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   Chapter 49 Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

He Only Married Me To Show Her That He Already Moved On By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 12349

Updated: 2019-07-21 15:03

-'You didn't answer my question seriously.'- I mimicked his words in my head before I laughed at his face.

"I already answered your question! I came out with my friends and your sister!" I tried to pull my hand but he didn't let me.

"You came out with them? And you just got home at this late of hour?"

"And so? I told you I am with Nancy! And Greg was also with us, he actually drove me here!"

He clenched his jaws as he narrowed his eyes on me.

"Greg was with you all this time? You were with him? Why didn't you tell me you're going out tonight and you were with him?"

'-Fucking shit!'-  I blinked my eyes rapidly as I can feel my temper rising up to my head.

"Excuse me.. what did you say? I didn't tell you that I'm going out tonight? Gabriel Wilsons, since when do I have to tell you my whereabouts?"

"Since you're married to me, Madielyn Wilsons!"

"Wow!" I laughed sarcastically as I shake my head. "Since I was married to you? Why.. did I ask your whereabouts, since you're also married to me? Did I ask you to report on me where did you go, everytime you're not sleeping in your fucking room? Did I?"

I'm not drunk actually, but thank you to the presence of alcohol, I can also shout on his handsome face.

"Madi, that's a different thing! And you know that, the first time you agreed to this deal that I'm going to go with her and chase her!"

"Oh yeah! I agreed to this fucking deal of yours! But I didn't agree to report to you all the things in my life! And I didn't agree that you're the one who's going to choose the people that I should go with!"

"Because you're married to me----"

"And you're married to me also! So, what's the difference with that? Go fuck your ex and I don't care! And I'll go fuck my own business!"

I shouted at him with all the veins showing on my neck. I know we can disturb the now sleeping maids, but I can't help not defend myself with how he wants to control all the things. I also turned my way towards the wide staircase.

"Madi, can we please talk in a civilized manner?"

He asked in lowered voice as he followed behind me. I turned to him and sighed as I tried also to level my voice in his tone.

"Gabriel, let me remind you.. yes we're married. But being married to each other doesn't mean, I need to ask your permission every time there's something I wanted to do in my life, because I don't ask yours. I didn't question you everytime you're going out to anywhere or who's with you in that moment. Please, let me do things that I wanted to do.. because I forgot on being myself when I say yes to you."

"Madi, I'm just concerned. I was worried sick when I didn't find you home earlier. I've been calling you, but you haven't answered my calls."

"Hmm.. Let's just say, I like to give the gift of my absence to those who do not appreciate my presence."

I smiled and patted his check and turned my way up to the stairs. I saw how his jaws dropped with my last statement. And thank you again to those bucket of beers, atleast they let me borrowed some strength and braveness for this night. If I only knew this thing a long time ago, for sure I'll drink alcohol as my water everyday.

"Madi." I heard his voice again when I was about to open my room door. " Let's talk about this tomorrow when you sober."

"I'm not drunk, Gabriel. But if you want some 'talk' tomorrow, then fine. Goodnight, Gab." I stepped closer to him and kissed him goodnight in his cheek.

I sighed and leaned my back on the door. I closed my eyes and remember the happenings on this night. Sandy was wrong when she said, he would appreciate my outfit. I smiled bitterly and kicked my shoes to the floor and my bag to the c

s I stand up and drink my juice.

"I don't know, but I think I can survive with the whole bottle of whiskey. Why are you asking?" he asked me with furrowed eyebrows.

"Hmm.. okay, let see. But make it sure, I'm not the one who's going to drive you home after that, instead of you driving me home." I chuckled as I collected my used plates.


He said but I turned my back on him. I put my plates and utensils on the kitchen sink. But after a moment, his next words stopped me from what I am doing.

"We're going out tonight. I mean.. can you go with me in a party tonight?"

I turned around and looked at him. "You're asking me to go with you in a party.. tonight?" I asked as I pointed myself.

"Yeah. It's a party of one of my colleagues from college, celebrating his sixth year wedding anniversary with his wife.

-'You're going out on a date!'- my heart screams inside.

"Ahh....." A smile creeped on my lips as I nod.

"Stacey is also going to attend, so we need to show ourselves as a couple."

And in an instant, my smile died as my jaws dropped in the floor. A pained and sarcastic smile replaced on my lips.

"So, you're just inviting me, because Stacey is also going to attend the party?" I asked him gulping the sudden ache.

"Yes. It's a part of our deal right?"

-'Ohh..'- my heart shrink in the sea of pain. "Yeah! It's a part of the deal. Tsk.Tsk. How did I forget that?" I am shaking my head when I turned around to face the sink.

-'Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Of course it's a part of the deal! What do you expect? To ask you in a real date.. a romantic date? He can't even see you more that a friend! Wake up, Madi!'-

"Madi, if it's not okay with you, it's okay. I can-----"

"No!" I immediately turned around. "Who said it's not okay with me? I'm going with you."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah! More than a hundred percent sure! It's a part of what we have talked about, right? So, I'm in!" I said acting confidently.

"Thank you, Madi." he smiled at me and I returned him with another smile. Yes, another.. meaning, not the same as his. It's full of disappointment and hurt.

"No, problem. Just inform me when are we going to go, so I can make myself beautiful."

He chuckled. "Trust me, you don't need to. You're beautiful in what you are, Madi. That's enough."

I just smiled at him. -'Yeah, I know I'm beautiful.. but it's not enough for you to see me.. and to love me the way I wanted you to be.'-

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