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   Chapter 37 Too late

He Only Married Me To Show Her That He Already Moved On By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 8164

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On our way to the picnic site, i am with Nancy in her car with Sav and Chris on the back seat. Gabriel is with the boys and they go to the lake right after having breakfast earlier.

Me and the kids were dancing our head with the music of Justine Timberlake, 'Can't stop the feeling' that playing on the car's radio, when Nancy suddenly change the station.

It's exactly a heartbreak song. I looked at the rear view mirror and saw the two kids frowning at their cousin's back. I sighed, but then I tried to listen to the song..

--''Why can't it be.. why can't it be the two of us? Why can't we be lovers? Only friends.. you came along at a wrong place, at a wrong time.. or was it me....''--

I immediately change the station again and turned it back to it's first station earlier. Nancy glanced at me and asking with her arched eyebrow.

"Why did you change the song?" she asked me with amusement dancing in her eyes.

I gulped and tried to think a better reason. "Uhm.. the kids didn't like the song. And it's unsuitable for their age." i answered not looking at her. "Right kids?" i turned my head to look at the two who's now enjoying the happy tune song.

"Uhm... okay." she said nodding and shrugged her shoulders.

I suddenly felt awkward with her, so i just looked outside the window.

-'Why can't be? Why can't be the two of us? Huh! It will never happen.'-

I sighed as i leaned my head on the window. I closed my eyes for a while, but then i suddenly remember Sandy.

-'Right! I need to call her!'-

I took my phone inside of my pouch and scrolled down my contacts. When i saw Sandy's number i didn't hesitate to call her even i am with someone in the car. And this time, she picked up the call on its second ring.


"Madi." her voice sounded so low and defeated.

"Where are you?" i asked her frowning.

"Home." she just only answered without any words added.

"Okay.. so, can you explain to me what is happening to you and why were you sounded so defeated?"

I heard her sighed.


Because i am too focused on talking with her, i didn't notice that we already reached the picnic site until Nancy called my attention.

"Sissy, is it okay if we already go in the tent?"

"Sure." I nodded and smiled.

"What about you?"

"I'm okay, you can go ahead. I'm just going to talk to my friend." i smiled again.

"Okay." she said before closing the door.

The kids were already out of the car. When they finally gone, i leaned my back on the chair and find. better position to get comfortable.

"Sissy? Tent? Where are you?" Sandy asked me after a while.

"Im in Belleville."

"B-Belleville? What are you doing there?" i can imagine her forehead knitted in confusion.

"I'm with Gabriel's parents. I mean.. we.. we were in his parents' house."

"What?" she asked raising her voice. "What is happening Madi? Why were you there and why were you with Mr. Wilsons?"

"Wait! Wait, Sandy! I-I didn't call you to interrogate me. This is about you that's why I'm calling. And about me being here, i have an explanation. What about you? What's happening to you?"

I heard her sighed again.

"And Sandy, what's with your messages last night? Those heart break qoutes that you sent to me.. what's the story behind those quotes?"

"Madiiii..." she suddenly sounded like she's about to cry.

"What? Are you okay, do you have a problem with your boyfri------"

"I'm in love, Madi!" she said after cutting me off.

"What? Y-Your in love?" i chuckled on my seat. "Sandy, are you kidding me? What's the probken with that, you and your boyfriend just celebrated your third monthsary-----"

"Not for him! I mean, I'm in love Madi, but not for him."

"What? Your in love but not for him? What is this, Sandy? He's your boyfriend and he should be the only person you're supposed to be in love with!"

"Yeah, I know! But that is the problem, Madi. He's my boyfriend but i don't love him. I'm in love with someone else. I've fallen in love with someone else."

"Oh my God, Sandy." i said bringing my hand ov

er my chest. "May I know who is this someone else that you're talking about?"

She sighed before she gave me the shocking answer.

"Troy. I'm in love with Troy, Madi?"

My eyes widened in shocked. If there is something what you can call... over than so much shocked... I think it's what I feel after hearing her answer.

"What?" I almost shouted inside the car, and didn't notice how the way Gabriel run towards me when he saw me clutching my chest. But what he didn't know, it was just an ordinary talk with her secretary. "You're in love with him? H-How did this happen? I mean.. when did this happen?"

"I don't know, Madi. It just happened one day, i woke up and i realized I'm in love with him."

"I-I don't know what to say, Sandy."I sighed. "So, what's your plan?"

"Nothing." she chuckled at the other line but i know it's not her real laugh.

"What do you mean nothing?"

"Nothing. What should i do.. he's in love with someone else. And that someone else is you."


Then someone's knocking on the car window. And I looked to see Gabriel with his one line eyebrows. I unlock the door and he immediately opened it with concern in his both eyes.

"Love, what happened?"

I was left with no words with his question. For sure Sandy heard his voice from the other line.

"Love? Madi, seriously?" i heard Sandy's question then Gabriel asked me again.

"Love, are you okay? What happened, who were you talking to?" he asked inspecting my whole face and arms. Although i am confuse with his action, i couldn't find any words to say, because my ears are both listening to their questions.

"Wow! Love... is in the air. Are you seriously acting your best right now to impress his family?"


"Tsk.Tsk. Madi, I'm warning you.. what you're doing right now can be a start of you falling with him."

My thoughts paused suddenly with what Sandy told me.. I looked at Gabriel who still staring at me with questions in his eyes. -'You're too late Sandy, I've already fell in love with him.'-

"Love, who's that?"

"Madi, remember.. he's still not gotten over with his...."


"Argh! Oh my God! Can you just ask me one by one?" i frustratedly screamed and then looked at the shocked face of Gabriel with Sandy still on the other line.

"Love, I'm okay I'm just talking to Sandy." I sighed and then turned to Sandy on the phone. "Sandy, can i just call you later?"

"Oh my God! You're really choosing your boyfriend over me------"

"Sandy!" i cut her off.

"We already talked about this thing many times before. Sandy please..?"

"Okay, fine!"

"I'm going to call you later, but please... please answer your phone!"

"Okay, what time are you going to call?" she sounded upset.

"Maybe after lunch?" I bite my lip because I'm not even sure if can really call her by that time or if i have an extra time.

"Madi, make it sure you're going to call me after lunch! I'll be waiting for your call."

"Okay, I will." I sighed.

"Okay.. bye."

She ended the call and now, I faced the serious yet frowning Gabriel.

"Was it Ms. Aguilar?"

"Yes." i answered while putting back my phone inside my pouch. I am about to unbuckle my seat belt when he took it from my hand and did it for me. So, i just watched him until he offered his hand in front of me.

I grabbed it and slide my foot to the ground.

"Why did she call you? Was it related from her work?" he asked when we're already walking towards the four by four (4×4) size tent, with his palm on my lower back.

"No. It's not about work. And actually I was the one who called her." and although he didn't ask the question--why, i already give him the possible answer if ever. "I've been trying to call her last night but remember, she didn't pick up any of it."

"Okay." he nodded. And while walking closer to his family, he pulled me closer to him and whispered in my ear.

"Just act naturally, okay?" i looked at him and nodded. I saw him sighed heavily and kissed me on my forehead before we started to smile our most practiced smile.

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