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   Chapter 44 There's nothing an 'us'

He Only Married Me To Show Her That He Already Moved On By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 8245

Updated: 2019-07-18 23:28

Gabriel's POV:

I am just staring at her as she seated beside me. We're currently inside the church, but I can't focus on what's the priest were saying in front of the altar. I can stare freely on her face, because all her focus is directly to the preaching priest.

She has long, thick and curled lashes, small but pointed nose, a cute dimple on her left cheek which I just recently noticed. She also has a two attractive eyes which also smile everytime she smile. And her lips... I gulped remembering how soft her lips were everytime I kissed her. She has her own character and strong personality.

When I proposed to her, I know half of them were almost lie. But I was sincere when I say thank you to her. I admit, having her beside me was a big help to me to somehow forget the pain inside. She can make me smile everytime she opened her smart mouth.

I am still confused on how she agreed to help me with this deal, but I'm thankful because she's not complaining although there were some questions that she wants to know the answer, that even me couldn't explain to myself.

I feel comfortable with her around me, and I'm getting used of calling her love, that sometimes I forget I shouldn't call her that when it's just the two of us.

But despite of all of these, this will remain an act. But the problem is.. I don't know why I can't stop myself from kissing her. I can't control myself everytime I look on her soft, pinkish and tempting lips. It's like a drug to me, that with every sip and every taste, it makes me high and addicted.

My eyes darted to Greg who's seated in between Sav and Chris. He's been texting the whole time. Yeah, he's my bestfriend but when it comes to Madi, I can't help not to feel annoyed and irritated with him. I'm not jealous.. shoud I? But I can't accept the fact the he likes her of all the girls around him? He knows she's with me.

It feels odd to think, that when this deal ends, he can be with her, he can touch her hands and do all those things which I feel I should only be the one doing it with her.

I lost my concentration when I felt Nancy's elbow on my side and I turned to her.

"What?" I asked her slightly annoyed.

"What--your--face! Stop staring on your fiancee's face and focus yourself in the front. Listen to what the priest were saying!" she whispered to my ear.

I just ignored her and looked back to Madi, but I was slightly surprised when she's no longer looking at the priest but to

an obvious answer, then so be it. Take it.. or forget it.

But like what I am expecting, he didn't give me the answer.

"I can't answer that right now, Madi."

I gulped the sudden pain that surged inside me.

"Okay." I shrugged my shoulders as if it's nothing to me and I am not affected.

"But Madi, I'm serious. Even we're married just because of a deal, I won't cheat on you intentionally. Stacey is another thing."

"Can you please stop mentioning the word cheat? Because you know it's not true. Whether it's another woman or Stacey, that's just the same! Being married to me while dating another woman or getting your Stacey back, it's still cheating Gabriel!"

"You don't understand, Madi----"

"What is it that I don't understand? Explain it to me! Because if you're saying that you won't cheat on me intentionally, then stop chasing your ex!"

I noticed his sharp intake of breath.

"I can't, Madi. But as I promised, even if I am with Stacey, I won't break us!"

I chuckled again. "You won't break us? But you said it's just for papers, this is just an act and this is just for your deal! So, what are you talking about 'us'? There's nothing an 'us' Gabriel." I said blinking away the tears that formed at the corner of my eyes.

I started to step back but tried to smile at him.

"Madi..." he called me but didn't tried to follow me.

"Don't worry, I'll marry you. Good night Gabriel." and I turned my way to the front door. Thinking what would be the consequences after this deal ends. But as they say, 'Stay strong now because things will get better. It might be stormy today, but it can't rain forever.'

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