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   Chapter 56 She is a true princess

He Only Married Me To Show Her That He Already Moved On By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 8245

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Gabriel's POV:

"Madi.. can I borrow your boyfriend for a few minutes?"

Madi and I both chuckled with her Mom's question. We're currently in the kitchen and her and her were preparing some food for dinner. Although they have maids but they choose to cook their meals.

"Mom.. what kind of question is that? Can't you just simply say.. you're gonna talk to him?" Madi said while chopping the vegetables.

"Shh! You just make it more formal, but it's just the same!"

"Okay, fine!" she said rolling her eyes. I can't help not to laugh on their way of conversation. They were like bestfriends rather than mother and a daughter.

"Let's go, Gabriel." her mother grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the kitchen, but we heard Madi ask her again.

"Where are you going to take him, Mom?"

She put her forefinger in her lips which signing me to keep quiet. "I just want to talk to him, that's all. Don't worry she's all yours."

And this time, I really laughed hard. We heard her complaining in the kitchen but she ignored it and pulled me uptairs. At first I was confused on why she's pulling me and where we are going, but she already answered my silent questions.

"I'm going to show you something. But don't tell my stubborn daughter about this. It's just our secrets..okay?"

I smiled and nodded. We continued to walk upstairs.. to the hallway and when we reached the end, she opened a door and the switch of the lights inside. And my eyes widened with what I saw.. trophies, certificates in frames which half were hanging on the wall and half were inside of the glass cabinets. There were also some pictures.. pictures of Madi in a school uniform, with medals, and in the oval ground and some were in front of the school and many more that I couldn't point where.

"These were all her achievements in schools, in works and in business."

I crunched my eyebrows with the word business, but I remained quiet. I just let her continue what she's saying.

"Here.. let's start with this one."

She opened the door of the glass cabinet and pointed Madi's picture in a sports uniform... that I don't know which sports is that...and a track and field oval in her background.

"This one was taken in her high school days. She's just fourteen years old when she won in a track and field competition."

"S-She won in that sports? She's an athlete before?"

"Yes, she's an athlete, son.. when she's in high school. She always brought a medal, trophy o

ave my own business.. if you're familiar with the 'Green Ribbon Cakes'?" she said casually.

"Green Ribbon? As Green Ribbon cakes and pastries?"

"Yes. Actually it's my family's business, but since I am an only child like Madi, I don't have a choice but to managed it. And this will be my biggest problem in the future.. why? Because my only daughter chose to cook instead of baking."

I don't what to say at this moment. Their family owned one of the biggest company that makes and sells cakes and pastries in the whole state. And Madi is truly a princess, but she choose to live in a low profile way.

We moved to the certificates hanging on the wall.

"But you know what, I'm happy that she now has a boyfriend." she hold my hand and gave me a half and sincer smile. "You're her first boyfriend, son. I hope you can make her happy. I can see both from your eyes, how you loved each other. There were sometimes, you're going through a rough and a hard part in your relationship. But I hope you can both stay strong and hold each other tightly. As a mother, there's just two things that I wanted to ask you in favor. Don't hurt my daughter, son.. and last.. love her. Love her the way she deserve. She's tough and strong on the outside, but her heart is too fragile on the inside, Gabriel."

I don't know but I felt like there's cold water.. poured all over my body.

"I promise." I said, and then her smile widened more.

"You know what, I think I Like you more than Madi's friend and suitor from college. You're more handsome than him."

My head automatically snapped on her and she winked at me.

"A friend and a suitor?"

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