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   Chapter 45 Her Stupidity

He Only Married Me To Show Her That He Already Moved On By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 8141

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Madi's POV:

"You accepted his marriage proposal?" Sandy asked me when she noticed the ring on my finger.

I nodded.


"What do you mean, why? It's part of the deal." I avoided her gaze. We're 15 minutes early as usual before our official time in, and she's now in my office.

"Yeah, part of the deal. But your heart and your feelings should not be involve inside that game. Madi, you know the truth behind his story, and you know that he's still can't get over with his past!"

I sighed and leaned on my seat.

"Tell me, do you have feelings for your 'fake fiance?Have you fallen in love with him, Madi?"

I didn't say anything, I just put my face on my both hands as I put my elbows on the table and sighed heavily.

"So, it's true? You're in love with him. And that was the reason you agreed with the deal in the first place."

"No. I mean.. yes I agreed with his proposal at first but I don't feel anything for him by that time. I-I just don't know when it's started. And I'm confused Sandy, because sometimes I can feel that he cares, his kiss, I can feel something with it, and everytime he's calling me love. I-I don't know, Sandy. I hate this! I hate this feeling!"

"Fuck! Madielyn Davis!"

I looked up with her feeling the heaviness inside my heart. "And we're getting married next week."

"What?" she slammed her both hands on the table. "Are you insane? I only pushed you before to agree with his game, because I didn't expect that you're going to fall in love with him! And marriage, Madi? Are you sure of that?"

"It's just for papers and only for two months."

"Shit! Madielyn! You also agreed with that? Okay.. you realized that you're in love with him at the time that you're already helping him. But to marry him now, that you developed your feelings with him and he's still chasing his ex girlfriend, that's a huge of stupidity, Madielyn!"

"Sandy, you're not helping me!"

"I am helping you, actually! I am helping you to wake up before your good sleep turns into a nightmare! Back out Madi, now that you still have time."

I looked at her and shook my head.

"I-I can't. I can't, Sandy."

"Then, you made a decision. Well, it's yours, Madi. You're no longer a child. You already know what's the difference of good and bad for yourself."

"Why is it easy to you to give me such an advice like that? You're also in love, same as mine and we almost have the same situation."

"Nah-ah!" she said shaking her head. "We're different Madi. Yes, we're both in love, but were totally have a different situation. I admit, I'm inlove with someone who's also inlove with someone else. And that someone else is you. But we don't have a deal, we don't have a contract and I will not push myself to him. Unlike you, you know you're in pain but you choose to stay!"


"What.. does it hurt to hear the truth? If he's inlove with you he will drop his plan against her and focus all his time with you. But he's not doing any of it right? So, what are you.. idiot or stupid?"

"Huh! That's harsh, Sandy!" I gasped with her blunt words.

"Because that's what you need to hear for you to wake up! Madi, you can't compete when you don't compare!"

I just gulped and avoided her eyes. This is the first time, I've seen her bitchy side and heard her sarcastic comments. When I looked up to her, I smiled and shrugged my shoulders. Well, I've already realized that. Stupid, fool and idiot.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Saturday morning. The day of our wedding. I didn't listen to Sandy's advice. I still continued being stupid and signed my name at the Civil Registry office as Mrs. Madielyn Davis-Wilsons spouse of Mr. Gabriel Wilsons.

After signing the contract, we headed straight at his lawyer's office to have a little ceremony and Jhon, his driver and Vincent, one of his bodyguard stand as our witnesses. We exchanged the ring, a simple vow and kiss that sealed my life to a new chapter of challenges.

After that simple ceremony, we ate in a restaurant and drove straight t

o my apartment to pack my things. Jhon and Vincent helped me pack some stuffs that I will use for the following months. When I was about to exit my room, Sandy came and hugged the life out of me. She still sulking when I waved my goodbye until I lost her out of my sight.

We came to stop in front of a huge house with a four security guards standing inside the black gate. Although, I am used in things like this, but my eyes couldn't believe with how many luxury cars he owns. Jhon opened the side of my door and pulled my three large bags. At the entrance, we we're greeted by his four maids who helped me bring my things.

"Madi, I'll show you your room." he said placing his hand on my lower back.

"Thanks." I said and smiled at him.

My room is just in front of his room. It's a little spacious and doubled the size of my apartment room, but it's actually the size of my own room at home... in Florida. It's also painted in white, beige and brown and having a complete set of furnitures inside.

"Are you okay with this, or you want something bigger----"

"No, it's okay. I'm okay with this." I said and walked further inside the room. As I opened the door of the walk in closet, I knitted my eyebrows when I found a lot of dresses and shoes inside.

"That's all yours." I heard him answered behind me.

"But I have my clothes." I turned around and to my surprise, our face is just an inch far with each other.

"Sorry." I muttered casually and passed him to look on the other drawer.

"You don't have to say sorry, you know."

"And you don't have to follow me, Gab."

He was about to speak when we heard the ring of his cellphone I busied myself to look around and decided to walk out of the closet. I left him talking to someone, and I don't want to know who's that someone in the other line.

"It's Stacey. She wants us to meet today." I turned around and looked at him as if it's just a simple thing  I've heard.

"Good." I shrugged my shoulders and started to unpack my things, and I missed the kind of look that he gave me. "I mean, that's good that she's the one who's pulling herself into your trap."

I noticed him walk in front of me, but I still continue to unload my clothes from the suitcase.

"We're good right?" he asked lifting my chin.

I chuckled when I looked up. "Of course."

"We're friends?"

"We're friends." I smiled, but it pained me inside. Friends.. that's all he can give to me, just friends.

"Okay, I have to go."

I nodded. "Bye."

"Uhm.. Madi, don't wait for me tonight. You can ask the maids whatever you want, they will help you." he said when he's already at the door.

"Okay, don't worry about me. I can manage." I smiled and waved my hand. Then he exited the door.

I sighed and fall back myself in the bed. I reached my phone and search for the number of one person I want to talk right now.

"Hi, Mom."

"Ohh, my baby. I thought you already forget your old mother." I chuckled as I rolled myself.

"Mom, you know that's not true. I missed you."

"Hmpp! I missed you too, my baby. How are you? How's your business?"

"I'm fine, Mom. And my business... well it's doing great."

"Hmm.. so when are you going to visit your old mother?"

"Mom, stop saying your old!"

I heard her laugh at the other line.

"But it's true, I am now old my baby. And I wish you could find your prince charming who would wait for you in the altar."

I bite my lips as I brushed my palm on my face.

"I actually found someone, Mom."

"Really? That's nice! When are you going to bring him here and introduce to me?"

"Uhm.. I'll try to ask him, he's just kinda busy. He's a business man." I told her some details about me and Gabriel, except about the deal, the arrangement, proposal and our marriage. I'll just make a story about our relationship, but I'm not going to mention my situation.

After thirty minutes of talking, we said our goodbyes and I continue unpacking my things. I need to do some things for me to avoid thinking what he and his ex doing at the moment.

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