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   Chapter 65 She finally realized

He Only Married Me To Show Her That He Already Moved On By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 7211

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George pulled me out of the clinic after she finished some laboratory tests with her doctor.

"What?" I asked her, confused.

"When did you get married? You didn't tell me you're already married! And what was that inside, what was that scene? I thought you're dating that Gabriel guy? What happened, why he was with that pregnant woman?"

-'Ohh, so she still doesn't know.'-

"Yes we're married but just in papers-----"

"What? What do you mean you're married but just in papers? Does your Mom know about this?"

My eyes widened with her question. "No, she doesn't know any of this. And it's a long story George. I promise, I'm going to explain all this to you but not now."

"Fine. But tell me who's that girl with him? Was she his real friend or-----"


"Ex-girlfriend?" I nodded. " If she's the ex and your the wife----what was that Madielyn?" her face turned into scowl.

"Hey, relax George." I chuckled while trying to calm her.

"Relax? You're the one who's really telling me to relax?" she put her hands on her hips while glaring at me.

"Because you're pregnant."

"Gosh, Madielyn! You're just letting your husband to go with his ex-girlfriend? What kind of a wife you are?"

"Huh!" I gasped. Why me? "George, listen to me please! It's not what you think it is! I told you I'm gonna explain this to you in some other time!"


We separate our ways when we reached the parking lot, because we occupied a different parking space.


I heard Gabriel's voice when I was about to open my car door. I turned to look at him and I saw him running towards my direction. He took my hand, but I didn't protest or even complain. I'm just looking at him.

"Love.. she texted me earlier. She said she needs to see her doctor today for her check up and she doesn't have anyone to go with her."

"Why are you explaining to me, Gabriel?" I asked, acting as if it's just nothing to me.

"Because you need to know about this, you're my wife." he said taking again my other hand.

I chuckled at him sarcastically.

"Really? I am your wife? Gabriel, if you consider me as your wife, y

o blame why he's doing this repeatedly?

**If you spend too long holding on to him, which you know doesn't treat you the way you deserve, you'll miss finding the one who will treat you as his priority. Don't waste your time and your tears.**

Am I that hopeless.. holding on to someone whom I know who can't love me back?

**Don't waste your love for someone who can't see your worth.**

Am I not enough? Am I never going to be enough?

**Leaving him will cause you hurt, pain and a wound from it. But when the pain subsides, the wound will heal. It will left you a scar but it will fade and disappear over time.**

I wish it will, because if only tears could heal the pain inside me.. I think I would have to cry in my whole life, because I don't know when will I stay in love with him.

**Don't embrace the pain, embrace the life and happiness you will have after it.**

How could I not embrace the pain, if even I don't allow myself... she's the one embracing me?

But as they say everything has an ending. In every sacrifices, we need to put an end to stop it from bringing us in pain. And I finally realized that it should be my time to think about myself.

I need to get up and bring the old me, the 'Old Madi' again. Who's always willing to help others but she didn't forget how to help herself first. The one who's brave and strong to face every consequences that life throwing on her.

And now it's time....

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