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   Chapter 32 You can't fall inlove with me

He Only Married Me To Show Her That He Already Moved On By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 6459

Updated: 2019-07-12 01:38

Gabriel's POV:

I noticed Dad called Madi to follow him outside. And she did. I just can't follow them immediately because my Mom keeps on babbling about my little fight with my sister.

When she's talking like this, giving us her non-stop lecture about us being siblings, that we're no longer a kid anymore, me and Nancy can never walk out unless she's done. We need to listen so she can stop early from her speech.

When she's done, i rushed towards the veranda and there i found my father and Madi seriously talking.

"Dad!" i called him.

He turned around and smiled at me.

"Son. I'm just talking to your girlfriend."

"I can see that." I said in a serious tone. I don't know what they talked about and i don't know what he said about me to Madi.

I looked at Madi but she turned around and now her back is facing me.

"Take care of her, Son." Dad patted my shoulder and i looked at him. "She's one of a kind. Even you search for another like her in this world, you can never find someone like her again. Try to love her son."

I can't find a word for that moment. It seems that Dad has a clue. But i just nodded. He walked back again inside and i walked on where Madi stand. She didn't notice me. She's lost in her thoughts. I sighed before i asked her.

"Are you okay?"

She looked at me and she nodded.

"Can i ask you something?" i asked not looking anywhere but to her eyes. And she nodded.

"Earlier in the kitchen.. before i kissed you, did you.. uhmm.. already know that they were watching? That's why so said I love y-----"

"Yes." she answered smiming. "I already saw them, that's why i said I love you."

I don't know but her honest answer somehow gives me an uneasy feeling.

"Hmm." i said nodding and turned to look outside the garden.

"Why? It's part of the act right? So, i just played my part."

"Yes. That's only a part of the act. And it's a good job, Madi."

Yeah, all of t

ieve how she chopped all the vegetables around her.

"Oh goodness! How? How did she...."

"How did she chopped those veggies so fast?" Phillip continued what Justine supposed to ask.

When i looked at them, they have the same expression as mine.

"Wow, Sissy! How did you that?"Nancy asked our silent question. But Madi shrugged her shoulders and smiled.

"Maybe because i always cook and i love to cook".

"Gabriel is so lucky for you, Madi." Justine and Philip patted both of my shoulders when they heard their Mom's voice.

"And you know what the old sayings says.. the way to a man's heart is through his stomach." that was Aunt Cindy.

"My Gabriel is so lucky for you." Mom's added.

"Yeah, and you know what? Stacey can't even lift a pan and-------"

"Nancy!" all the three women shouted at her, our mom and our two Aunts.

"Opps! Sorry... sorry, Madi."

But Madi didn't say anything, she just smiledt at her. And i swear, if i could just break my sister's neck, i did since the moment she opened her mouth.

"Well, i agree with Nancy. Your ex can't even wash a single spoon, what more in cooking?"

I glared at Justine.

Aunt Cindy suddenly changed the topic and after a while, they were laughing while Madi and Nancy continued their chopping lessons.

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