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   Chapter 57 To become a better man for her

He Only Married Me To Show Her That He Already Moved On By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 8594

Updated: 2019-07-25 19:28

"A friend and a suitor?"

"Yes. What's the name of that boy again?"

She said thinking the name of whoever he is. I felt my heart stopped its breathing while waiting for her to speak again.

"Oh, it's Garry!" she squealed excitedly.


"No.No, wait! It's not Garry." then she think again. "Ahh.. it's Greg! Yeah, it's Greg I'm sure of it. Thanks God, I finally remember the name of that sweet boy."

Then I was left thinking. Greg. I'm not sure if the person she's talking about is just the same person I know. Greg also studied here in Florida and Florida is Madi's homeland. But as they say, there's no harm in trying... trying to ask.

"What's the name again of her friend?"

"His name is Greg. Come here, she has a picture of him. They were so close back in their school days. They took the same course and this sweet boy always caring with my daughter."

She grabbed my hand and we seated in the three seaters couch near the last cabinet. She get something from the drawer... album.

"Here. You can see their pictures and their circle of friends in college."

She gave me the green album and started to scan the pages. But my hand was stacked in one of the picture.. it's Madi with three girls and......'Greg' my cousin and my bestfriend, wearing a cooking school uniform.

"Greg Anderson." I muttered just to myself but she heard it.

"Yes..Greg Anderson. How did you know him and his last name?" she asked me looking directly to my eyes.


"I called him as Anderson boy. He's the one who never stopped from being my daughter's friend. And you know what.. I remember one time, he asked me if he can date and court my daughter. And then I told him, it's not my decision to make, but he never stopped, until now he keeps on coming back just to know if she's okay and ask her situation. He's very persistent and have a big patient in him, because it's been eight years since his feelings' started for my Madi."

I scratched my eyebrow with this new informations I've heard. Madi's identity was a lot to take, but knowing her and Greg was bestfriend in college and he's still persistent to date her.. until now, it makes me want to punch something. I put my fist under the photo album and formed it in a hard ball.

"Wait, I'm not telling you this to make you jealous. I'm just sharing some of my daughter's life and school days' story."

"No, Mom.. it's okay. I'm not jealous."

I tried to smile but deep inside, I really wanted to see my dearest cousin and punch him over and over on his face. Now understa

e house if she hasn't anything to say... and I know it's about me."

He just smiled again looked back at the water. But I just keep on looking at him. I really don't have a clue what he's thinking right now, or what my mother's told him that made him quiet until now.

"You didn't tell me that Greg was you friend since college and you're also took the same course."

-'Oh Gosh!'-

"Mom told you everything about me?" I gulped and looked at him.

"No, she told me half of the part and the other half will come from you, if you're willing to share to me all about it."

I sighed and bite my lips. "Okay. So what do you want to ask?"

"Are you really going to answer my question if I ask you?"

I shrugged my shoulders. "It depends."

"Depends in what?"

"Depends on your questions. If you're going to ask me to drown myself here.. of course I won't answer that.. I won't do that!"

And then I heard his laugh. He shook his head and splashed me some water using his foot.


I wiped my face with my hands and glared at him, but he just continued to laugh. Then we both fell into silent. Both were looking at the water. I don't know what he thinks but I'm readying myself in whatever the questions he would possibly throw me.

"Can you share to me a little part of your childhood?"

I hitched my breath and gulped after hearing his first question. I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply.

"If you're not ready or you're not okay-----"

"No. It's okay. I think I really need to moved on from it."

"Moved on? What do you mean?" he asked with the deepest frown on his face.

I sighed again and bitterly smiled. Then I looked at him and started to share the part of my childhood.

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