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   Chapter 68 His Greatest Loss

He Only Married Me To Show Her That He Already Moved On By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 7672

Updated: 2019-07-31 22:17

Gabriel's POV:

I run towards to front door as soon as I stepped out of my car. I can't contain the happiness inside me and I am so excited to see my wife. I want to confess to her what I really feel, and share this good news at the same time.


I called her the moment I entered the front door, but the faces of our teary eyed maids we're the first thing that came to my view. I ignored them as I called Madi's name. Since all of them were quite, my voice was echoing to the whole living wrong.

"Have you seen my wife?" I asked them and they all shared a look to each other. I didn't wait for them to answer as I run my way towards the stairs and knocked on her bedroom door.


I knocked for the third times, but I didn't get any respond from her inside. I tried to opened the doorknob and pushed the door only to find her room 'empty'. I checked the bathroom but she's not inside.

The creepy feeling starts to kick inside me as I walked towards her closet while still calling her name. But I was stopped in my trance when I found it almost empty. The clothes I bought for her remained on its hanger, but all her clothes she brought here the first time were gone. I opened the drawers to see they were also empty, the only thing you can find inside is the black credit card I gave her.

A cold sweat ran over me and my heart began thumping violently, almost painfully inside my chest. I walked back inside the room and my eyes landed on the white long folder on top of her make up stand.

I picked up the folder and I felt the world stopped and swirled around me...'divorce papers'. Her name was printed on the end of the paper with her signature on top of it. I gulped as I found myself seated at the edge of the bed.

Emptiness. I felt empty, so fucking empty inside. I tried to think back all that happened these last few days and it hit me. Her songs.. her tears.. they were all signs that she's leaving me, and I'm fucking fool not to recognized all of it.

I brushed my hair up through my fingers as I closed my eyes. I wanted to shout, I wanted to punch something and I wanted to cry. I didn't notice that I dropped the folder on the floor. And when I stand, I saw another white stationery together with the divorce papers scattered between my feet. M

answer my question, they just shared a look again.

"I asked you a fucking question! Answer me! Has anyone of you seen my wife this morning?"

They all gasped when I started to snapped. I don't have time for their dramas, I need to see my wife. I need to find her and my time is running.


Elsa walked closer to me and gave me something which dropped my mouth and heart to the floor. Madi's ring. Her wedding ring. I looked blankly on it. I don't even know how to accept it.

"She wanted me to give this back to you, Sir. She said it doesn't belonged to her and she doesn't have the rights to wear it."

I looked up to Elsa's face and I just found myself laughing bitterly. I closed my eyes as I brushed my hair up.


I yelled and I punched the nearest wall that came to my sight. I can't take this. I can't take the pain. It tears me inside. Why now? Why it has to happened right now? When I know I'm ready to give my heart again? When I'm ready to forget my past?

"She's crying when she pulled her bag outside the door."

I heard Elsa's voice from behind and I turned around to see her in tears.

"Sir, I think she loves you. She said she just want to forget the pain inside this house."


I knew it! She felt the same way for me. But I was such a fucking fool not to tell her my feelings. I was such a dumb bastard not to appreciate her efforts. I was a jerk not to recognized that I love her for so long. And now she's gone and I don't know how to find her again this time.

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