaring eyes of Gabriel. But of course, except for our three employees who knows how bubbly Martin is.

"I told you, babe. I'm gonna back with an hour, but I made it less than thirty minutes. What can you say about that?"

He asked me loudly with a huge grin on his face as he walked closer to where I stand. He even kissed me on my temple when he finally reached in front of me.

"Who's coffee is this, babe? Let me help you."

And he take the tray from my hand. I smiled and pointed the tiger looking Gabriel who's watching our interaction intently.

"Okay, relax yourself my queen.. and your king will now take in charge." he winked at me and I chuckled together with the customers who saw his act.

"Thanks babe." I said grinning and playfully pinched the bridge of his nose.

I turned my back after that and I let him serve Gabriel's order. And since I am already inside, I missed the hard and furious glare of my ex-husband.

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