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   Chapter 62 The Claws of the Truth

He Only Married Me To Show Her That He Already Moved On By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 11208

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I came home that night carrying the whole world on my shoulders. I've never felt so numb in my whole life.. not even when I found out that my father has his first family and that we're just his second, or when I learned that we don't have the same mother with my siblings, or not even when I realized that I can't have a whole family that I dreamt of like every other child wants to have.

The hurt and pain I felt when he threw the bomb in front of me, was incomparable to those I felt when I was still young.. when I was bullied and everyone treated me like some trash. Because with this one, it feels like a poison to my blood.. it kills me slowly but surely. It made me think of my worth, that no matter what I'll try to do.. I can never be enough. I can't have him and I can never call him mine. He will never be mine.

My mind is screaming and my heart is wailing inside of my rib cage. And I hate it when my mind is telling me to stop loving him, but my stubborn and stupid heart can't let go of what she feels. I couldn't breath and couldn't think straight with those past few days.

I've been like a girl whom I was just watching in some drama series.. who looks happy on the outside, telling jokes, smiling, having a great time but they don't know.. I am dying inside. They don't realize that I'm hurt and tired, tired of not being good enough and tired to be just the second choice.

But honestly, I don't want them to know my pain, I don't want them to think that I'm weak, and attention seeking, so I'm keeping it all inside. Playing the role of being the best actress and acts like everything's okay and perfect.. especially in front of him, but cries every night while asking the stars and the whole universe how to stop and kill the pain.

It's been a week since he told me the shocking news and since then, I tried to distant myself from him just to think of what I really feel. If I am going stay with him and help him with his plan or stay away like my friends always telling me?

There were lots of happenings with these past seven days. One of that happenings.. was when Noelle and Sandy tried to cheer me up, so they asked me to go to the mall and have some girly moments. But to my one of a shity day, I encountered the queen bitch inside of one of the boutique.



"Ohh.. hi, Madi."

I turned around to know who greeted me and my eyebrow automatically knows her way up.

"Are you shopping?" she asked me smirking.

I smiled and sneered. "No, I'm honestly trying to find some cure and ailments to someone's itchiness.. which I heard needs now to be scratch."

"Oh, Madi.. Madi.. Madi.. tsk.tsk.tsk." she said shaking her head. "Don't you think I don't know the truth?"

I crunched my eyebrows.. what truth is she talking about?

"That Gabriel only married you to make me jealous and get me back."

I laughed at her, although deep inside.. she pressed my already injured heart.

"And who told you that bullshit idea?"

"It's not really important. What important is, I already know the truth.. so you can stay away now with my Gabi."

I can feel my temper slowly rising up to my head.

"And who are you to tell me that bullshit idea of yours? I am the wife! I am the legal wife here.. so just keep your nonsense thoughts inside your shity mouth! And whoever t

ked. He stopped talking but started to laugh.

"Then go and eat that faster." he said shaking his head. I smiled but it doesn't reached my ears.

When I finished, he repeat his question while looking directly to my eyes.

"How did you accept the truth when he told you about Stacey's condition?"

I shrugged my shoulders. "The way you think I supposed to accept it. Be cool and relax."


"Greg, I'm not in a position to question him about his plan. I'm just helping him. And I don't have the rights to ask him, because I'm just his fake wife." I take the glass of latte and tried to gulped the lump inside my throat.

"Madi, has anyone told you that you're the most terrible actress of the century?"

"Ouch!" I faked my hurt outside.. but I am now melting inside.

"You can lie to them, but not to me. You're eyes tells the exact pain you're going through."

I bite my lips and avoided his gaze.

"Madi, why don't you let go?"

I looked at him with tears forming around my eyes. I hate this topic and the question as well. 'why don't you let go?' 'why don't you leave him?'

"It's not easy, Greg."

"Even when you're hurting? Even he's now being unfair and causing you so much pain? Why don't you get out of your marriage, Madi? Think about yourself first."

"I - I don't know how, Greg."

He take my hand on top of the table and put a white handkerchief on it. I smiled bitterly.

"You know what, it hurts to see the one you really love, loves someone else. I experienced that eight years ago.. until now."

"Greg...." I hold his hand as tears blurring my vision. I know what he's talking about.

"But you know what it hurts more? When you found out that you were just their bridge to cross over to their love ones."

A loud sobs escaped from my throat. The pain of the truth is unbearable. The claws of it were digging inside my heart... ripping and tearing it apart. I wish I could turn the table and turn back the time. I wish I could teach my heart to love this man in front me who always there for me, even he knows I am crying for another man and not for him.


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