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   Chapter 40 Selfish Gabriel

He Only Married Me To Show Her That He Already Moved On By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 6581

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After our lunch, Gabriel received a phone call. And my heart clenched inside when I saw tha name and the picture of the person calling him. It's Stacey. I looked away from it and my eyes exactly noticed Greg's stares on me. I smiled at him and he gave it back to me.

"Love, I'm just going to take this." Gabriel kissed my forehead. I just nodded and he walked about ten meters away from the tent. Maybe in some other situation, I would ask him about who's that person calling him and why does he have to answer that in private? Ten meters away from us?

I sighed as I looked back at Greg whom his eyes followed Gabriel's action.

It's been five minutes and I turned to look at Gabriel, but he still on his phone. And when they all stand from their seats to start their music bonding, I also stand and told Nancy that I am just going to walk along the side of the lake.

I get my phone and checked if there some messages or missed calls because i put it into silent mode before I exited the car earlier. But I don't have any of it. I sighed and looked at my reflection from the water. And I almost jumped when someone suddenly patted my shoulder. I turned to see Greg smiling widely.

"I'm sorry. Remember I told you not to drink too much coffee?"

I chuckled at him. That was his favorite line back in college everytime he saw me drinking coffee, because as he said it just making my nervousness inside to grow.

"So, you're engaged?" he asked me after a while.

"Greg.. I-I.." I don't know how to explain it to him or should I really need explain myself?

"I know everything, Madi." I gulped as my head instantly snapped at him.

"W-What do you mean?" I asked him confused.

"I know everything, the deal, the contract, the engagement and your act."

"I - I.. h-how did you know that?"

"Gabriel told me everything. He's also my bestfriend, Madi."


"But don't worry, I understand. And about your secret, it's still safe." he winked at me and I just smiled.

"So, you know everything." I said as I sighed. It's not a question but a statement.

"Yes." he chuckled slightly before he continue. "You know what, I still don't get it. Why did you agree to this deal?" he asked with full seriousness in his face.

"Greg, I-------"

"Greg!" my words stopped in mid-air when we both turned around to see a frowning Gabriel.

"Gabriel." Greg smiled at him, but he didn't even glanced at him. Instead he walked his way towards me and put his hand in my lower back in a possessive manner. And Greg just arched his eyebrow on him.

"Love, what are you doing here?" he asked me with his knitted eyebrows.

I am now confused of his actions. Because Greg said, he knows everything... but why does he need to act even in front of him.

"Gabriel, we don't have to act in front of him. He knows everything. He knows your deal." I said looking directly into his eyes. And he didn't say anything, but his hold in my waist slightly tightened.

"Let's go back." he muttered instead.

"Huh!" I sneered and just shook my head.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Greg's POV:

"Bro.." I followed Gabriel to the mini-bar inside their house. I also sit on one of the mahogany bar stool beside him.

But he just glanced at me so quickly and tur

ned back his eyes on his glass of alcohol.

"So, you're now engaged?" I asked him while filling my glass with the same drink as his.

"What are you doing here? And how did you know that I'm here?"

"Well, I went to your house.. but your maid told me that you flew here in Belleville, and since I also missed your parents and Nancy, I decided to follow you here. Why? You seemed not happy to see me here, cousin."

He didn't answer me. He just brought his drink to his his mouth. I looked at him suspiciously and shook my head.

"Maybe I know the reason why you're not happy to see me here." I gulped my drink and I noticed he turned his head on me. "Because of her? Because of Madi?"

"Stop it Greg!" he said in low but serious voice and I just chuckled at him.

"Stop from what, Gabriel? I am not doing anything."

"Stop flirting with Madi, she's now my fiancee!" and with that I tried to swallowed the content inside my mouth before I laughed him again.

"Fiancee? I thought it was just an act?"

"Yes, it was just an act. But I don't like it when you're flirting with her!" he looked around before he lowered his voice.

"Flirting? Seriously Gabriel? I wasn't flirting with her. She's just my friend."

"Yes you are, you like her!"

"Because I told you?" I really wanted to laugh at his expression. He's like a real boyfriend.. feeling jealous on his cousin.

"No! Because I noticed how you looked at her earlier!"

And I laughed again. "Why Gabriel? Why were you so affected with the way I looked at her? Why.. your jealous?"

"Of course not!" he snapped at me, and avoided my gaze.

"Then why are you acting so possessive over her? Let me remind you, Gabriel.. this is just an act. Yes, she's now your fiancee.. but just in words, and not in reality."

"Just stay away from her!"

"What if I don't?" I said teasing him.

"I'm serious Greg!"

"And I am too. I told you I like her."

"Bullshit, Greg! You only met her once, and you like her that instant?"

I smiled at his flaring nostrils. -' what if i told you, that I've known her for almost eight years and not just once, like your implying?'- I asked just to myself.

"What if I told you that.. it's a love at first sight, and I love her now and not just a simple like?" that's true. I fell in love with her since I saw her in our cooking class in college.

"That's so much of a cliche, Greg! Can you think of any reason beside that?"

"But it's true. I loved her since the day I've met her!" yes, but I couldn't shout the truth because of Madi.

"I'm warning you Greg, stay away from Madi!" and he gulped the last content of his drinks.

"And I'm also warning you, bro. Don't fall in love with her! She's mine and I'll wait for her until your deal ends." I smirked at him.

But he raised his eyebrow and turned back my smirk.

"Are you sure you're going to wait for her until our deal ends? Then start to wait from now until forever!" with that he left me dumbfounded sitting alone in the mini-bar.

I chuckled after he's gone. "You're not going to fall in love with her, huh? But you're starting to cover her with your claws. She's not you're type, huh? But you're now acting like a jealous and possessive jerk towards her? You're selfish, Gabriel! You're selfish!"

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