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   Chapter 54 A Mother's Hug

He Only Married Me To Show Her That He Already Moved On By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 10857

Updated: 2019-07-23 20:54

It's been 6:45 am when I decided to grab a taxi and headed to the airport. Sandy was right about booking a plane ticket for plan B, in case Gabriel don't show himself.. and yeah, she's right, he didn't come home last night. And thanks God, I listened to her.

I've tried to call him last night and this morning but I just let myself become frustrated even more, he didn't pick up any of it. I already sent him some text messages but until now I haven't received any reply from him. Then.. so be it! I can go without him.

I stopped myself from calling him when I reached the airport. He forgot about this for sure. Well, he always forget everything when he's with her... so what would I expect, right?

-'Huh! The man you choose to love is still inlove with someone else... so take the pain! If you're not just a big stupid and idiot, you already know that he hasn't gotten over yet  from his past, but you let yourself fall in love with him! Take it!'-.... that's my mind, shouting inside my head.

And to avoid thinking about him, I turned off my phone and tried to sleep. I just need to wait 2 to 3 hours and I am in my homeland again.


"My baby!"

My mom screamed when she noticed a taxi stopped in front the black gate. She immediately run towards the gate with our two maids also running behind her.

"Oh my God! My baby, I've missed you so much!" she pulled me into tight hug and kissed me all over my face.

"I missed you too, Mom." I said not noticing the hot fluid that are now flowing down on my face.

"Ohh... is that how you missed your old mother?"


I pouted with her tease but I hugged her again. I missed her, I missed her hug, I missed her comfort and everything in her.. I missed my mom. I wanted to tell everything like when I was a kid, when I was still her little Madi, but I can't.

"Why are you crying, baby? You're here now and your old mother is in front of you." she said chuckling while wiping my tears. But you can see in her eyes that she's just controlling herself not to cry in front of me.

Why Am I crying? It's for two things.. number one, I've missed my mother's hug and number two.. I'm so upset with what's happening in my life right now.

"By the way, why are you alone? I thought you're going to introduce your boyfriend to your Mom?"

"Yeah, but I told you he's busy person, Mom. He's a CEO of one of the biggest company in Chicago." I smiled and tried my best not to bite my lips. She knows when I'm lying.

"Oh, I see."

"But don't worry, I'll call him later."

"Okay. Let's go inside.. so you can start telling me your love story with this lucky boyfriend of yours."

She kissed my temple and we walked our way towards the huge double wooden door.

"Oh my God!"

I muttered loudly the moment I entered our home. I inhaled the familiar scent of jasmine and morning breeze that comes from the air conditioner. It's my Mom's favorite scent.

"I've missed this Mom." I turned to her and hugged her again.

"Don't worry, your home misses you too, sweety."

We stayed there for a moment, while I am enjoying myself listening on her non-stopped story about home decorations, business parties, new flavors of her cakes and all the life issues

for each other has still remained. And because I love him, I once became his mistress, I once became a stupid and madly in love with your Dad."

She sighed before she continued.

"And about your question, why did I choose to stay? I don't know another reason for that, Madi.. it's just because I love him."

"Even when you know, that it can affect his relationship with his wife?"

"No, Madi. I didn't mean that thing. I was just in love and choosing what my heart dictates than what my mind was telling me by that time. I didn't say it was right, because it's not. But if there's one thing I didn't regret about that love.. it's having you inside me, Madi."

I smiled and hugged her tight.

"But I'm hoping that you will choose a better man for you. Don't fall in love with a stupid.. and don't become a stupid!"

I gulped after hearing the word 'stupid'.

"Our story was different Madi, we loved each other, before he got married to someone else. I've been a fool, a stupid and a mistress. So, I am telling you.. I want you to choose the one who can love you...who would love you and make you his number one priority. The one who's heart belongs to you and only you. Don't you ever follow my footsteps.. don't make me your model, Madi."

I hide my face into the crock of her neck.

-'I'm sorry, Mom. I wish I could teach my heart..'-

"I want you to be happy, my baby. I want to see you walking at the altar with a happy smile and tears in your face. Promise me, baby." she rubbed my back and kissed my hair.

"Tell me something about this boyfriend of yours. Is he handsome and cute like this Anderson boy?" I started to roll my eyes. "Is he tall, having a broad shoulder, pointed nose like my favorite hollywood star -- Tom Cruise?"

"Mom... he's like a greek God." I said and I laughed at her reaction.

"Oh my God! I'm really excited to meet him, Madielyn!"

I laughed again, but before I could open my mouth, the intercom beside my mom.. buzzed. The call was from the guards and they said there's someone on the gate who introduced himself as my 'boyfriend'.

My Mom looked at me and my eyes widened.

-'Oh shit! He's here?'-

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