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   Chapter 72 Surviving the pain

He Only Married Me To Show Her That He Already Moved On By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 8457

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The moment I stepped inside the huge and black wooden door, I saw my Dad almost running down the stairs just to go with me.

"Maiden! My baby!"

Tears flow from my eyes again as soon as I felt his embrace. Then I realized, I can never be mad to this man who had a great contribition to what I become right now.

He's crying when he pulled back, even his wife.. Chesca behind him. She's been a good wife to him, and still accepted him despite of what he did.


I hugged him again. I missed him. I missed him so much. I wish I had him beside me during those cruel times. But it's in the past, atleast we still have time to be with each other.

"How are you, Maiden?" he wiped my tears using the hem of his shirt.




We all protested in unison, but it's too late. He already wiped my tears. Who's gonna use the hem of his shirt to wipe the tears of his daughter at this age of twenty-six? Well, only my Dad, and I felt like a seven years old again.

"What? I just wiped my baby's tears?"

The mother and son just shook their heads, while I bite my bottim lip to control my laugh.

"Madi." Chesca also pulled me into a motherly hug and I hugged her back.

"Okay, let's go to your room, baby. Just put your things their and let's go upstairs." he put his arm around my shoulders. "Honey, I'm gonna show my baby her room, is it okay if we just follow to the dining roon later?"

"Sure honey."

Dad showed me my temporary room as he said, he's still renovating my own room. For me, it doesn't matter where I sleep, as long as I have a bed to lay at night.

I walked immediately to the large glass window of the room when we entered.

"How are you, Maiden?"

I turned around to see him sitting at the edge of the bed.

"I'm fine, Dad."

"You're not. Bryan told in the phone."

I sighed as I walked closer to him and seated in his side.

"I'm not actually fine, Dad. I'm broken."

I chuckled at the end of my sentence. He didn't say anything but he hold my left hand and I heard him took a loudly sigh.

"I'm sorry, baby."

My head snapped at him. "No Dad! It's not you!"

"I know, baby. I'm just saying sorry for all of my shortcomings and failures of being your father. I know with those past years, your blaming me for what happened to me and your Mom. But believe me, Maiden. I can't control the things before, Your Mom was my first love before I married your Aunt Chesca. And that love I had for your mother, I hurted them both and I made a great mis


I felt a familiar arms around me and I know it's my Dad. He's rubbing my back while repeatedly saying his sorry.

I stayed with them for almost one month, until I decided to visit my sister in Aurora, Colorado. And thanks God, her reaction was opposite from the two boys but the same with my Mom's reaction.

I also explained to her the two sides of our story, and the only thing she doesn't like was Gabriel's being fool and a thousand jerk.

I met her husband, Joey and my only niece Sarah Faye Madrigal. She offered me to stay with them and I accepted it. I stayed with them in almost six months. Six months of crying every night and everytime I remember him.. six months of being down, broken and shattered. But eventually... as time goes by, God didn't let me stayed in that state.

One day, when I was watching some news on the TV, the name 'Be Strong' Housing Charity catched my attentions. It's a charity institution for brain cancer patients. It's for children starts of the age three to ten years old. And by that name, I learned to start my life again.

I donated my income from one of my restaurant to the charity. I also applied as one of their volunteers to help those children who were so strong to face that kind of challenges in their life despite of their young age. Each one of them became my inspiration to moved on and to fight the pain.

Until I started my new business again, a coffee shop near the institution... with the help of my new found friend and business partner.. Martin. We now have two branches in the city of Aurora and we're also planning to extend have a new branch in the Colorado's capital City.... Denver.

End of flashback....

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