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   Chapter 36 This is it

He Only Married Me To Show Her That He Already Moved On By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 9138

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Madi's POV:

Ohh... dear God.. i hate mornings! I hate waking up early! I hate taking a bath early! But this time.. i don't have any single choice.

When i heard the splashing of water from the bathroom, i remember i am not in my own bedroom. I opened my left eye and closed it again.

"Argh! Oh my God! Why there is thing called morning? Why do we have to wake up early in the morning?" i complained to myself while lazily getting up in bed but still in half-closed eyes.

I scratched my head and get up in bed. I know i have a bird nest in my head, but i don't care. I was about to take my first step when i bumped into something hard and wet.

"Argh!" i pushed it and opened my eyes feeling irritated. But as soon as i opened my eyes, the handsome face of my smiling boss was the first thing that appeared in my sight. I crunched my eyebrows when he didn't move.

"Good morning, love. How's your sleep?" his smile turned into grin after seeing my crunched face.

I am about to speak when my nose hit his fresh apple scent smell.

And suddenly a water dropped from his wet hair and landed on his shoulder. My eyes followed the water from his shoulder down to his bared chest.. and my mouth went dry when it continued to flow down on his toned stomach and to the white towel that loosely hanging on his waist.

I gasped and my eyes widened when i realized what he's only wearing.

"Oh my God, Gabriel Wilsons!" i pushed him on his chest.

"Why? I'm not doing anything, love?"

"Oh my goodness! Why are you only wearing a towel?" i averted my eyes away from his V line.

"Because i just came out from the shower. What should i supposed to wear... or do you want me to wear nothing?" and i screamed when he acted like he will going to take off his towel.

"Good gracious God, Gabriel!" i run immediately to the bathroom and i heard him laughed before I slammed the door. "Argh!"

I just entered the shower room, but then his apple scent filled my nostrils.

I sighed. "Just another acting day." i told myself before i started to take off my clothes. Thank you to their maids for putting all my bathroom essentials here. My favorite aloe vera shampoo, my honey and vanilla soap and of course my in shower lotion in honey and vanilla also. I don't used hair conditioners.. why? Because i told you, i hate mornings, so i don't have time to put any of it on my hair. My time is always limited in the morning.

"Hmm.. perfect." i muttered to myself after putting my face cream. I just finished taking a bath.

"Oh my! Tsk.tsk.tsk." i shake my head when i remember i didn't bring my clothes inside.


I get an extra towel to wrap in my hair as i wrapped the first one around my body.

I opened the

nd raised my eyebrow.

-'Seriously? We need to act like this even with the kids?'- i asked him through my eyes and he nodded. Meaning he understand why i am raising my eyebrow and looking at him like that.

He walked towards me and hold my hand.

"Love----" But his words stopped again in mid-air when Chris speak.

"Okay fine, she's yours. But remember Gab, when i have my own girlfriend i won't never let you kiss her and hug her.. or even touch her!"

Gabriel and I both looked at each other and i bite my lip to control my laugh.

"Okay." Gabriel said messing up the kid's hair. I know he's just also controlling his laugh.

He pulled me to the kitchen and stopped when we're about three or four steps away from the door.

"Why?" i asked him looking directly on his eyes.

"Remember what we talked about last night?" he whispered to my ear. I gripped my pouch when his lips brushed my earlobe.

"Yeah, don't worry, i remember it." i smiled and was about to step when he pulled me and hugged me suddenly. I wanted to ask him why, but i get it when his Mom suddenly appeared in the kitchen's door.

"Ohh.. my children, good morning." she greeted us with a wide smile.

"Good morning, Ma." we both greeted her back in unison. Except that i didn't mention the word 'Ma'.

"How's your sleep?" there's a hidden meaning on her question but i just let Gabriel answered her.

"Great." he answered shortly.

But she raised her eyebrow. "Just great?"

"Ma?" he glared at her.

"Okay, fine." she shrugged her shoulders before she walked back to the kitchen.

I loudly sighed when she disappeared in our sight. He smiled at me and kissed me on my forehead.

"It will be okay. Just keep on my side, okay?"

I smiled and nodded. Then we walked towards the kitchen with his hand on my lower back.

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