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   Chapter 34 When did you stop loving me

He Only Married Me To Show Her That He Already Moved On By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 7679

Updated: 2019-07-13 01:20

Madi's POV:

"God, Sissy. You made me cry." Nancy said while sniffing, right after I finished my song.

I just smiled to her and glanced on Gabriel's direction. I also smiled to him and he do the same.

"You know why was that my favorite song?"

"No, why?" i asked her confused.

She take my hands and she lead me back to our seats.

"Because i have a friend in high school who fell inlove with her bestfriend. But her bestfriend didn't notice her effort. But she continued to love him even when she knows deep inside, the guy will never notice her effort because he's in love with someone else. And that song was her team song for her bestfriend. Catch me I'm falling for you."

"Ohh.." why does it hurt to hear her story.

"But anyway, let's cheers for this night. For your ever after with Gabriel and for your upcoming babies!"

We lifted up our glass while we're both laughing. When i glanced back at Gabriel, i saw him frowning while talking to Phillip. But then i looked away when he also looked at me.

Mr. Wilsons is really enjoying his song which is obviously dedicated to his wife. And when he finished singing, he passed the microphone to his son. I looked at Nancy when she nudged my arm.

"What?" i asked her.

"He's going to sing?" she asked with wide eyes while referring to her brother.

"And so?" i can't help not to ask.

"He stopped singing after his break up with------ ohh, I'm sorry." and she immediately covered her mouth like mentioning Stacey's name is a huge sin.

"Why do you always say sorry everytime you mentioned Stacey's name?" i asked frowning.

"Because she was his ex and you're the present." she awkwardly answered.

I sighed before i hold her hand.

"Nancy, like what you said.. she's in the past and i am his present. And it's nothing to me if you talk about her." i hope my eyes can show the same emotion with what my mouth speaks.

"Can I also choose a song for you, Gab?" that was Justine, who take the song lists from Gabriel hands. They were already in the middle and choosing the song for Gabriel. He didn't complain, he just let him choose a song for him.

"Okay, here it is." Justine said grinning.

Nancy and I leaned on our seats and just watched Gabriel frowned and looked at the grinning Justine on the couch. He

her face while you're singing?"

I didn't answer her, because i am curious with what she would say next. And i know that Madi is just acting.

"You're hurting her, Gab." i looked directly on her eyes when she lifted my chin. "Can i ask you a serious question, son? But i also want an honest answer." she paused and stared at me. "Have you actually moved on from your past relationship?"

I was taken aback with my Mom's question, i didn't expect her to asked me that question. It's been over a year since my break up with Stacey, but they never asked me such this question.

"Ma, it's been a year-----"

"Just answer my question, Gabriel. Yes or no, have you really gotten over with your last relationship?"

"Yes, Ma. I'm over with it. It's in the past, why do we have to talk about this over and over again?"

"Because, i can see it in your eyes your true feelings, Gabriel. Your actions can lie, but your eyes says the opposite."

I chuckled at her again. "Ma, are you now a fortune teller?"

She became more serious. "Why, do you want me read what's on your mind right now?"

I didn't say anything. He cupped my cheek. "Gab, I want you to treasure what you have right now. You already have Madi." I just remained quiet. "If you keep picking a scab, it will bleed and never heal. If you keep dragging the pain of the past, it will never heal. Just let go and move on."

Thay was her last sentence before she gets back inside the living room. I was left thinking of the past, of my pain, of Madi and my Game.

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