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   Chapter 67 Her Biggest Decision

He Only Married Me To Show Her That He Already Moved On By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 8281

Updated: 2019-07-31 22:13

The moment I noticed Gabriel's car driving out of the gate, I immediately pulled my suitcase from under my bed. I just put there some of my clothes and shoes inside. I didn't bring those things that Gabriel's bought and gave to me.

I left a white long folder with my note, and divorce papers inside. The day I saw Gabriel with Stacey in clinic, I dialled my lawyer's number and asked him to make a copy of divorce paper and I'm gonna pick it in his office. And last night, I finally signed it.

I pulled my bag with tears flowing on my both cheeks as I roamed my eyes inside of the room for the last time. I bitterly smiled as I remember those tears and smiled I shared with my bed especially with my pillows.

When I reached down to the living room, I saw Elsa and some of the maids doing there everyday routine in the house. Cleaning, mopping and wiping all the things that their eyes can see.

"Ma'am Madi, are you leaving?" One of them asked me, and I tried to smile even the tears keeps on flowing down.

"You're leaving us? You're leaving Sir Gabriel?"

"I'm sorry Elsa, I'm sorry guys.. but I have to. And I'm not leaving you, I'm just going to leave my pain here. I think it's time to... to start a new life without this grudges."

"You love him, Ma'am Madi. Because your not going to sacrifice yourself being in this state if not."

I smiled at them. "Thank you guys. I'm gonna miss all of you. Simon.. please admit your feelings to Elsa, come on. Be a man big boy!" Simon who's just passing from the kitchen widened his eyes and Elsa blushed in a deep shade of red.

We all laughed at the blushing Elsa and scratching Simon on his head.

And we became serious again. I removed my wedding ring and put it on Elsa's hand.


"Can you do me a favor, Elsa?"

"Yes Ma'am, as long as I can, I'll do it for you, Ma'am Madi."

"Can you please give this back to him? And tell him that... that's not belong to me."

"But Ma'am-----"

"Thank you Elsa, thank you guys."

I hugged them one by one before I pulled my bag towards the front door. I can hear their cries, their callings but I don't have time to turned around. I walked towards the gate and I smiled to sad faces of the security guards.

"Ma'am Madi, we're going to miss you. We're hoping to see you again in the future."

"Don't forget us, Ma'am Madi."

"I won't forget you guys, I promise. Take care of this house and take care of yourself. Thank you guys. I have to go."

octor before I made my way out of the laboratory clinic. But the fucking woman followed me outside.

"Gabi, wait. Let me explain." she grabbed my hand and I narrowed my eyes on her.

"Take your hands of from me or I swear to God Stacey, I'm gonna fucking kill you!"

She gasped and take her hands back.

"Gabi, please-----"

"Please what? Explain? Let me tell you this woman!" I pointed my finger on her forehead and hardly pushed it. "I am regretting those times that I became your tail! That I followed all you want! I was such a fool before but that's not gonna happen ever again!" I said through gritted teeth. "You killed my child, one innocent child who could live his or her life in this world freely! I gave up all my dreams to you, I gave you everything... but what did you do? You left me and you chose to be with him!"

"Gabi, I was just confused before. But believe me, I never stop loving you."

"Really? Well, I did! I already stopped myself from loving you.. no...I've realized that I didn't love at all. I was just in love with the idea of having someone beside me. And you know what the second thing I've realized? That I should be thank you for dumping me, because of that, I met my wife! And I love her. So stop all of your drama because I'm done with you!"


I walked away from her, thanking the one from above for making these things go with this. I am now ready. I can say I am whole again to give all of me to my wife. I'm ready to start the new chapter with her.

But little did I know that the things I am about to discover when I reached home, is more than the things I've been through before...

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