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   Chapter 46 Lunch Break

He Only Married Me To Show Her That He Already Moved On By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 12190

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"So, where is your 'dear husband', Mrs. Wilsons?" Sandy asked me in a sarcastic tone when we get back to work, the following day after my two days rest at home.

It's already 10:00 o'clock but Gabriel hasn't arrived yet, and I already cancelled his first and second appointment today.

"Stop calling me that, someone might here you!" I glared at her.

"Okay.. so, answer me. Where is our boss?"

"Why are you asking me, I am not his mother!"

"Excuse me? But you are his wife, you should know his whereabouts!"

"Sandy, we're just married in a piece of paper and you know that. And to answer your first question, honestly... I don't know. Our last meeting was on saturday afternoon and he said he's going to meet ... Stacey." I almost whispered the last word.

"Ohh.. so, he's with his ex on your first wedding night. Nice.."

"Stop it, Sandy!" I said getting annoyed with her teasing.

"Oh, why? I'm not doing anything here, I'm just repeating your words, 'duh!"

I remained quiet and busied my eyes on the computer screen.

"Have you tried to call him?" she asked taking her seat in front of my desk.

"I've been trying to call him since last night, but it always goes to voicemail. And even this morning till this time, I'm still trying but he didn't pick up any of it."

"What about his meeting today and some of his appointments?"

I already cancelled his two morning meetings. I need to talk to him, he needs to inform me if he's still going to work today, so I can also call the companies that set an appointment and to avoid some complaints from the investors."

"So, he didn't come home even last night?"


"Hmm.. what do you think he's doing right now? Or even last night and the night of your wedding? Especially when he's with his ex?"

"I don't know! And whether he's fucking his ex every day and every hour, I don't care! I just need him to show up himself now, because I'm going insane thinking of what kind of reasons am I going to tell to cancel his business appointments!"

"Uhuh.. you don't care, but your heart does.. tsk.tsk. You're under the spell of what they called, madly inlove---- oh no, Madielyn inlove!" and she laughed like a villain in some drama movie.

"Can you just...argh! Sandy please, just go back to your work. I need to send some emails and finish some reports!"

"Okay." she shrugged. "Just inform me as soon as he arrives. Bye, Mrs. W."

I just bite my lips and glared at her.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

It's 11:45 exactly on my wrist watch when my phone vibrates at the top of folders in my left side. My heart starts to pound inside, by hoping it's the first person I am expecting to call right now. But to my disappointment, it's not him but his cousin, Greg.

"Hi, Greg." I tried to sound jolly.

"Hello, ever beautiful Madi.. how are you?" atleast he make me smile.

"I'm fine, Gregy. How about you?" I asked as I leaned on my seat

"At this moment, hungry." and I chuckled with his answer. "Can I invite you for lunch today, Madi? There's just someone here who's eager to see you."

"Ohh.. may I know who's that someone?"

"Secret. So, are you in? Don't worry, it's on me." I smiled widely as I shook my head.

"Really, Gregy? Are you sure of that?"

"Of course! Do you know one of this famous restaurant here in Chicago.. the 'Maiden Restaurant'?" I bite my lips to control my laugh after hearing my restaurant's name. "I remember, there's someone told me I can go and eat there whenever I want. And what's the name of the manager there, ahh.. Noelle! Yeah, it's Noelle. So, are you going to go and eat with us? It's on me,

nd the seriousness from it.

"Why do you want me to wait for him?"

"Because I can see how you changed him, Madi. I'm not sure of what he really feels for Stacey at this moment, but I'm sure of what he feels for you when you're around him, when you're at his side."

I can't help not to laugh at her. "Don't give me a false hope, Nancy."

"I'm not giving you a false hope, Madi. I'm just telling you my observations. I saw how the way he stares at you when you're not looking at him. How you make him smile and laugh, Madi. He even kissed you in front of us."

"Because we're just acting by that moment."

"No, Madi. He never kissed Stacey like that ever in front of everyone. And I witnessed how he got jealous with Greg, the time he saw him chasing behind you in the kitchen." she chuckled at the memory. "He got possessive over you."

I just looked down and closed my eyes, then I felt her arms around me. She's hugging me right now.

"I like you, Madi. The first time I saw you with him, I want you to be my real sister in law. And I promise, I will help you to make Gabriel realize how stupid he is by dragging you with his stupid deal, and for dumping you like this. I'm on your side, Madi."

I smiled as I wiped the tears that stupidly flow on my cheeks.

"Just promise me, you'll wait for him?"

"I'll try, Nancy. As long as my heart can take the pain, I'll try."

"Ohh... Sissy." and she hugged me again.

After of our private talk, inside of restaurants's office.. we decided to show ourselves again to the two who's now frowning by waiting for us.

"I thought you two, were swallowed by the toilet bowl! You took so long----ouch!" I punched Greg on his arm as we chuckled by his toilet bowl line.

"There's a lot of customers inside the bathroom, hello!" Nancy rolled her eyes on him.

"And we need to fall in line." I added smiling.

"Fine!" the three of us laughed at him.

When we finished eating and talking, Greg send us back to the office. Nancy told me she will stay in Gabriel's house, that means she will stay with us for the whole month.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Where have you been?"

I was shocked when I found Gabriel with a stern look, sitting in my office chair when Sandy and I get back from our lunch.

"I - I ... came from lunch break."

"With whom?"

My eyes widened by his kind of question.

-'With whom? What is this, interrogation?'-

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