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   Chapter 55 Mom meets the 'boyfriend'

He Only Married Me To Show Her That He Already Moved On By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 8198

Updated: 2019-07-24 23:12

Madi's POV:

"You're boyfriend is here?" I bite my lips when she turned to me with the same wide eyes as mine. "I thought you said he's busy? Ohh.. he followed you all the way from Chicago?"


"Oh my baby, I'm so excited to meet him! Let's go!" she said as she stand and pulled my hand.


"Come on, Madielyn! I can't wait to see him!" she excitedly pulled me towards the front door. Yeah, she's more excited than me.

-'Oh dear God! Why did you let my Mom be single at this age? Why didn't you give her the second man in her life?"

I gulped when I saw him standing outside the gate. He's just wearing a simple white shirt and a denim pants. He's also wearing a black shades and with a suitcase in his right hand. He's so hot, sexy and good looking in his simple outfit, but I felt again the same feeling of disappointment when I remember how many times I have tried to call him.. since last night. And how many text messages I've sent to him just to ask him, if he's still willing to go with me? But I got none from all of it.

He took off his shades and looked at me with a hint of regret in his both eyes. Then the guard pressed the automatic controller to open the huge gate. And do you know what's the next thing that happened? My dearest mother run towards Gabriel and hugged him tight with the biggest grin in her both eyes..and then she turned to me.

"Oh my God, Madielyn! Am I already in heaven? Am I now seeing God? Oh gosh, your boyfriend is so handsome!"

I bite my lips when I saw Gabriel's eyes shined in amusement while watching me and my Mom.

"He's more than handsome than Tom Cruise!" she said while smiling widely. And I need to put hand on my face to cover myself from blushing.

-'I can feel you Mom. But dear God! I am asking you again, why did you let her be single at this moment?'-

"Hey, I'm Cherry.. Madi's mother." she offered her hand for a handshake and he accepted it immediately by bringing it to his lips. And I almost rolled my eyes when I saw Mom's reaction.

"I'm Gabriel, Madi's boyfriend. It's an honor for me to meet you, Mrs. Davis." he said smiling. But I noticed how my Mom stiffened by his last words.

"Ohh.. yeah.. It's also nice to finally meet the one who captured my daughter's heart." she smiled and just ignored his words. "By the way, Madi said.. you're busy. Was it the reason why you're late right now?"

"Y-Yes Ma'am, I'm sorry if I let your daughter alo

dn't tell me you're living in huge mansion. And you're also a princess."

I know it's just a joke and I just smiled and shrugged my shoulders.

"Don't worry, it's not just you."

"You mean, some of your friends didn't know that you're living in castle?"

"It's not a castle. Yeah, it's a huge house.. but for me it's more a home than a mansion."

"But why did you choose to live in a small apartment in Chicago?"

I laughed at his question. Actually, I couldn't count in my head on how many times I heard that question.

"Because for me it's not important whether you live in a house or a castle----"

"No, what I mean is.. you used to live here. How did you adjust that easily?"

"Ahh.. maybe because I'm used to live in simple way? Yes, I grew up here but.. my Mom always told me to keep my feet on the ground. She never let me used in living with a nanny or with maids around me. She let me wash my own clothes, clean my own room and anything that a girl should know about her being a woman."

"Really?" he asked me as if he can't believe the new information he heard from me.

"Yeah. Really." I smiled and nodded. "Here's your room." I opened the door which is just beside my own room. "The next one is my room." I pointed the next door.

"So...?" I asked after he toured his eyes around.

"Well.. it's nice and cosy." he said putting his both hands inside of his pants pocket. "Can I see your room?"

"And why?" I crunched my eyebrows.

He shrugged. "Nothing. I just want to compare your room here and to your room in our house."

I gulped when he said 'our house' instead of 'his house'.


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