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   Chapter 51 He's now mine!

He Only Married Me To Show Her That He Already Moved On By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 10613

Updated: 2019-07-22 19:58

Madi's POV:

The moment we're back in the venue, I started to become alert and keep a winning smile on my lips. Because to hell or to whatever... Gabriel is mine this whole night.

I put my hand on his arm while walking back to our seats. And then I spotted Stacey talking to the celebrants but her eyes were moving around.

-'Hmm... looking for husband?'-

"Love, I'll just talk to Mr. Singson regarding our latest project." Gabriel said after he pulled my chair and once I was seated.

"Okay, love."

I said and smirked when he turned around. I know what he's been doing. I also know his intention why suddenly he wants to talk to Mr. Singson. Because Stacey is just a few meters away from the old man, and by flaunting himself in the middle, for sure she will find him easily and talk to him. And by that, I know hes' thinking that I will prove my position as his wife. Tsk.Tsk. Wise moved Gabriel.

But even so, I keep an eye to my husband.. but I lost it when I received a text message from Greg.

**hi, beautiful Madi.. how are you and what are you doing?**

I smiled and shook my head. He really knows sometimes how to flatter me.

**hello, Gregy boy. I'm fine and I'm now at the party.**

I replied back. But he's a faster texter.

**Party? who's party?**

**Gabriel's friends in college... 6th year wedding anniversary**


I crunched my eyebrows with his last question, but I still texted him where is the party at. And after that, I haven't received any reply from him. I just sighed and put my phone back inside of my clutch bag. And the moment my eyes were back to where my husband is, the scene in the middle is something I couldn't accept. Stacey is now leeching my husband's neck.

-'Huh! This sluty-bitch! I was just being distracted for a moment, and here you are linking my husband?'-

I muttered to myself while walking slowly and graciously to them. I smiled my most bitchy smile before I pulled Gabriel's hand.

"Aherm! Love, is there anything I can help you with?" I also raised my eyebrow.

"Oh no..." the bitch chuckled sarcastically. ".. you can't help him, because-------"

"Excuse me? Am I talking to you, Miss?" I saw her gasped and I continue. "Are you my husband, the one whom I called 'love'? 'Cause as far as I remember, I was referring to 'my husband!"

I emphasized the last two words for her to know that he was already taken.. that is by me at this moment.

"Really? But Gabi hasn't told me about him being married!"

She said raising her eyebrow and standing proudly in front of me. Yeah, she's a little bit taller than me, but I am more beautiful than her.. huh! Just look at her boobs... pads and foam.

-'Ahh.. you want a battle of beauty?'-

"Wow! I wasn't informed that my husband should ask and inform you his plans and schedules..."

I said in a 'chin up--stomach in--chest out manner.. to show her who's the real queen of beauty. I didn't missed how Gabriel gulped when he's got a clear view of my cleavage.

"..And who are you again.. Gabriel's ex-girlfriend? Well, FYI.. I am his wife, so if there is someone who should ask him about all his doings, it should be 'me! And

tiful? Can I have a dance with you?" he offered his hand and I didn't hesitate to accept it.

"What are you doing here?" I can't help not to ask while he's guiding me in the middle of the dancefloor.

"Well, I heard that you're here, so I decided to come over." he winked at me and I chuckled heartedly.

"Are you also invited here?"

"Oh come on, Madi.. don't waste this moment to interview your prince!" he playfully glared at me and I have to cover my mouth to control my laugh.

"Oh God, Gregy boy! Stop copying my style!" we stopped in the middle and he put my hand in his shoulder and hold the other, while his other hand is on my waist.

"I'm sorry, I didn't experience copying on your paper in college.. so I'm just copying your style now." he whispered in my ear while chuckling.

I just rolled my eyes and we started to move our body with the soft music that playing around the venue. There were also lot of couples dancing around. I heard him sighed and I looked up to him.

"Why? Are you okay?"

I asked him but he just nodded and smiled at me, but I noticed a hint of sadness in his eyes. We were both lost and enjoying the music when we heard a low growl and a familiar voice behind me.

"Aherm! Can I now have 'my wife' and dance with her?"

I looked around and found Gabriel glaring at Greg. Then his eyes followed Greg's hand on my waist. When I looked back at Greg, he has the same expression as Gabriel.

"Love." I said trying to catch his attention. "Greg is also here-----"

"What are you doing here?" Gabriel ignored me and he growled with Greg.

"Why? Is this your party?" Greg asked not even affected by Gabriel's hard stare.

-'Oh my God! What is this?'-

"Love, let's just go back to our table. Greg, thank you." I said smiling to Greg and put my hand in Gabriel's chest while I circled the other behind his back.

"Gabriel please..." I whispered lowly.

"I have to go, Madi." I heard Greg's voice but when I was about to look at him, a pair of soft lips captured my lips. Then I realized, Gabriel is kissing me... in front of Greg and in front of everyone.

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