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   Chapter 52 Why Why do I love you

He Only Married Me To Show Her That He Already Moved On By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 8096

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I pushed him but not in a way that could catch some attentions from the crowd.

"Gabriel, what is happening to you?" I whispered on his ears.

"What is happening to me? You said you're just going to the bathroom and when I saw you, you're dancing with Greg?" he's now grasping my waist.

"I was about to go back in the table, when I saw him. He asked me to dance-----"

"And you agreed and danced with him!"

"And so? What was wrong with that?" I also glared at him.

"I brought you here to make Stacey jealous and not me!"

I was left speechless with what he said. -'He's jealous?'- I noticed how he was also surprised on his own word, but he masked it immediately.

"What I mean is that... we're acting a sweet couple here, Madi! What would they say or other people around after they saw you dancing with another man?"

"But Greg is not another man to me, Gabriel! He's also my friend!"

He looked at me suspiciously, and I started to feel nervous. What if he ask me why am I so closed with Greg?

"Are you falling for Greg, Madi?"

But the question he asked me, wasn't something I expected. There's a different emotion in his eyes when he asked me that question. And because I am still in shock, I didn't answer him immediately.

"You don't need to answer, I understand. I'm not in a position to ask you that." and then he left me with opened mouth.

-'What is happening to him? He seemed always jealous with his cousin!'-

He didn't talk to me after that, until the party is over and even when we were inside the car. He was quite and remained frowning with the whole ride back home. So, I just busied myself looking out of the window.

I don't understand him. He's sometimes sweet, caring but most of the times... grumpy. Well, what should I expect, he's a bipolar, right? But I can't help myself not to glanced at him while he's driving. His ring shines on my face when we passed the street lights and I looked down to my lap where my hands were resting. I sighed and played my own ring. I swirled it around my ring finger and looked back again outside the window. This ring that symbolizes my name being tied to his.

We were just about a few blocks away from his house when the heavy rain started pouring on the car's roof. I smiled when I remember my childhood days.

"Stop the car!"

He looked at me with a deep frown on his forehead, but he also pulled over and stopped the car. I

a green tablet. I looked at him and I was about to ask if what is the green tablet for.. but he already answered the question from my mind.

"You spent almost an hour under the rain, that's just to prevent you from having a colds."

If I am in the mood right now, I will laugh at him with this 'prevention tablet from cold' of his. I didn't know that we can also drink medicine for an invisible colds or for  upcoming colds. Because I remember my Mom just giving me such this medicine when I already have a colds. How silly of me, right?

But I didn't comment on that. I just followed what he instructed me to do. He take the glass from my hand and put it back from where it was placed earlier. Then I climbed up on top of the bed and laid myself comfortably. But I didn't expect his next move. He also pulled the half of the comforter and laid himself beside me.

I turned to look at him but he's fast and he immediately pulled me to him. I gasped when he lifted my head and placed his right hand under it  and his other hand circled around my waist. I wanted to ask him what is he doing but he beat me off again.

"Don't opened your mouth, I know what you're thinking. Just close your eyes and sleep. I'm just here. I won't do anything, I won't talk.. I'll just hold you 'till you sleep."

He looked down at me and kissed my forehead and then he smiled. "Good night, Madi."

I smiled back and shifted myself closer to him as he also pulled me closer to his chest while kissing the top of my head repeatedly.

"Good night, Gab." I whispered lowly and then I closed my eyes with a smile on my lips.

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