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   Chapter 64 The truth is now in front of her

He Only Married Me To Show Her That He Already Moved On By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 10721

Updated: 2019-07-29 22:57

I sighed for I guess a hundred times, since I parked my car in the parking lot of an OBGyne clinic. Why am I here... because George called me earlier, she wants me to sign some documents in the clinic because she put me as her business employer.

But the moment I closed my car door, I felt my heart dropped on the floor because of the scene not so far from where I am standing.

Gabriel exited from his car. He opened the door on the passenger side and help to stepped out the bitch herself.. Stacey.

-'They we're also having a monthly check up? And Gabriel is with her?'- asked the left side of my heart.

-'Well, what would you expect? He's the father.'- and the left answered back.

I gulped the pain which I noticed.. serves now as my everyday vitamins. I chuckled and shook my head.

He put his hand on her lower back and they were laughing like they were real couple. Well, they are if I'm not married with him.

"Wow, life! I love my life!"

I muttered slowly and laughed again.

"Come on, Madi! Don't you ever cry again! Are you not used to it? Come on!"

I said while tapping both of my cheeks and trying myself not to cry.

"If you allow your feelings and the pain to let you down again this moment, you can never call yourself as a strong person! Pretending to be happy when you're in pain is an example of how strong you are as a person! Get up, Madi. Just this once! Go!"

I cheered myself while watching the happy couple walking towards the building's entrance.

"Just pretend you didn't see them, or pretend it's not them! Come on, you can do that!"

I sighed and started to walk my way towards the building.

"Remember who you are! You're Madi! The ever beautiful, confident and STRONG Madi!"

That was my last self advice before I turned my attention on the path where I am walking. I looked straight and wait for them to disappear in my sight before I decided to entered the building.

But to my not-so-lucky-fucking-day, they stopped right in front of the clinic door where George currently at. And my hand automatically covered my mouth to suppress the gasped and loud sob when I saw them kissing.

-'Oh fuck! So they we're together?'-

I didn't finish the scene as I run towards the direction of the nearest restroom. The moment I entered the door, the loud sobs were raising to escaped from my throat. I am the only person inside so I let myself pity out of my system.

I looked at myself in the mirror with tears blurring my vision.. and I silently ask myself.

-'When are you going to learn, Madi? When are you going to let the pain eat you everytime you're about to see the same scene in front of you?-'

I looked down and closed my eyes.

-'When are you going to let go? When are you going stop that stupidity in you? You've been in so much pain since you learned to love him. When are you going to let him silently hurt you?'-

"Cheating or one sided love?"

I gasped when someone spoke behind me. I looked at the person in the mirror and I saw the woman who asked me. She's in her late fifties. I wiped my tears with the tissue from my bag and looked at her directly.

"Cheating or one sided love?" she asked me again.

I smiled at

erson, and I have the heart for the needy." I said smiling and emphasized the worl 'love' while patting his cheek. I'm done with his explaining.

"Let's talk about this, please?" he tried to take my hand but I simply put it on my head and flipped my hair back to my shoulder.

I just smiled at him. "Love, I understand, promise."

Yeah, I now understand what sacrifices means, and where and when it should have end.

"Ms. George Valentine, is your employer still coming?" we we're all turned to the woman in white who asked George.

"Oh yeah. She's here Doc."

George answered and take my arm. She introduced me to her doctor as her friend and employer. But in my back, I didn't missed the question of the bitch...


I smirked and focussed my attention to the doctor in front of me.

"Ohh.. so you're the famous Madielyn Davis? You're the woman behind the successful Maiden Restaurant in town?"

My jaws dropped with the Doctor's introduction, and my eyes slowly glanced at the smiling George who's fingers is in a peace sign. ✌ I didn't expect this.

"I'm so glad to finally meet you, Ma'am."

"Hehehe." I smiled at her and she offered her hand for a handshake.

"I am a fan of your Italian Bolognese pasta."

"Thank you." I simply answered.

"By the way, I'm Tricia Marquez and I am the doctor who's attending your friend and your employee. Madielyn Davis, right-------"


"Huh?" she crunched her eyebrows and we both turned to now standing Gabriel. He walked closer to us and put his hand on my lower back.

"I said Wilsons. She's married to me so she's now Madielyn Wilsons, and no longer Davis."

My mouth hanged open with his words. But the frown on the Doctor's face just got deeper.

"Wilsons? Sir, I thought you're with Miss------"

"No! She's not my wife. She's just a friend of mine."

"Ahh.. okay." the doctor said nodding but I can see the evidence of doubt on her face.

I just shook my head and remained quiet. But deep inside, the irritation started to grow. We seated in our own chairs, but Gabriel choose to sit beside me, despite of the bitch protests.

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