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   Chapter 41 Stay with me

He Only Married Me To Show Her That He Already Moved On By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 11884

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Madi's POV:

I saw Gabriel coming from the mini-bar, the moment Aunt Morgan asked me the question which I wasn't expecting the most.

"Madi, how many boyfriends have you had, before you met Gabriel?"

I was taken aback by her sudden and blunt question.

"Morgan! That's a personal question, you shouldn't ask her that. That's rude!" her husband was also shocked by what she asked.. well actually, all of us.

"It's okay Uncle James, it's not a big deal." I said smiling.

"Hi love." Gabriel seated beside me and hold my hand. "What's that.. what is not a big deal?"

I looked at him and Aunt Morgan repeat again her question.

"I was asking Madi, if how many boyfriends she has had before you came into her life?"

It really gets more awkward, now that I can feel Gabriel's eyes on my face and his hold in my hand's tightened. It feels like someone is asking me if I am still a virgin in front of him.

"Actually Aunt Morgan, I've never been in a relationship before-----"

"As in never?" Nancy cut me off.

"Yeah, I mean never." I shrugged but tried my best not look on Gabriel's face.

"So, that means.. Gabriel is your first boyfriend?" Aunt Morgan's eye balls almost popped out from it's sockets.

I bite my lips as I nodded awkwardly.

"You're so damned lucky, Gabriel!" Nancy exclaimed with a higher voice.

"Nancy, your language!" her father glared at her. And before she could react, we heard Greg's laugh. He's also came from the mini-bar.

"Yes, Nancy's right. Gabriel is indeed lucky for having Madi in his life." he smirked at Gabriel and I can't help not to raised an eyebrow. I now glanced at Gabriel just to see him with the same smirk as Greg's have.

And I gasped when he suddenly lifted me up and put me on his lap. He wrapped his hands around my waist and gave me a peck on my lips.

"Yeah, I am so lucky to win your heart. And I won't ever let you go no matter what happens, I won't let those men who wants to take you away from me. You're just mine and will always be mine." he said looking to my eyes. He kissed me before he glanced at Greg and smirked.

I gulped and widened my eyes. Why do I feel that there is something happening between the two of them? Based by their exchanging of smirks and strange looks to each other, Gabriel seems not pleased by Greg's sudden appearance while Greg seems enjoying Gabriel's annoyance.

"I believe in Greg." we all turned to Mr. Wilsons who's seriously looking at his son. "You're indeed lucky son for having Madi in your life. I hope you'll always appreciate her efforts, give her time and love that she deserves. Take care of her, son."

This is the second time I heard Mr. Wilsons give his advice about 'how Gabriel should love me and take care of me'. Does he know the truth? Or we're just both being paranoid because of lying to them?

"Of course, Dad." he said seriously that you cannot even hear a hint of lie on his voice.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I don't know how many times I let out a heavy sigh, since I came out here in Gabriel's room terrace. I suddenly wants to be alone and think of everything.

Am I wrong or I am just a fool? I remember the day, I saw Gabriel in the mall, stealing glances on his ex-girlfriend. I laughed at him and I called him 'stupid and the biggest fool I've ever met, for following her, for hiring someone to monitor her and for hoping that one day she will ever come back into his life.

But now I think, I am also one of the people who needs to join the parade of fools in the street and the one who needs to build her own monument for being stupid.

I fell inlove with my boss. I fell inlove with him. How stupid right? I mean, how could I explain this feeling? I'm happy when he's happy, I feel sad when he's sad and I can also feel the pain inside his heart.

I sighed, smiled bitterly as I shake my head. How did I end up falling inlove with him? When I know he's still in love with her? When I know it's impossible for him to look at me in a different way?

I rubbed both of my arms when I felt the cold breeze embraced me and I shivered a little with its cold touch.

"Why are you here? Do you want to catch colds?" I heard Gabriel's voice as I also felt something warm on my shoulders. I looked at him and I noticed he put me a jacket.

"Thank you." I said giving him a half smile. He didn't say anything. He just sighed and looked at the water on the swimming pool which shines because of the lights coming from the full moon above.

"Thank you, Madi." I glanced back at him and sighed. I don't know why he's saying thank you.

"For what?"

"For staying, for helping and for everything." he gave me a half but sad smile. And I have to look away before I find myself melting from the pain.

"Gabriel... why do we have pretend? I mean.." I gulped before I continue."... why do we have to do this? Why do you have to act as if you really moved on from your past?"

He chuckled suddenly. "Madi, I told you my reason. To get her back and to punish her."

"Just to punish her?"

I sighed when he became quiet after I asked that question. How stupid I am to ask when the answer is already dancing in front of me.

"Just to punish her." and he answered finally.

"Then why do you have to punish her?"

"Madi.. to make her feel the pain I suffered when she left. When she decided to choose someone else over me!" and it's my turn to laugh. A bitter kind of laugh.

"Then you don't really loved her then, if you want to punish her!" he looked at me like I have grown two heads in me. "Because if you do, you're just going to let her go and be happy for the life she chose. You're not going to punish her for what she did, because you love her, and that means you don't want her to get hurt or even feel a single pain."

"Madi, you don't understand!" his voice raised as his both eyes were boring holes with mine. "She hurted me! She

left me with a broken heart, shattered into pieces! I became like this because of her! And you're not going to understand because you're not the one who suffered the pain!"

Ohh... that was a low blow.

I don't know but I just found myself laughing... laughing in pain again.

"Wow, Gabriel! You think I don't understand your pain? I am Gabriel!" I said pointing to my chest and having the same tone of voice he gave me. "I can understand every little inch of it! And I don't need to suffer the pain that you had, the hurt that you suffered, just for me to understand you! Because if I don't, I won't stay here beside you! Lying and helping you with your stupid game!"

I looked away as I can feel my temper rising with what he said. If I don't understand him, I won't sacrifice myself and my happiness just to be tied with him. If I could just dictate my heart not to fall in love with him, I will. If I could just ease and vanish his pain and his sufferings from his past.. I will definitely do it without even him asking.

"Why are you telling me this, Madi?"

I sighed but I didn't answered him.

"Do you know why I cried when you proposed to me earlier?" I didn't hear his answer but I still continue. "Because I suddenly felt the conscience of all of these. And I felt sad, because I really wanted to help you let out all the pain and show you the 'second chances in life' like what you said while proposing to me. I want you to see those better opportunities in life, Gab. If she's really meant for you, then she's for you. And if not, learn to let go. Let her go."

"No, Madi." he said shaking his head and I laughed again.

-'Fucking shit!'-

"I can't. I already planned all of this, and you know that."

"Do you know what's the best revenge you can give to those person who hurted you the most? It's to show them that you're now happily moved on and giving yourself another chance to become happy again." I stepped closer to him and hold both of his hands. " Because by hating her and holding onto what she did, you can't heal Gab. Because this pain inside you...." I lifted up my finger to point his left chest. "... will remain until you finally allow yourself to let them go."

"That's why I'm doing all of these! I'm going to show her that I've moved on and I'm happy!"

"No, Gabriel. Don't do all of this for her. Do this for yourself and not for her."

He didn't say anything. He remained quiet until I noticed him gulped and looked at me while my hands were still on his hands.

"Are you backing out now, Madi?"

I don't know where did he get this question. I am just giving him an advice but I didn't say I am backing out with this deal.

"Tell me, Madi. Are you backing out now?" there's a certain emotion on his eyes that I can't seem to read.


"No, Madi." and he suddenly hugged me. "No. Please stay with me. I can't do this without you." he said while repeatedly kissing the top of my head.


He pulled back and hold both of my shoulders as he looked directly into my eyes.

"Madi, please." He closed his eyes and then let out a heavy sigh before he opened it again. "Madi, please stay with me. If you don't want me to kiss you in front of my family, then I won't. Just stay with me until I finish this, until I finally figure out everything."

Figure out everything? What is happening to him? He's like my boyfriend pleading me not to leave him and stay with him.

"Gabriel! What are you talking about? I didn't say anything about backing out? And figure out everything.. what do you mean? What are those things that you need to figure out?"

He looked at me puzzled. "So you're not backing out?"

"No." I answered shaking my head.

"Thank you, love." he sighed in relief and hugged me again. "Just have patience in me. I promise I won't be a jerk anymore, even in the office."

I laughed with his promise. "You really promised that?"

"Yes, I promised." I laughed again when he lifted up his palm as a sign of promise.

"Pinky swear?" I show my smallest finger and he also laughed at me, but then he accepted it.

"Pinky swear." And we both laughed at this childish act. But deep inside of me, I wished we could stay like this forever.

"What would I do to you if you started to become a jerk again?" I arched my eyebrow on him.

"Slap me."

My eyes widened a bit. "Are you sure of that, love?" I asked him emphasizing the last word. And then he chuckled.

"Yes, love. You can slap me If I become a jerk again."

"Okay, that comes from your mouth, ahh?" I chuckled and shivered when I felt again the cold wind blew all over my skin.

His eyebrows knitted when he noticed me and take both of my hands.

"You're cold." he said rubbing my hands. And I smiled when he blow a hot breath on it.

"Yucks!" I said in a form of joke.

And his serious face turned into playful one. He continued to blow his hot breath on my hands.

"Gabriel! That's disgusting! You're not helping me anymore!" I said trying to pull my hands.

"No, love. You're cold."

"Eww!" I screamed when he bite the ends of my fingers. He's really enjoying this. "I will kick your precious jewels if you continue to do that!" I said stomping my left foot.

And it worked. He stopped what he's doing and looked at me. He even let go of my both hands.

"Precious jewels?"

"Yes, precious jewels." I proudly repeat.

"You called my balls as precious jewels?" he asked in disbelief.

"Yes, and I------" I didn't finish my sentence when he laughed. The kind of laugh that he needs to clutch his stomach.

I scratched the end of my eyebrow. -'What's with the 'precious jewels'?'-

"Ohh love.. please you can kick any parts of my body just not these two precious jewels of mine. How can I be a Dad someday? How can we give our parents their grandchildren?" he winked at me.

And my lips curled up into a smile.

"Hahaha.. funny!"

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