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   Chapter 63 The two kinds of love

He Only Married Me To Show Her That He Already Moved On By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 8736

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"Madi, it's okay to cry over him, to forgive him. But do not allow yourself to be forever fool with him. If he didn't know how to love you the first time, he won't know how to do it the next. You deserve to be with someone who looks at you every single day like they've won the lottery, and have the world in front of them." he said standing up and wrapped me with his arms.

I cried in his shoulders as he rubbed my hair.

"Never force yourself to read a book that you do not enjoy. There are so many good books in the world, that it is foolish to waste your time reading on one that doesn't give you pleasure."

I wiped my tears and pulled back from his hug.

"Where did you get that?" I asked bringing his handkerchief to my nose.

"Where did I get what?" he asked me confused.

"Your quotes. Shakespeare or anonymous?" I bite my lips to control my smile.

"Huh! That's all you can say, after all my efforts?" I chuckled when he pouted.

"Atleast I can make you laugh." he said seriously and I smiled at him.

"Thank you, Greg."

"When are you going to say 'I love you, Greg' instead of 'Thank you, Greg?"

And my smile disappeared as I looked on his serious face.

"Just kidding!"

He chuckled but I narrowed my eyes on him.

"There's someone who also wants to talk to you." he pointed his mouth behind me and I saw the face of non-smiling Nancy.

She hugged me and sit on the vacant chair beside me.

"Sissy, I'm sorry." she said taking my both hands.

"Why are you saying sorry?" Greg glared at her. "Don't you ever say sorry with the things you're not involved! It's your brother's mistakes, not yours!"

"I know. And I'm not happy with it!" she wiped the dried tears on my face.

"How are you, Sissy?"

Same question as her cousin. But before I could open my mouth, Greg turned to me.

"Madi, I have to go. I just have some important things to do." he said and kissed me on my forehead. "I'll just call you later. And Nancy.. take care of her."

"I know! Don't worry, I'll take care of her for you. I know how much you love, Madi.. hmp!"

Greg stopped in his trance after hearing Nancy's words. And he just scratched the back of his neck and shake his head before he walked his way towards the exit.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Gabriel's POV:

"Sir Gabriel, your cousin is here."

I turned around to see Elsa at the door frame. I headed immediately towards the gym when I read Madi's note in front of her door. And It's been two hours since I started to punch the punching bag in front of me. I tried to call her phone, but she isn't answering.

nted me for over a years ago. Do I still love her?

"No. I don't love her anymore. I'm just blinded of what she did, but I am no longer in love with her." I told him the truth without blinking. I don't love her anymore And I don't know if I really loved her in the first place.

"What about Madi? Are you in love with her, or you're just still using her for your revenge? Well.. you got what you wanted, you got your ex back! So you can now let go of Madi."

"No! I can't let her go!"

"Why? Why Gabriel? Why can't you let her go----"

"Because I love her!"

I shouted as I stand in front of him. I saw how the look of surprise written on his face, before he smirked at me.

"Then.. may the best man win, cousin. Because to tell you honestly, I love her. I loved Madi since our first year in college. And because I love her, I remained on her side in every possible way I can. I supported her in all her decisions and always making her laugh and happy everytime she's with me. I waited for her eight years ago until now, because that's what you call love, Gabriel. Willing to sacrifice and wait for your love ones. And if I have to wait for her in another eight years, I won't hesitate do it again for her!"

I was left speechless after he finished those lines... until he disappeared on my sight. I already know his feelings for her, but I didn't imagine it coming personally from him.

I can also do what he did for her, I can wait for Madi. But what I can't is to be with her without breaking her heart. I don't deserve her but I can't let her go. Call me selfish but I love her, that's the truth. I'm just being confused with what I feel for her, but now I know it.. I've finally realized it. I love Madi, I love my wife.

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