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   Chapter 69 His Biggest Mistake

He Only Married Me To Show Her That He Already Moved On By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 10192

Updated: 2019-07-31 22:22

Nancy's POV:

😁😁I have a dream so loud..I jumped so high I touched the clouds..Wo-o-o-o-o-oh, wo-o-o-o-o-oh..😁

"Fucking shit! Who's this crazy caller at this early hour?"

I reached for my phone and adjusted my eyes to the sudden light coming from it. It's Ferlix, my gay friend who owned an exclusive bar.

"Hello, Ferlix? What do you want-----?"

"Oh, Nancy Wilsons! I want your fucking ass here in my bar right at this moment!"

I crunched my eyebrows. "Ferlix! You're just calling me at this two am just to go to your night club------"

"Yes! Because FYI, your big brother punched my bar singer and created a huge scene here! There were lots of paparazzi outside of my bar!"

"Oh my God! You mean, Gabriel?"

I heard him chuckled sarcastically. "And who else? Why, do you have any other siblings or one of your parents had an affair before and they-----"

"Oh, you silly-mouthed-fish! Shut up! I'm gonna fly right there!"

"Yeah, make it sure to wear your wonder woman costume!"

"Haha, so funny!"

I ended the call and changed into not something revealing outfit. I also dialled Greg's number to help me bring home my brother. I don't know what happened to him. He suddenly became a regular customer of the night clubs and bars around the City for the this last whole month, since Madi left him.

It's been a month since he called us, me, Greg, and all Madi's friends and asked if we know where he can find her. But sad to say, no one of us knows where she is. Gabriel already explored all the avenues and have been chasing his tail for the whole month just to find Madi. But every night.. he goes at home drunk and crying.

And I need to moved in temporarily in his house just to make sure he's going to work every morning and do his responsibilities as the CEO of WEC. I have never seen him so devastated like this, not even when Stacey dumped him. I have never seen him cry, even when he found out that Stacey aborted their baby.

He changed a lot since Madi left him. He looked so broken and shattered everynight when he gets into Madi's room and into her bed. No one can talk to him, even our parents. Well, only Greg who punched him because of his jerk actions lately. He fired almost hundred of his employees, and Dad needs to go back to the company and support him until he's finally stabled mentally and emotionally.

"Tsk.tsk.tsk. Fuck you, dear brother!"

I muttered to myself when I saw the bunches of paparazzi at the entrance of the bar. I texted Greg and Ferlix where I can enter inside without interruptions with this shutterbugs, and they replied.. at the back entrance.

I saw them immediately when I stepped in the dance floor. Gabriel were already asleep at the bar counter while Greg were trying to wake him up. We can hear the noice from outside despite the loud music that banging around the club.

"What happened to him?" I asked Ferlix once I came in front of them.

"Well sweety, your dear brother punched my bar singer while shouting at the poor guy to stop from singing!"


answer is no. She stayed beside you and agreed to marry you but you let her go. You're too much busy flirting and getting revenge for your ex. So, after your plans.. what did you get in return---nothing!"

I didn't say anything. I remained looking on my wedding ring and swirling it around my fingers.

"Do you know about the story of a king who has ten gold rings in his fingers?"

I glanced at him but remained quiet.

"Once upon a time, there was a king who has ten golden rings in his fingers. One day, he lost one of them and he ordered all his soldiers to find it in all the corners of the castle. The searching took for almost three months. And because he's too busy for searching for his one lost ring, he didn't notice that he still have nine rings in his finger. He didn't realize to give importance to those rings which still in his hands. And one day when he woke up.. he just found out that he lost all of them."

He stand and walked closer to me. He patted my shoulder before he speak again.

"You know what's the story means and the moral lesson of it? Don't waste your time on counting all the things that's lost and gone, instead focused on the things and blessings that's still in your hands. Because in everything that's lost, my son.. has always a beautiful thing in return. But that was your big mistake. You let yourself occupied by your revenge and didn't notice a beautiful, fine and kind woman on your side."

He messed up my hair like I was still his little kid before. And he walked towards the door.

"Get up, son. Find yourself. And when you're ready, start to find her again. And promise me next time, your going to wait for her at the altar, and not in some cheap of a lawyer's office."

I smiled as I shook my head when he winked at me before he exited the door.

-'I promise Dad. I will find her and correct all my mistakes. I will make her the most happiest woman in the world and I will love her and take care of her. And I promise by that time, I'll never let go of her again.'-

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