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   Chapter 48 The Brave Madi

He Only Married Me To Show Her That He Already Moved On By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 14946

Updated: 2019-07-20 22:36

Madi's POV:

It's four o'clock in the afternoon and it's time for my boss -slash- husband, third coffee of the day. But before I make his coffee, I need his signature first to some important documents which I also needs to pass to Sandy for dismissal to it's designated department.

I bring the documents in me and I was about to knock on his office door, when it instantly opened before my face. And the look of in a hurry Gabriel faced me.

"Opps! I'm sorry. Are you in a hurry, Sir?"

Do I really need to ask that... when I already know the answer?

"Yes, someone called me---"

"Stacey called you, Sir?"


"Oh, it's okay Sir. I just need your signatures to some documents here, may I?" I smiled as if it's not a big deal to me.. and I'm not affected.

"Yeah, in my office." he opened the door and walked again inside. He didn't bother to take a seat. He just get the files and signed each one of them.

"Are you not going to read the contents?" -'Are you really can't wait to see and fuck again your ex? No.. your girlfriend again?'- I asked him just in my mind.

But he just smiled and returned to me all the papers.

"I dont need to. I know I can trust you, Madi."

I raised my eyebrow and throw a joke. "Really, what if it's a part of my modus to get some millions from your account?"

But instead of being alarmed.. "It's okay. You can get how much you want. And don't worry, I can give you anything you want, Madi."

I laughed inside... -'Yeah, you can give everything you want, except your heart.'-

And much to my surprise, he kissed me quickly on my lips.

"What the------" I react but he already exited the door. I gulped and laughed bitterly as I touched my lips.

We've been married for two weeks, but we barely see each other in his house. You can only count on your fingers the nights he spends his sleep in that huge but empty house. We're just seeing each other in the office, but after that.. we can have our own precious time at night.

And with that, I am really starting to think if he still needs me on his plan, because it's been two weeks that he didn't mention any of it to me. And because it's only once in a blue moon when he shows himself at night in his house, he didn't notice the time I came home almost every night. And there's also one time, I didn't come home and slept over in my old apartment, but he didn't notice it.

He continue his plan in chasing her, and I continue to become invisible in his eyes. Everyday, I need to smile and show him I'm okay, and everything around me were just okay.

But everyday.. smiling feels like wearing a mask, a lonely mask that keeps my real feelings inside. But do I have a choice? I chose this, right? So feel free for me to endure the pain of my stupidity.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Madi, are you ready?"

"Yeah, I'm just going change my clothes in Gabriel's house."

It's friday night and we're going to celebrate this night in a night bar, together with her, Nancy, Greg and two of Greg's friend. And since Gabriel took an early out this afternoon, for sure he's also going to enjoy his night in between Stacey's legs.

"Why do you keep on calling it 'Gabriel's house'? Why don't you just call it 'our house?"

"Because that is not my house!"

"But you're married, that means it's conjugal property."

"Sandy, I don't have an interest with all the things and properties he have----''

"Yeah, because your only interest is to win his heart."

I didn't say anything, because it's true. And it just hurts me more to think, that my love for him grows everyday, but I can't do anything about it.

"You don't have to go home, Madi." I looked at her and she smiled. "I have a lot of dress, you know. You can borrow any one of it."

"It's okay, you don't need to do that."

"But what if you find your husband at home?"

"And so?"

"What if he stop you from going out tonight?"

"Oh, he can't do that! I didn't ask his whereabouts, so he doesn't have the right to question me!"

"Huh! Oh my, the brave Madi.. version 2.0."

I chuckled at her idea... 'brave Madi, version 2.0'.. I wish.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I actually listened to Sandy's suggestion. I didn't waste my time to go home and change my clothes. I just borrowed one of her killing dress.

"God! I've missed this!"

I said swirling in front of the mirror. I am wearing red and fitted dress which ended on my mid-thigh.

we all know everything's changed."

"I know but not me. And you don't have to tell me the things that changed about you."

"What do you mean?"

"You love him." I gulped and straightened my body. "I can see it through your smile, how your eyes shines everytime you heard his name. But like what I said before, I'll wait for you Madi."

"Greg----" he put his forefinger on top of my lips.

"I waited for you for eight years, and I'm willing to wait for another eight years again or more than that if you want."

I take his hand on me. "Greg.." I don't know how to explain to him my feelings.

"Madi, just let me do this, please? This is all I can do for you. To be on your side whenever you need me. Atleast I can be the friend that you need. I'm still here, Madi."

And because I can't form any words, I just hugged him again.

"Don't be pressure with this, huh? I'm not telling you this to pressure yourself and to avoid me. I just want you to know that you can have me as your friend or.... something else, you know." he shrugged and I punched his shoulder.

"Thank you again, Greg. You don't know how lucky I am to have you as my friend since the beginning."

"Ouch! I'm just your friend." he faked his hurt expression.


"I'm just kidding. So, I'm going ahead?"

"Yeah, take care. And thanks for the drinks." I winked at him.

He chuckled. "No problem. Good night, Madi." he kissed my forehead.

"Good night, Greg. Take care!" I waited for him to enter his car and drive away until he's already out of my sight.

Then I walked my way towards the wooden door. All lights were already turned off but I have my own key, in case the door were also locked. I am humming my country song when I entered. I put back the key inside my bag with my phone in my hand. I was about to take my first step when I heard the booming voice from the living room and the lights were turned on. Then I saw the angry face of my 'husband'.

"Where have you been?"

I gasped as I put my hand on my chest. I almost drop my phone because of so much shock.

-'For goodness sake! Why is he still up at this hour?'- I asked myself looking at him directly.

"I just go out with my friends." I casually answered after I composed myself.

"Go out with your friends, Madi? At this late of hour?" he shouted at me. I can't believe it, he really shouted at me?"

"Hey wait, Mr. husband! Why are you mad?" I asked him while laughing sarcastically.

"Why am I mad? You're seriously asking me that question, Madielyn?" my eyes widened with that.

"Wow! So, I am Madielyn to you now, dear husband?"

"Are you drunk?"

Am I drunk? No! A little tipsy maybe.. but drunk? Nah!

"I'm not drunk! And excuse me, I just want to take rest." I brushed past him but he grabbed my hand.

"Where have you been, Madi? You didn't answer my question seriously!"

-'You didn't answer my question seriously.'- I mimicked his words in my head before I laughed at his face.

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