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   Chapter 66 Last night with him

He Only Married Me To Show Her That He Already Moved On By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 9996

Updated: 2019-07-30 19:38

Seven pm. in our house...

"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you.. happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday... Elsa."

Me, including all our maids, some guards, even the hardener ..we're all in the living room, and celebrating one of our maids birthday. This is my last day of vacation leave and Gabriel is still in the office.

"Thank you, Ma'am Madi. You're the best!" Elsa is in teary eyed when she walked closer to me. I smiled and hugged her.

"It's a small thing, Elsa. It's okay."

I am in the mood to cook earlier, especially when I heard that it's her birthday today. It would be my first and last birthday gift to her.

"No, Ma'am. For me it's a big thing. It's my first time of celebrating my birthday here in this mansion with so much food! Thank you, Ma'am Madi."

She said hugging me again and I hugged her back with tears also forming in my both eyes. I'm going to miss this. I'm going to miss them.

"Happy birthday! Let's stop all the drama and let's start the celebration!" I lifted up the glass of my wine. "Cheers!" and they all followed me.

"Cheers for Elsa's birthday!"


-'Cheers for my aching heart, and the pain I am about to go through after this..'- I silently muttered.

"But you know what Ma'am Madi, we're all happy that you came in this house." We all turned to one of the guards, Simon.

"Yes, that's true Ma'am Madi. When you came here, it feels like a true home and not just an empty mansion." it's Lily one of the maids.

"Yeah, an empty mansion with a grumpy ghost---- I mean, boss!" and we all laughed with what Elsa added.

"It's our first time to eat this kinds of food. Thank you so much Ma'am Madi for cooking these delicious and yummy food for Elsa's birthday."

I smiled when all of them send their thank you and warm hugs to me.

"Okay because of that, I'm gonna give something to all of you." I said smiling while getting the cards from my shorts' pocket. "Tada!"

I gave them one by one the black card and all their eyes turned wide as they looked back at me.

"Oh my God! Is this true, Ma'am Madi?" Elsa's eyes were wide like saucers.

"Yes, that's real and that's is all yours." and I heard their gasps and squealed. "Are you familiar with the 'Maiden Restaurant' in town?"

"Yes Ma'am. That's the famous restaurant here in the City."

"And we never tried to eat their or to come inside, because it's too classy and it's only for rich people."

"No! That's not true! Who told guys that?" my eyebrows crunched as I looked at them one by one.

"We just heard some people talking about that restaurant when we we're in the supermarket."

"Ahh.. okay." I said nodding. "Well, that restaurant is happened to be mine."

"Huh?" they all gasped.

"Yes, I am the owner of the Maiden Restaurant. Maiden is short for Madielyn, which was my nickname when I was kid and it's my Dad's nickname to me. And the card that each of you are holding right now, that's the VVIP card of the rest

o now I'm letting you go, it's the right thing for me to do. Though it hurts me so, it's so hard I know..I'm letting you go..***

I blinked back the tears that starts to form in my eyes, when I noticed the kind of stare he's giving me while singing the chorus of the song. But I ignored him and continue to sing.

***You'll always be a special part of me..though we're not meant to be..

This time, I become brave. I walked closer to him and looked into his eyes while singing the next lyrics.

***Knowing you I won't forget, loving you I'll never regret... So now I'm letting you go, It's the right thing for me to do.. though it hurts me so, it's so hard I know.. I'm letting you go.. I'm letting you go...***

And a lone tear escaped from my eyes, but I immediately wiped it and turned around to pass the microphone to Elsa. But the moment I turned back again, I was engulfed by a tight hug and a deep pasionate kiss.

And this time, no matter how I tried to control my tears.. they were so stupid like me, because they all racing down on my cheeks. When he pulled back, he noticed the tears from my eyes. He wiped it with his thumb while looking at me directly.

"Why do I feel that you're going to leave me?" he asked almost a whisper, and I had to laugh just to stop my tears.

"Going to leave you? What are you talking about?"

"By your songs. It's like a message of goodbye."

I laughed again and I hold both of his hands. "It's just a song, love." I take a deep breath before I pulled him into bone crushing hug.

-'You don't know how it's hard for me to do this, and how it's so hard to let you go. But I need to, 'cause it's the best thing than to pretend I'm okay in front of all of you. I need to do this for myself. I need to stop from dreaming that you're going to love me back, that you're going to be mine. I don't want to give up with this love, but it's slowly tearing me apart day by day everytime I see you with her. I can't do this anymore, Gabriel.'-

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